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acrylic jewelry box

Acrylic Jewelry Box

Jayiacrylic, as a leading acrylic jewelry box manufacturer in China, has 20 years of rich customization experience, has been focused on providing customers with high-quality, high-end acrylic jewelry box. Our product line is rich and diverse, can meet the individual needs of different customers.

Whether it is unique design or craftsmanship, Jayiacrylic pursues excellence and strives to provide customers with the best quality products. If you have unique design ideas or custom needs, please feel free to get in touch with us. We will according to your specific requirements, carefully build to make you satisfied with the product.

To choose Jayiacrylic is to choose professionalism, quality and trust. We look forward to working with you to create a better future.

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Get Jayiacrylic Acrylic Jewelry Box to Satisfy Your Business and Your Customers

Jayiacrylic, a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of acrylic jewelry boxes, is committed to helping you improve your business visibility and enhance your brand reputation. With exquisite craftsmanship and rich experience, we will create unique jewelry boxes for you to make your products stand out in the fierce market competition. By choosing Jayiacrylic, you will receive professional, high-quality product support to add luster to your brand image.

Acrylic Jewelry Display Tray

Acrylic Jewelry Organizer Tray

Acrylic Jewelry Box with Lid

Acrylic Jewelry Box with Lid

Personalized Acrylic Jewelry Box

Personalized Acrylic Jewelry Box

Acrylic Storage Box  - Jayi Acrylic

Acrylic Jewelry Box with Drawers

Acrylic Necklace Jewelry Box

Acrylic Necklace Jewelry Box

Large Acrylic Jewelry Box

Large Acrylic Jewelry Box

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Acrylic Drawer Jewelry Organizer

Acrylic Round Rotating Jewelry Box

Acrylic Round Rotating Jewelry Box

Acrylic Jewelry Display Box

Acrylic Jewelry Display Box

Customize Your Acrylic Jewelry Box Item! Choose from custom size, shape, color, printing & engraving, packaging options.

At Jayiacrylic you will find the perfect solution for your custom acrylic needs.

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Acrylic Box

Advantages of the Acrylic Jewelry Box

The advantages of acrylic jewelry boxes are rich and diverse, and the following are briefly introduced from five aspects: versatility, durability, transparency, style and function, and customizability:


The versatility of acrylic jewelry box is outstanding. It is not only a good assistant to collect and arrange jewelry, but also a display platform to show the charm of jewelry. The design is flexible and changeable to meet the needs of various combinations and collocations, and adapt to different occasions and uses. Meet a variety of occasions and uses.


The durability of acrylic jewelry box is reliable. High hardness and toughness make it able to resist scratches and impacts in daily use, and keep it beautiful as new for a long time. The stable shape and structure ensure that the jewelry is stored safely without worrying about deformation.


The transparency of acrylic jewelry box is extremely high, which adds color to the display of jewelry. Crystal clear visual effect to make jewelry in the box clearly visible, easy to pick and match. At the same time, high transparency also enhances the attractiveness of the jewelry, making it more noticeable.

Styles and Functionalities

Acrylic jewelry box is equally brilliant in style and function. There are many styles on the market to meet different aesthetic needs. The addition of partition, lighting and other functions makes the storage and display of jewelry more convenient and comfortable.


The acrylic jewelry box is a highlight in customizability. According to personal preferences and needs, you can customize the exclusive acrylic jewelry box, from size, shape to color, pattern can be personalized adjustment, to achieve a unique design.

Acrylic Jewelry Box

Applications of the Acrylic Jewelry Box

Acrylic jewelry box with its unique transparency, stability and beauty, in many occasions and fields have a wide range of applications. The following is a simple description of the acrylic jewelry box in different application scenarios:

Engagements and Weddings

In the romantic moment of engagement and wedding, lucite jewelry box with its high transparency is an excellent choice for storing and displaying engagement rings, wedding rings and other jewelry. It can not only fully show the jewelry bright luster, but also add a romantic and noble atmosphere, so that this special moment is more unforgettable.

Evening Parties

When the night party, acrylic jewelry box as decorative elements, put it in a conspicuous position, both can receive and display a variety of jewelry, but also for the party to add a bright color, enhance the overall atmosphere.

Jewelry Stores and Malls

In jewelry stores and shopping malls, acrylic jewelry boxes are widely used in display counters. Its high transparency and stability fully show the bright charm of jewelry, attract customers' attention, and help improve sales performance.

