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Podiums, Lecterns, and Pulpits! Oh my! That’s what you’ll be saying when you realize that Jayi Acrylic is not only the leader in display products, but we also carry the best in custom podiums and pulpits for sale! Whether it’s a church pulpit, acrylic podium, or any of our portable podiums, we know we have what you need to help make your next public speaking event a grand success. As the best acrylic podium supplier in China - an industry leader for more than 20 years, Jayi Acrylic has been the trusted manufacturer for companies that need to carefully build and design beautifully crafted acrylic lectern podiums and we will be delighted to develop custom acrylic podiums for your business.

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China Custom Acrylic Lectern Podium Solutions Supplier

Jayi Acrylic is known in China for our quality products. We are a manufacturer and supplier of transparent acrylic pulpit podiums sold to a wide range of businesses in China. We sell wholesale directly from our factories worldwide and can provide you with the perfect large, small, or custom-sized acrylic podium stand. If you are not sure where to start, please contact us for a free consultation.

Support ODM/OEM to meet customer's individual needs

Adopt green environmental protection import material. Health and safety

We have our factory with many years of sales and production experience

We provide high quality customer service, please consult Jayi Acrylic

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Acrylic Product Factory - Jayi Acrylic
Acrylic Podium Manufacturer - Jayi Acrylic

Custom Acrylic Podium Stand

This transparent structure of modern design acrylic podium is perfect for churches and other places of worship as well as meeting or commercial facilities. Each fixture has an internal shelf that can hold presentation materials, personal items or accessories as needed. Through these pulpits, you can express your voice and ideas in a new way that makes you stand out.

Size: Custom Size

Color: Custom Color

Packaging: Custom Packaging

Printing: Silk-Screen, Digital Printing, Laser Cutting, Engraving

Lead Time: 3-7 days for sample, 15-35 days for bulk

Custom Your Common Acrylic Lectern Podium

Jayi Acrylic provides exclusive designers for all of your acrylic lectern podiums. As a leading manufacturer of custom acrylic podiums in China, we are pleased to help you provide a high-quality acrylic podium suitable for your business.

Our acrylic podium perfectly combines beauty and function. The acrylic podium we produce is made of 100% clear acrylic, which gives off the look and feel of glass but is more durable and long-lasting. We have a wide variety of acrylic lecterns, whether teaching lecterns, portable lecterns, or any general speaker lecterns, and having a place to put your notes, quickly gather your ideas, and do all this while standing in front of a professional-looking piece of furniture can only help your public speaking.

Frosted Acrylic Podium with  Logo - Jayi Acrylic

Frosted Acrylic Podium with Logo

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Acrylic Lectern Podium

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Clear Acrylic Lectern Stand - Jayi Acrylic

Clear Acrylic Lectern Stand

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Acrylic church pulpit designs

Acrylic Church Pulpit with Stainless Base

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Acrylic Podium Stand - Jayi Acrylic

Acrylic Church Podium

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Acrylic Podium for Floor - Jayi Acrylic

Acrylic Podium for Floor

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Clear Acrylic Podium - Jayi Acrylic

Clear Acrylic Podium Pulpit

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Acrylic Podium Lectern Pulpit Stand

Acrylic Podium Lectern Pulpit Stand

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Custom Acrylic Podium - Jayi Acrylic

Custom Acrylic Podium

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Acrylic Single Shelf Podium Lectern - Jayi Acrylic

Acrylic Single Shelf Podium Lectern

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Z-Shape Acrylic Podium - Jayi Acrylic

Z-Shape Acrylic Podium

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Acrylic Lectern

Acrylic Pulpits for Churches

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Don’t You Find What Acrylic Podiums & Pulpits You Are Looking For?

Just tell us your detailed requirements. We will make you satisfied with the acrylic podium & pulpit!

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Clear Contemporary Podium Offer Modern Styling for Readings, Speeches, or Sermons

Call it what you will: acrylic podium, lucite podium, plexiglass podium, perspex podium - it's all the same thing.

The acrylic podium embodies contemporary significance and is made of plexiglass material. They feature clean lines and minimalistic designs that bring a modern feel to any religious or secular setting. Compared to traditional wooden lecterns, acrylic lecterns are lighter, thanks to their strong and transparent material properties.

Our podium collection offers a variety of options, including white or black, transparent or frosted styles. We offer lecterns made of pure acrylic material and acrylic and wood or metal combination styles. As an acrylic podium manufacturer, we sell only the highest quality products and pay great attention to detail. This is especially important when building a podium with ideal materials.

