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We supply a lot of custom acrylic boxes such as printed, wedding, ribbon acrylic gift box. Size, color, shape, logo printing can be customized. Founded in 2004, we are a professional acrylic box customization factory in China, we accept OEM, ODM orders. We have extensive experience in the production and R&D of different tissue box types. We focus on advanced technology, strict manufacturing steps and perfect quality control system.

  • Item NO: JY-AG05
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size: 8.75"wx 4.75"dx 1.75"h
  • Color: Clear (customizable)
  • MOQ: 100pieces
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union, Trade Assurance, Paypal
  • Product Origin: Huizhou, China (Mainland)
  • Shipping Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen Port
  • Lead Time: 3-7 days for sample, 15-35 days for bulk
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    Get JAYI High-Quality Acrylic Gift Box To Delight Your


    JAYI provides exclusive experienced designers for all your custom acrylic box. As a leading acrylic product manufacturers in China, we are happy to help you provide a high-quality acrylic gift box for your business. 

    acrylic gift box wedding

    Clear Acrylic Gift Box

    The clear acrylic gift box in JAYI ACRYLIC is so cute and perfect for special occasions. JAYI ACRYLIC offers custom acrylic gift boxes for your special someone or loved ones. We offer all types of acrylic gift boxes especially clear acrylic boxes for your acrylic business.

    acrylic gift box custom printed

    Acrylic Candy Gift box

    If you are looking for a custom acrylic box in many shapes and colors for your candy and other related business, you can check out JAYI ACRYLIC. We specialize in the production of acrylic gift boxes for candies and more.

    acrylic gift box

    Printed Acrylic Gift Box

    If you want to print your desired design (can be a LOGO, can be a pattern) on an acrylic box, printing a customized acrylic box is the right choice for you. We use our advanced technology to print your acrylic gift box to make it look very personal.

    acrylic gift box clear

    Acrylic Flower Gift box

    JAYI ACRYLIC offers a comprehensive selection of acrylic flower gift boxes. If your business needs a supplier of round, small acrylic flower gift boxes, you can count on JAYI ACRYLIC. We can completely manufacture different acrylic flower gift boxes according to your needs.

    Acrylic Gift Box

    Wedding Acrylic Gift box

    At JAYI ACRYLIC, we customize the best acrylic gift boxes for all occasions, especially for the most important occasions in life like weddings. If you want to customize your acrylic wedding gift box, JAYI ACRYLIC can provide you with the best solution to achieve your desired gift box for your clients.

    acrylic gift box

    Ribbon Acrylic Gift Box

    If you need an acrylic gift box that can be customized, you can visit JAYI ACRYLIC. We are one of the professional manufacturers of all kinds of acrylic gift boxes, we provide a variety of acrylic gift boxes for you to choose from.

    JAYI ACRYLIC: Your Leading Acrylic Custom Gift Box Manufacturer

    JAYI ACRYLIC is China's top acrylic custom product manufacturer. We tend to provide you with a one-stop solution for acrylic gift box manufacturing.

    As the most trusted acrylic manufacturer in China, we focus on providing a wide variety of acrylic gift boxes. Great acrylic gift boxes at JAYI ACRYLIC such as custom acrylic gift boxes and more. And offer exclusive gifts as the occasion requires.

    JAYI ACRYLIC can provide different kinds of acrylic gift boxes according to your business needs.

    Send us an inquiry now and we will reply to you promptly!

    Why Choose JAYI ACRYLIC Acrylic Gift Box

    JAYI ACRYLIC acrylic gift boxes are designed to protect the precious items you want to give away.

    Most manufacturing uses acrylic because of its excellent clarity and weather resistance.

    JAYI ACRYLIC specializes in world-class acrylic gift box.

    Acrylic gift boxes are more popular in the global market due to their elegant appearance and gorgeous appearance.

    JAYI ACRYLIC acrylic gift box is made of durable and flexible material.

    Even if you punch holes, stamp, paint, etc., it won't break or break easily and you won't see any marks on the display.

    All our acrylic gift boxes have a very good adhesion rate and are combined with glue and ink.

    JAYI ACRYLIC is one of the famous acrylic gift box manufacturers in China.

    We use 100% clear acrylic and sturdy material to manufacture our acrylic gift box products.

    We create different types of acrylic gift box products for every occasion and celebration with great decorative appeal.