Home Use

For the family, lucite jewelry boxes are essential for organizing and storing personal jewelry collections at home. Arrange rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings neatly for easy access. At the same time, add a sense of fashion to the bedroom dresser, making it functional and decorative.

Special Events and Exhibitions

In special events and exhibitions, acrylic jewelry boxes are used as display props to ensure the safe display of jewelry, while its high transparency allows the audience to closely appreciate the details and the beauty of the craftsmanship of jewelry.


In addition, lucite jewelry box or a both beautiful and practical gift, whether it is given to relatives and friends or their own collection, can become a special gift full of commemorative significance.

Jayi Company

Jayiacrylic: Your Best Choice for Acrylic Jewelry Box Manufacturer

Jayiacrylic, China's leading manufacturer of custom acrylic products, focuses on providing customers with high-quality, customised acrylic box solutions. With 20 years of customization experience, we understand the needs of customers and tailor unique acrylic jewelry boxes.

Our design team is experienced, creative, and proficient in acrylic characteristics and technology, to present exclusive designs for customers. Whether modern simplicity or classical elegance, we can perfectly present, and show your brand image.

Quality and details are equally important, we use high-quality acrylic material, combined with advanced technology and strict quality inspection, to ensure that the products are durable and beautiful. At the same time, it provides flexible customization services to meet various special needs.

Choose Jayiacrylic, that is, choose trust and quality. We will continue to uphold the "customer first, quality first" concept, to provide you with excellent products and services, and help business take off.

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Ultimate FAQ Guide To Small Acrylic Box

If you want your clear acrylic jewelry box OEM & ODM business to take off, then read this guide.

It has all the answers you might have about the acrylic jewelry box.

What Are the Benefits of Acrylic Jewelry Boxes?

Acrylic jewelry boxes with their many significant advantages, become the ideal choice for jewelry storage. Its high transparency lets the bright brilliance of jewelry at a glance, adding infinite charm to the collection. At the same time, the strong durability of acrylic material provides effective protection for jewelry, ensuring long-term preservation without worry.

Not only that, the design of an clear acrylic jewelry box is diverse and the style is different, which can meet the practical storage needs, and can be used as the highlight of home decoration, adding an elegant taste to the space.

More importantly, it also provides personalized customization services. According to personal preferences and needs, create an exclusive jewelry box, and let the collection become more interesting and unique.

How Do I Choose the Right Size and Design for an Acrylic Jewelry Box?

Choose the appropriate clear acrylic jewelry box, the first consideration is your jewelry type and quantity. For small and numerous jewelry, it is recommended to choose the design of multiple small Spaces, which is convenient for detailed classification and orderly storage; for large or special jewelry, choose a spacious box to ensure that each piece is properly placed.

Secondly, the design style should be compatible with personal taste and use occasions. Daily wear jewelry boxes can choose simple atmospheric designs, both practical and easy to match; And give a gift OR special occasion, might as well choose more DESIGN sense or can be customized style, in order to show personality and taste.

In addition, practicality is also a factor that cannot be ignored. Whether the opening and closing way of the box is convenient and easy to carry is a key factor affecting the user experience. Make sure that the jewelry box you choose is both beautiful and practical so that the storage and display become easy and pleasant.

Are Acrylic Jewelry Boxes Suitable for All Types of Jewelry?

The acrylic jewelry box is apt for a diverse array of jewelry, encompassing rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches, ensuring a suitable space for each. Its transparent design allows for a comprehensive showcase of each piece, facilitating quick retrieval of desired items. Moreover, the inherent qualities of acrylic render the box both visually appealing and resilient, maintaining its clarity and transparency over time without succumbing to deformation or damage. Consequently, opting for an acrylic jewelry box as a storage and display tool for jewelry is indeed a prudent choice.

How Should I Organize My Jewelry in an Acrylic Box?

When placing jewelry in an acrylic box, first make sure the box is clean and dry. According to the size and shape of the jewelry, select the appropriate lattice or compartment for classification and placement. For fragile or particularly valuable jewelry, soft padding can be added to protect its safety. When placing, pay attention to maintain the spacing between the jewels to avoid scraping each other. Finally, close the lid to make sure the box is well sealed.

Can I Customize the Compartment Style in an Acrylic Jewelry Box?

Of course, you can customize the acrylic jewelry box layer style. You can design different layer shapes, sizes, and layouts according to your preferences and the characteristics of the jewelry. Whether you want to categorize or display a particular piece of jewelry, you can customize the layer style to achieve this. This will not only protect the jewelry better but also make the jewelry box more personal and practical.

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