The transparency of the acrylic podium allows the speaker or speaker to establish a more direct visual connection with the audience. They provide a clear presentation platform, enabling the audience to clearly see the speaker's posture and expression. At the same time, the modern design of the acrylic podium is also able to match various venues and decorative styles.

In short, the clear contemporary pulpit, in its modern style, provides modernity and beauty to activities such as reading, lecturing, or preaching. The use of acrylic makes it lighter and more transparent, creating a better visual experience for the speaker and audience. Whether in a religious or secular setting, an acrylic podium is an ideal choice.

What Are Some of the Defining Characteristics of Manufacturing with Plexiglass?

Acrylic podiums specially bonded together with acrylic provide the best appearance. There are no visible mechanical fasteners, just clean lines. Compared to other manufacturing processes, the bonding process is the most difficult technique to master, but what is left after completion is a beautiful combination of form and function. Therefore, the bonded platform needs to be fully assembled for transportation, but this assembled acrylic podium will incur additional shipping costs.

• Lectures with mechanical fasteners are one of the styles we recommend. These podiums are shipped by regular mail at minimal cost for end users to assemble themselves. There are all-plastic designs or acrylic paired with wood or aluminum, and the fastening method is the same. The threaded inserts are inserted into the acrylic interior using heat or ultrasound so that the panels can be held together with screws. This makes assembly a breeze, but the screws and plugins are visible through the acrylic.

• Another feature provided by clear acrylic is the polished edges. When the acrylic sheet is cut by a cutting machine, rough edges are produced, then these rough details are smoothed by polishing, providing a clear view through the material itself. Flame polishing is one method, but results can be inconsistent. We prefer to use a machine, such as a diamond polisher, to polish these edges, which gives a more even and complete look every time.

Bonded acrylic podium

Bonded Style - Clear Acrylic Podium

Assembled acrylic podium

Assembled Style - Frosted Acrylic Podium

Don't be fooled by the flimsy, low-quality acrylic podium. Jayi has designed the highest-quality transparent acrylic materials for you. You can rest assured that they will provide a sleek and professional look in any environment.

Acrylic podiums and pulpits have these features:

1. No sharp edges. The corners are safely treated to ensure that there are no safety risks

2. Made of clear acrylic

3. Has a sturdy construction

4. Can be used in anywhere

5. Long term. High-quality materials guarantee a long life

6. Support regular or custom designs that can personalize your name, logo text, and/or images of your choice.

The right way to choose a podium is to differentiate according to your needs and the occasion. Here are some suggestions:

Informal Settings: If you need a podium for informal Settings such as quick presentations, meetings, or school readings, a podium with a metal rod design may be the most economical and simple option. This type of podium is suitable for simple presentations and explanations, providing basic support and presentation functions.

Formal occasions: In the church sermon or hall speech and other formal occasions, it is recommended to choose the whole body acrylic podium. These podiums offer more options and have more features. For example, wider ledges can hold a variety of reading materials, and internal shelves can hold drinking water or other supplies. The whole body acrylic podium shows a more professional and distinguished image on formal occasions.

Clear or frosted front: Another consideration is the choice of a clear or frosted front. The transparent front of the podium allows light to penetrate, making the speaker more visible. The frosted front is more dignified and elegant. Choose a clear or frosted front, depending on your preferences and occasion needs.

Custom lectern: If you plan to purchase a custom acrylic lectern for an institution, we offer a wide range of customization options to meet your professional needs. Our custom lecterns use the most professional acrylic manufacturing processes and technologies and can be designed and manufactured according to your requirements.

To sum up, the right way to choose a podium is based on the needs of an informal or formal occasion, and is considered in light of preference for a transparent or matte front. If you need to customize the podium, you can choose a professional customization option.

How to Custom Acrylic Podiums, Lecterns & Pulpits?

Just 8 Easy Steps to Start Your Project

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Step 1: Your Acrylic Podium Needs Detailed Confirmation Information

Size:  We will ask you about the size of the acrylic lectern podium. To ensure that the product size is the size you want. Usually, you need to specify whether the size is internal or external.

Delivery Time: How soon would you like to receive the customized acrylic lectern podium? This is important if this is an urgent project for you. Then we'll see if we can put your production before ours.

Materials Used: We need to know exactly what materials you want to use for your product. It would be great if you could send us samples to examine the materials. That would be very helpful.