    What is the best in our acrylic gift box products?

    Our products offer unparalleled quality and have a stylish and elegant design that is gaining attention in the market.

    We always do our best to provide you with affordable but high quality products to meet your specific requirements.

    At JAYI ACRYLIC, we strive to satisfy our customers.

    We continue to innovate and improve our product quality standards to earn the trust of our customers.

    If you are interested in our products, don't forget to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

    Custom Acrylic Gift Box

    JAYI ACRYLIC is a well-known company that produces acrylic gift boxes. We offer many acrylic gift boxes, such as printing, wedding, and ribbon acrylic gift boxes, and we even customize acrylic gift boxes. JAYI ACRYLIC can supply all your acrylic gift box needs. Send us your inquiry!

    Learn More About Custom Acrylic Gift Boxes

    We'll give some ideas on how to wrap acrylic gift boxes. These ideas will give you creative ways to make your gift presentation stunning and thoughtful.

    Multidimensional Ribbon

    Giving gifts to your loved ones should never be boring. You can spice things up by adding a little bit to your gift. Layer acrylic gift boxes with different styles of ribbon. The best thing is that the ribbon can be customized to convey a specific message.

    Also, you can use colors to set specific moods. Color can also amplify your brand and become a form of advertising.

    Snowflake Tie

    Do you want your gift to showcase creativity and a vibrant occasion? Then a snowflake tie is an ideal solution. Although this is a simple procedure, it shows your thoughtfulness. Also, you can use card stock as it is more durable and stronger than regular paper.

    Lay the cardstock over the acrylic gift box and tie a tie around it. Typically, acrylic gift boxes can be filled with sweets, treats or small gifts and packaged well depending on the occasion.

    Use Lace

    Packaging acrylic gift boxes can have different sizes, using lace is one of them. It makes the gift look beautiful and feel extra special. You can add a coordinating ribbon for a unique look or use jewel-toned paper with lace.

    Evergreen Twig Tree

    Spring trees are readily available and offer unique packaging ideas. You can source them near the company or from national parks. Then, place an evergreen sprig with a pretty star-shaped sticker to mimic a Christmas tree.

    What's more, you can add cheap kraft paper for an elegant, cheap yet stylish look.

    Acrylic Craft Paint

    Craft Paints offers you a variety of decorative packages. For example, you can make geometric shapes, patterns, and rogue strokes. You can use paint to write the recipient's name on the box or a special message. It gives a personal feel and makes your loved one feel appreciated.

    Pine Cones

    Get dramatic results when wrapping gifts by choosing a pine cone wrapping idea. Tie it with white yarn and combine it with an evergreen sprig.

    JAYI ACRYLIC Acrylic Gift Box Is The Best In The Market

    Finding reliable, durable, and affordable acrylic gift boxes can be daunting. But we're here to make your job easier! JAYI ACRYLIC is your one-stop shop for reputable acrylic gift boxes. Our products come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and we customize them to your unique needs.

    Your call today will win you a free quote and a hassle-free ordering process!

    Write your message here and send it to us

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    About JAYI
    Our Customers
    About JAYI

    Established in 2004, Jayi Acrylic Industry Limited is a professional custom sized acrylic box manufacturer specializing in the design, development, manufacture, sale, and service. In addition to over 10,000 square meters of manufacturing area and more than 150 professional technicians. We are equipped with more than 90 brand-new and advanced facilities, including CNC cutting, laser cutting, laser engraving, milling, polishing, seamless thermo-compression, hot curving, sandblasting, blowing silk screen printing, etc.



    JAYI has passed the SGS, BSCI, and Sedex certification and the annual third-party audit of many major foreign customers(TUV, UL, OMGA, ITS).

    acrylic display case certification


    Our Customers

    Our well-known customers are worldwide famous brands, including Estee Lauder, P&G, Sony, TCL, UPS, Dior, TJX, and so on.

    Our acrylic craft products are exported to North America, Europe, Oceania, South America, the Middle East, West Asia, and other more than customers30 countries and regions.


    Excellent service you can get from us

    Free Design

    Free design and we can keep a confidentiality agreement, and never share your designs with others;

    Personalized Demand

    Meet your personalized demand (six technician and skillful members made of our R&D team ) ;

    Strict Quality

    100% strict quality inspection and clean before delivery, Third party inspection is available;

    One Stop Service

    One stop, door to door service, you just need wait at home, then it would deliver to your hands.

