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As the best acrylic calendar supplier in China, Jayi Acrylic has cooperated with many famous brands in the world for many years, providing them with the high-quality custom acrylic calendar. At the same time, we also work with each small store to support their business with the best price. We offer custom design services to better display your products. For over 20 years Jayi Acrylic has been the trusted manufacturer for companies that need to carefully build and design beautifully crafted acrylic calendars and we will be delighted to develop custom acrylic calendars for your business.

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China Custom Acrylic Calendar Solutions Supplier

At Jayi Acrylic, we are proud to offer our customers custom acrylic product solutions, which means you can count on receiving an acrylic calendar that meets your exact specifications. Whether you need a small portable acrylic calendar, or a large and delicate acrylic calendar, we can achieve it.

Support ODM/OEM to meet customer's individual needs

Adopt green environmental protection import material. Health and safety

We have our factory with many years of sales and production experience

We provide high quality customer service, please consult Jayi Acrylic

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acrylic gift box

Jayi Acrylic Factory

acrylic gift box
Acrylic Calendar Stand - Jayi Acrylic

Acrylic Calendar Custom

Acrylic calendars often have a minimalist yet modern design style in which each date and month is clearly visible to facilitate users to quickly view dates and plan activities. Suitable for home, office and business use. They are also a very practical and aesthetically pleasing gift choice.

Size: Custom Size

Color: Custom Color

Packaging: Custom Packaging

MOQ: 100pieces

Printing: Silk-Screen, Digital Printing, Laser Cutting, Engraving

Lead Time: 3-7 days for sample, 15-35 days for bulk

Custom Your Common Acrylic Calendar

Jayi Acrylic provides exclusive designers for all of your acrylic calendar. As a leading manufacturer of custom acrylic products in China, we are pleased to help you provide high-quality acrylic calendar suitable for your business.

Acrylic Calendar For Desk

Acrylic desk Calendar is a stylish and practical product. It is made of high quality acrylic material, durable and easy to clean. Its simple and elegant design can be paired with any desktop decoration style, providing a unique and modern style for your office or home.

The date section of the desk acrylic calendar is made with high quality digital printing technology that is clear and easy to read, keeping you abreast of the day and week. In addition, it comes with a small clip to easily hold notes, business cards, memos and other small pieces of paper, allowing you to record important matters and ideas at any time.

This acrylic desk calendar stand is the right size for easy carrying and placing on the desktop. Not only does it help you manage your time, but it also adds a modern and artistic touch to your desktop. If you are looking for a desktop calendar that is both practical and stylish, then we produce acrylic desktop calendar is definitely your best choice.

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desk acrylic calendar holder

Desk Acrylic Calendar Holder

Acrylic Calendar with Pen Holder

acrylic calendar stand

Acrylic Desk Calendar Stand

Custom Acrylic Calendar Stand - Jayi Acrylic

Custom Acrylic Calendar Stand

Desk Acrylic Calendar Stand - Jayi Acrylic

Desk Acrylic Calendar Stand

Custom Acrylic Perpetual Calendar

calendar holder

Acrylic Desk Calendar Holders

Custom Acrylic Calendar with Logo - Jayi Acrylic

Custom Acrylic Calendar with Logo

Acrylic Desk  Calendar With Wood Stand - Jayi Acrylic

Acrylic Desk Calendar With Wood Stand

Acrylic Calendar with Phone Holder - Jayi  Acrylic

Acrylic Calendar with Phone Holder

Desktop Acrylic Photo Calendar - Jayi Acrylic

Desktop Acrylic Photo Calendar

Diy Acrylic Calendar - Jayi Acrylic

Diy Acrylic Calendar

Acrylic Calendar For Wall

This wall acrylic dry erase calendar is a modern, fashionable time management tool that helps you easily organize and plan your schedule. The surface of the calendar is made of high quality acrylic material and is scratch-resistant, abrasive and anti-reflective, enabling you to easily wipe the surface of the calendar for updating when your schedule changes.

In addition, the calendar features large font and a clear layout that allows you to easily read the dates of each day, and also includes markers labeled with holidays and important days to help you better organize your schedule.

The calendar also has features such as a memo area where you can record special tasks or events; Labeled areas that allow you to group different types of tasks; It can even be shared with family or colleagues.

All in all, this acrylic dry erase calendar for wall is an excellent time management tool for home, office and school, helping you better organize your schedule and make your life more efficient and convenient.

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Acrylic Wall  Mount Calendar - Jayi Acrylic

Acrylic Dry Erase Calendar for Wall

Acrylic Wall Calendar - Jayi Acrylic

Clear Acrylic Wall Calendar

Acrylic Calendar for  Wall - Jayi Acrylic

Personalized Acrylic Wall Calendar

Acrylic Calendar For Fridge

The acrylic fridge calendar & weekly note set is a product designed for you to plan your daily life. The stylish transparent acrylic magnetic calendar panel and memo set allow you to write more. Organize your daily life and that of your family with a magnetic acrylic planning board. You can make weekly and monthly plans.