In addition, we need to confirm with you what kind of LOGO and pattern you want to be printed on the surface of the acrylic lectern podium.

Step 2: Quote

Based on the details you provided in Step 1, we will provide you with a quote.

We are a supplier of customized Acrylic products such as desk stationery organizers in China.

Compared with small manufacturers and factories, we have huge price advantages.

Step 3: Sample Production Cost

Samples are very important.

If you get a perfect sample, then you have a 95% chance of getting a perfect product in the batch production process.

Usually, we charge a fee for making samples.

After we confirm the order, we will use this money for your mass production cost.

Step 4: Sample Preparation And Confirmation

We need about one week to make the sample and send it to you for confirmation.

Step 5: Advance Payment

After you confirm the sample, things will go smoothly.

You pay 30-50% of the total production cost, and we start mass production.

After the mass production, we will take high-definition pictures for your confirmation, and then pay the balance.

Step 6: Mass Production

Even if you order more than tens of thousands of units, this usually takes about a month.

JAYI ACRYLIC is proud of its ability to produce acrylic lectern podiums and other customized pulpits products.

Even the product requires a lot of manual work.

Step 7: Check

After the completion of mass production, you are welcome to visit our factory.

Usually our clients ask us to take high-quality photos for them to confirm.

Our factory supports third-party inspection

Step 8: Transport

With regard to shipping, all you need to do is find a good shipping agent to handle shipping the acrylic lectern podium for you. If you don't want to worry about it, we can recommend you a freight forwarder for customers in your country/region. This will save you money.

Please inquire about the freight: The freight will be charged by the shipping agency and calculated according to the actual volume and weight of the goods. After mass production, we will send the packing data to you, and you can inquire with the shipping agency about the shipping.

We issue the manifest: After you confirm the freight, the freight forwarder will contact us and send the manifest to them, then they will book the ship and take care of the rest for us.

We send you the B/L: When everything is finished, the shipping agency will issue the B/L about a week after the ship leaves the port. Then we will send you the BILL of LADING and telex together with the packing list and commercial invoice for you to pick up the goods.

  Still confused by the custom acrylic lectern podium ordering process? Please contact us immediately.

To start working with Jayi Acrylic, contact us today. We would be happy to discuss the acrylic lectern podium you need and how we can help. We provide the most professional service to podium stand retailers, wholesalers, and marketers around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Acrylic Podiums, Lecterns & Pulpits

1. Can I order one piece for a sample to test the quality?

Yes. We recommend checking the sample before mass production. Please inquiry us the about the design, color, size, thickness and etc.

2. Could you do a design for us?

Yes, We have a professional team having rich experience in mock-ups. Please tell me your ideas and we will help to realize your designs perfectly. Just send us high-resolution images, your logo, and text, and tell me how you would like to arrange them. We will send you the finished design for confirmation.

3. How long can I expect to get the sample?

After you pay the sample fee and send us the confirmed files, the samples will be ready for delivery in 3-7 days.

4. How and when can I get the price?

Please send us the details of the item, such as dimensions, quantity, crafts finishing. We usually quote within 24 hours after w get your inquiry.If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or tell us your email,so that we will give priority to your inquiry.

5. Can you realize our Customized Design or put our Logo on the product?

Sure, we can do this in our factory. OEM or/and ODM are warmly welcomed.

6. What kind of files do you accept for printing?

PDF, CDR, or Ai. Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.

7. Which kind of payment do you support?

We can accept PayPal, bank transfers, western union, etc.

8. Do you only make acrylic lectern podium?

We are a professional supplier of custom acrylic products. In addition to making our acrylic lectern podium from acrylic material, we can also use combination materials, such as acrylic + metal, and acrylic + leather. We can carry out professional design according to the needs of customers.

9. What's the shipping cost?

Usually, we ship the acrylic lectern podium by express, such as Dedex, TNT, DHL, UPS, or EMS. We will offer you the best package to protect your goods.

Large orders must use sea shipping, we can help you handle all kinds of shipping documents and procedures.

Please let us know the quantity of your order, as well as your destination, then we can calculate the shipping cost for you.

10. How can you make sure we will receive the products with high quality?

( 1 ) High-quality international standard materials.

( 2 ) Skillful workers with rich experience for more than 10 years.

( 3 ) Strictly quality control for each production process from material purchasing to delivery.

( 4 ) Production images and videos can send you as soon as fastest.

( 5 ) We also warmly weclome you visit to our factory anytime.