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  • What is an acrylic gift box?

    It refers to a frameless container made of acrylic material, specially designed for storing different kinds of gifts.

    It comes in different designs, shapes and sizes depending on different factors.

    In most cases, this type of gift box is always transparent.

    It is specially used for carrying gifts.

    This kind of box is mainly used to hold gifts, but also to make it look more upscale.

    How much is the acrylic gift box?

    The price of an acrylic gift box depends on a number of elements.

    Some of the factors that determine the cost of this project include the size, shape, design and the specific grade of acrylic used to design the box.

    In addition, the type of finishing also determines the cost of purchasing a particular acrylic box.

    What’s more, shipping and tariffs also determine the price of acrylic gift boxes.

    Obviously, there are no fixed costs for acrylic gift boxes.

    How does the transparent acrylic gift box compare to the colored acrylic gift box?

    Whether you are looking for tinted or clear gift boxes, they are made of acrylic material.

    However, it is also important to note that there are some changes:

    First, a clear acrylic gift box appears to be a high optical product with extraordinary strength and durability.

    In this sense, it helps to save your costs enormously.

    Also, it will not compromise the structural integrity of the acrylic gift box.

    And this acrylic gift box will not turn yellow even in direct sunlight for a long time.

    On the other hand, colored acrylic gift boxes come in a variety of shades.

    It’s perfect for users who like rainbow options.

    Just like the clear acrylic gift box, this one also offers exceptional durability and strength.

    It hardly fades as it is covered with a thin film coating.

    Colors are chemically processed.

    This enables it to provide great protection, especially for valuables.

    Also, it maintains its ideal shape even after the gift is given to the recipient.

    Most importantly, the colorful gift box has excellent UV resistance.

    This is essential in terms of protecting gifts.

    What types of acrylic gift boxes are there?

    There are many types of acrylic gift boxes, here are some of the most common types:

    Transparent acrylic gift box

    Suitable for special occasions. They are unique and therefore have a positive impact, especially on the recipient. They are also hardy so they can last a long time.

    Acrylic candy gift box

    This is a gift box specially used for giving candy. It is available in many shapes and sizes. They can also be used for many other more gift-giving purposes.

    Printed acrylic gift box

    As the name suggests, this type prints some personalized logos and patterns on the acrylic surface to make it stand out and unique.

    Ribbon acrylic gift box

    This is a type designed with a ribbon. It is unique and suitable for special gift-giving occasions. Also, you can use it for general gift-giving purposes.

    Wedding acrylic gift box

    As the name suggests, it is designed for gift-giving at weddings.

    Rectangular gift box

    It is also a general-purpose acrylic gift box that can meet various gift-giving needs. It is available in different sizes, thus providing an ideal gifting solution.

    Does the acrylic gift box turn yellow in the sun?

    Acrylic gift boxes are designed from different grades of sheets.

    Depending on the grade of the acrylic sheet, UV radiation can cause serious or little damage.

    Of course, yellowing is a sign of acrylic sheet degradation.

    The truth is, a good quality acrylic gift box won’t turn yellow in the sun.

    Are acrylic gift boxes impact resistant?

    Absolutely! One of the characteristics of acrylic gift boxes is that they are naturally sturdy and therefore can withstand any kind of physical shock.

    So if you are affected, all gifts will remain safe.

    In fact, acrylic boxes will never break easily.

    What shape options are available for the acrylic gift box?

    There are many shapes to choose from for acrylic gift box designs.

    Some common ones include the following;

    1. Heart-shaped acrylic gift box
    2. Rectangular acrylic gift box
    3. Cube Shape Acrylic Gift Box
    4. Square Acrylic Gift Box
    5. Pyramid Acrylic Gift Box
    6. Hexagon acrylic gift box

    Are there any disadvantages to acrylic gift boxes?

    The main disadvantage of acrylic gift boxes is that they tend to be very sensitive to scratches or minor abrasions.

    In fact, this material scratches easily, even more so than glass material.

    This is of course a disadvantage, as it damages the quality of the gift box.

    Scratches tend to affect the appearance of acrylic gift boxes.

    Therefore, if scratches appear more on the surface, it mainly loses its visual appeal.

    Another disadvantage of acrylic gift boxes is that some acrylic material grades can turn yellow in sunlight with age.