Fridge series acrylic magnetic dry erase board, calendar using 4 strong magnets, can be firmly attached to the fridge or a variety of metal surface, grip is very strong, no need to install. Just place it on a flat fridge or metal surface, does not take up space, can be easily removed, very convenient and practical.

Magnetic acrylic fridge calendar and memo set keeps your daily plans organized and keeps your life organized, clutter free and easy to forget. You can use acrylic fridge calendar dry erase board to record your weekly planner, monthly planner, shopping list and important information, perfect organization of your wonderful life!

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Clear Acrylic Board for  Fridge - Jayi Acrylic

Clear Acrylic Dry Erase Board

Acrylic Calendar for  Fridge - Jayi Acrylic

Magnetic Acrylic Weekly Calendar for Fridge

Magnetic Acrylic Calendar for Fridge - Jayi Acrylic

Acrylic Dry Erase Board Calendar

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Advantages of Our Custom Acrylic Calendar

Custom acrylic calendar refers to the use of acrylic materials made of personalized calendar products, which can be customized according to customer needs and design requirements. The followings are the advantages and applications of custom acrylic calendars:


Easy to Clean: The surface of acrylic material is smooth and does not adsorb dust and dirt, it is very convenient to use, only need to wipe gently with a damp cloth to clean.

Strong Durability: Acrylic material has high strength and wear resistance, is not easy to deformation, not easy to damage, long service life.

High Transparency: The transparency of acrylic material is high, which can clearly display the content and pattern of the calendar, and the visual effect is very good.

Strong Customizability: Calendar products made of acrylic materials can be customized according to customer needs and design requirements, and unique products can be made.


Office: The acrylic calendar can bring a modern and upscale sense to the office, making the office more tidy and orderly.

Family: Acrylic calendar can be used as a home decoration, placed in the living room or study, and in other places, both practical and beautiful.

Commercial Venues: Acrylic calendar can be used as a display in commercial venues, and can be branded by printing corporate logos and product information.

Custom Acrylic Calendar Design

The design of a custom acrylic calendar needs to take into account the purpose of the calendar, brand image, practicality, color matching, and so on. Here are some design suggestions:

Custom Acrylic Calendar Design Principles

Purpose: First of all, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of the calendar, whether it is used as a marketing tool, gift, or personal use, so as to determine the design direction.

Brand Consistency: The design should be consistent with the company's brand image, including color, font, logo, etc., to enhance brand recognition.

Concise and Clear: Calendar design should be concise and clear, avoid too complicated design, convenient for users to view and use.

Color Matching: The color matching of the calendar should take into account the user's aesthetic habits and cultural background, and should be consistent with the company's brand image.

Practicality: The design of the calendar should take into account practicality, including the size of the calendar, font size, etc., to facilitate users to view and use it.

Custom Acrylic Calendar Design Steps

Step 1: Determine the purpose and design direction of the calendar.

Step 2: Collect relevant information, including the company's brand image, product features, etc.

Step 3: Develop a design plan, including the overall style of the calendar, color matching, typesetting, etc.

Step 4: Make the first draft, revise, and improve it.

Step 5: Final confirmation of the design draft, and production.

Design Notes for Custom Acrylic Calendar

1. Avoid overly complicated designs and keep them simple and clear.

2. Take into account the practicality of the calendar, including font size, layout, etc.

3. Pay attention to the consistency with the company's brand image.

4. Considering the use scenario and target users of the calendar, the design scheme should be targeted.

5. Pay attention to the matching and harmonizing of colors to avoid color conflicts.

6. To fully consider the production process and production costs of the calendar, avoid overly complex designs resulting in increased production difficulty and cost.

Professional Custom Acrylic Calendars Manufacturer

Our company is committed to using the highest quality materials and the most advanced production equipment to ensure that our acrylic calendars are impeccable in both appearance and quality. Our products are not only beautiful but also durable, easy to clean and maintain, making your schedule more convenient.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals who have an in-depth understanding of acrylic calendar manufacturing. Our production process strictly controls quality to ensure that each calendar meets our and our customers' high standards. We also offer personalized customization services to make your calendar a unique gift or marketing tool.

Why Choose JAYI Acrylic?

From designing to manufacturing and finishing, we combine expertise and advanced equipment to deliver high-quality products. Every custom acrylic product from JAYI Acrylic stands out in appearance, durability, and cost. 

Short Lead Time

Our experience complements a large manufacturing capacity and a strong supply chain to ensure fast and on-time delivery.

Design Service

Our specialists will guide you through the design stage to give your advice on modifications and offer the best custom design.

On-Demand Manufacturing

We are dedicated to working with you and delivering products based on unique requirements, not just another acrylic fabricator. 

Quality Guaranteed

We provide a 100% guarantee of all our products. Our certifications show that we use the best materials and machinery to offer only quality products. 

One-Stop Solution

Our design and manufacturing team is highly effective, successfully completing large and small scale deals. Our keen project management puts us ahead of the competition. 

Reasonable Price

Our prices are fair and competitive, involving no surprise bills or unexpected expenses. 

Custom Acrylic Calendar: The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the Acrylic Calendar Custom Factory! We specialize in producing high-quality, stylish, and practical acrylic calendars that provide unique and personalized calendar decorations for your home, office, or special occasion.

What is An Acrylic Calendar?

An acrylic calendar is a decorative calendar, usually made of clear acrylic material. It is often designed to be small and convenient and can be placed on a table or bookshelf to remind people of the date of the day and important events.

Acrylic calendars usually feature replaceable date plates so you can easily change the date. It may also include other elements such as a pen holder, pad, or folder to increase its practicality.

Because of its modern look and practicality, acrylic calendars are a popular choice in office and home decor.

What Size Options Do Acrylic Calendars Have?

Size choices for acrylic calendars usually vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but here are some common sizes:

4 x 6 inches

5 x 7 inches

8 x 10 inches

11 x 14 inches

A4 (210 x 297 mm)

A5 (148 x 210mm)

A6 (105 x 148 mm)

Of course, these are just some common sizes, the Jayi Acrylic manufacturer may also offer other size options, you can consult us before buying the specific size of the acrylic calendar.

Is the Acrylic Calendar Durable?

Acrylic calendars are generally made of high-quality Plexiglass materials, which have high durability and anti-aging properties, so acrylic calendars are usually more durable than ordinary plastic calendars.

Acrylic is more resistant to impact and breakage than ordinary glass, so it's better for calendars that need to be used and moved around a lot. In addition, the acrylic calendar also has UV protection and scratch resistance, making it more durable.

In general, acrylic calendars are relatively durable, and they can usually last for years without cracking or deformation. However, the use and maintenance method is also important, if not careful use or incorrect storage and cleaning, may also affect its service life.

Is Acrylic Calendar Easy to Clean?

Acrylic calendar is usually easier to clean because the surface of the acrylic material is smooth and does not adsorb dust and dirt, so only need to wipe gently with a wet cloth to clean. For stubborn stains, add a small amount of neutral detergent to a damp cloth, but avoid using a harsh cleaner or brush, which may scratch the acrylic surface.

In addition, it is important to note that acrylic material is easy to scratch, so when cleaning should try to avoid the use of detergent or brush containing abrasive particles, and to wipe with a soft cloth. If you need to store the acrylic calendar, you should avoid rubbing with other hard objects or metals to avoid scratching the surface.

How to Pack An Acrylic Calendar?

Packing an acrylic calendar can take the following steps:

1. Make sure the acrylic calendar surface is dry and clean, free of dust or stains.

2. Choose a suitable packing box that should be large enough to hold the entire acrylic calendar while still having enough padding to prevent damage during transportation.

3. Add padding, such as bubble wrap or styrofoam, to the bottom of the box to protect the acrylic calendar from collisions and vibrations.

4. Place the acrylic calendar gently into the box, making sure it is centered and has plenty of padding around it.

5. Add more padding on top and around the acrylic calendar to ensure it doesn't move during shipping.

6. Close the box and secure it with scotch tape.

7. On the outside of the box marked "fragile goods" and other warning signs to remind transport personnel to be careful handling.

8. Finally, give the box to a professional Courier company or postal service for shipping.

This packaging of the acrylic calendar can minimize the risk of damage during transportation.

acrylic storage box  packaging

How to Maintain Daily Acrylic Calendar?

Acrylic calendar is a beautiful and practical office supply, its maintenance and maintenance is also very simple. Here are some common ways to maintain an acrylic calendar:

1. Clean: Using a soft, clean cotton cloth or sponge, gently wipe the surface of the acrylic. If there is dust or dirt on the surface, you can wipe it gently with a damp cloth and then dry it with a dry cloth.

2. Avoid contact with organic solvents: Avoid using cleaners or chemicals containing organic solvents such as alcohol, ketone, acetone, and ammonia to clean the acrylic calendar. These chemicals may cause blemishes or discoloration on the acrylic surface.

3. Avoid high temperature: Acrylic calendar is not high temperature resistant, avoid placing in high temperature environment, such as exposure to the sun or near the heater.

4. Avoid scratching: The surface of the acrylic calendar is soft and easy to be scratched. Avoid collision or scratching of the acrylic surface with sharp or hard objects.

5. Storage: When not using acrylic calendar, it should be stored in a dry, ventilated place away from direct sunlight.

Through the above maintenance methods, you can keep the acrylic calendar beautiful, clean, while extending its service life.

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