    This can be common, mainly when used in areas with high UV exposure or in environments with full spectrum lamps.

    Ultimately, this affects the clarity quality of the box, especially if a clear acrylic gift box is used.

    Is there a difference between an acrylic display box and an acrylic gift box?

    Generally, an acrylic display box is a container or enclosure that consists of one or more surfaces made of plexiglass or plexiglass.

    As the name suggests, its main purpose is to present various items in a simple, convenient and clear manner.

    In many cases, acrylic display boxes are common in exhibition centers, offices, museums, residences, and offices.

    On the other hand, an acrylic gift box refers to the type of case that is specially designed to store and close gifts.

    Of course, the type of gift can vary, which makes acrylic gift boxes vary in size.

    Ideally, acrylic display boxes are usually relatively large in size compared to acrylic gift boxes.

    So this means you can use it to store a lot of similar or different items at the same time.

    On the other hand, acrylic gift boxes can only handle one or a few different items.

    Another notable difference between these two boxes is that you can easily use the acrylic display case in your marketing and promotions.

    In other words, they are suitable for numerous indoor and outdoor commercial applications.

    On the other hand, acrylic gift boxes are only suitable or designed for indoor personal use.

    Where can I use the acrylic gift box?

    There are many applications of acrylic gift boxes, the main ones are as follows:

    Birthday celebration

    This is the most common area where the use of acrylic gift boxes dominates the globe. Many people, especially friends and family members, often cherish such special days.

    One of the ways to show that they value you is to give you a few birthday gifts, which usually come in this type of box.

    Wedding occasion

    It is also another life achievement event that many people cherish. For this reason, guests and other attendees always find it easy to include valuable gifts in this type of gift box.

    Staff year-end party

    In the corporate world, acrylic gift boxes are used to hold precious gifts for different employees who stand out in various categories of the company.

    Ribbon acrylic gift boxes are usually preferred in most cases, mainly due to uniformity.

    Holiday celebration

    The most decorated holiday celebrations, the exchange of gifts seems to be a common occurrence for many.


    Often, you can convert this item and use it to store your precious jewelry and other fashion accessories.

    All you can do is make a divider for the box so you can easily arrange the accessories.

    Home Decoration

    You can also use this type of box to decorate your home after receiving a gift instead of throwing it away. Artistically, boxes like this create some amazing family adoration.

    Storage Box

    This is another typical area where acrylic gift boxes are used. You can turn it into an organizer for arranging different items at home or even at work.

    Can you remove marks and scratches from acrylic gift boxes?

    The answer is yes. There are several methods you can use to remove marks and scratches from the surface of this gift box. However, much depends on the degree of marks and wear.

    One of the ways is to use a recommended acrylic scratch remover to buff and polish the item. However, this is essential for minor scratches.

    For deeper scratches, you can choose to use different grit sandpapers in sequence. All you need to do is rub with dry sandpaper alternately with wet sandpaper for three minutes.

    Are acrylic gift boxes environmentally friendly?

    Yes, the acrylic gift box is eco-friendly. In fact, you can always recycle acrylic when possible.

    What are the additional features of the acrylic gift box?

    Lockable lid

    This helps keep the contents of the box safe from falling or entering, especially by intruders.


    It enables users to arrange gifts in order in these different sections of the acrylic gift box.


    They enhance the overall look of boxes and gifts. Also, in some cases, they help to improve or complement the theme of the occasion.


    These are most commonly found in acrylic gift boxes with permanently attached lids.


    Used as a way to communicate the level of personalization of the gift, with which the recipient can fully relate. They can be in the form of images or text, etc.

    How to check the quality of acrylic gift box?

    We often use several specific tests to determine the quality level of acrylic gift boxes. Most of these tests are based on the characteristics of gift boxes under different conditions.

    Some of these tests include: temperature tolerance, freon compatibility, wet and dry acrylic gift box behavior, and pressure tolerance, among others.

    What are the benefits of using acrylic gift boxes?

    1. They make the gift look more upscale, which is essential as it enhances the value of the product.
    2. They protect gifts by preventing them from squeezing, shaking, UV radiation, water, and other related elements.
    3. They enhance the marketing and promotion of your products, especially in the corporate sector.
    4. The customized acrylic gift box also reflects sincerity and also enhances creativity.