Choose Jayi as Your Trusted Source for High Quality, Customized, Speaking Lecterns.

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Professional Custom Acrylic Podium Manufacturers

Jayi Acrylic Industry Limited is a manufacturer of acrylic church furniture, acrylic podium for church, church pulpits, and lecterns. With 20 years in business, we can promise to provide acrylic podiums and lecterns of the highest quality at a reasonable price. We offer a range of product styles and options, and all of our products are hand-made in China. Carve your own church or company logo on your pulpit. We will work with you to create the perfect pulpit.

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Why Choose JAYI Acrylic?

From designing to manufacturing and finishing, we combine expertise and advanced equipment to deliver high-quality products. Every custom acrylic product from JAYI Acrylic stands out in appearance, durability, and cost. 

Short Lead Time

Our experience complements a large manufacturing capacity and a strong supply chain to ensure fast and on-time delivery.

Design Service

Our specialists will guide you through the design stage to give your advice on modifications and offer the best custom design.

On-Demand Manufacturing

We are dedicated to working with you and delivering products based on unique requirements, not just another acrylic fabricator. 

Quality Guaranteed

We provide a 100% guarantee of all our products. Our certifications show that we use the best materials and machinery to offer only quality products. 

One-Stop Solution

Our design and manufacturing team is highly effective, successfully completing large and small scale deals. Our keen project management puts us ahead of the competition. 

Reasonable Price

Our prices are fair and competitive, involving no surprise bills or unexpected expenses. 

Certificates From Acrylic Lectern Podium Manufacturer And Factory

We are the best wholesale custom acrylic lectern podium factory in China, we provide quality assurance for our products. We test the quality of our products before final delivery to our customers, which also helps us maintain our customer base. All of our acrylic products can be tested according to customer requirements (eg: ROHS environmental protection index; food grade testing; California 65 testing, etc.). Meanwhile: We have ISO9001, SGS, TUV, BSCI, SEDEX, CTI, OMGA, and UL certifications for our acrylic lectern distributors and acrylic podium suppliers around the world.

Dior Power of Attorney
Jayi ISO9001 Certification

Partners From Acrylic Lectern Podium Supplier

  Jayi Acrylic is one of the most professional Plexiglass Products Suppliers & Acrylic Custom Solution Service Manufacturers in China. We are associated with many organizations and units due to our top-quality products and advanced management system. Jayi Acrylic was started with a single purpose: to make premium acrylic products accessible and affordable for brands at any stage of their business. Partner with the world-class acrylic products factory to inspire brand loyalty across all your fulfillment channels. We are being loved and supported by many world top companies.


Custom Acrylic Lectern Podium: The Ultimate Guide

Custom Acrylic Podiums, Lecterns, and Pulpits – Featuring modern-looking designs, flawless clear acrylic, and the ability to fit in anywhere, this acrylic public speaking pieces are the jack-of-all-trades and can be used in any number of places. Offices, schools, auditoriums – it doesn’t matter. If you want to make an impact on your listeners, these acrylic podiums can do the job and do it affordably.

Floor Acrylic Podiums, Lecterns, and Pulpits – Small, portable, and great for travelers, these table top podiums are great for when space is at a premium. Simply place them on a desk or table and you suddenly have a place to keep your notes and people’s attention.

What Is Acrylic Lectern Podium?

An acrylic lectern podium is a type of lectern or a raised platform used for public speaking or presentations, that is made primarily out of acrylic material. Acrylic, also known as plexiglass or lucite, is a type of plastic that is lightweight, durable, and transparent.

Acrylic lectern podiums are popular in a variety of settings, including conference rooms, lecture halls, places of worship, and event venues. They can be used by speakers to hold notes, laptops, or other presentation materials, while providing a clear view of the speaker's face and body language.

In addition to their practical function, acrylic lectern podiums can also add a modern and sleek aesthetic to a space. They are available in a variety of designs and sizes, and can be customized with logos or other branding elements to fit the specific needs of an organization or event.

Is Acrylic Good For Lectern Podium?

Yes, acrylic is a good material for a lectern podium. Acrylic is a type of plastic that is lightweight, durable, and transparent, which makes it an ideal material for a lectern podium.

Acrylic lectern podiums have several advantages over other materials, such as wood or metal. They are lightweight and easy to move, making them convenient for event venues or conference rooms where the layout may need to be changed frequently. They are also durable and scratch-resistant, which ensures they will look great even after many uses.

Another advantage of acrylic lectern podiums is that they are transparent, which allows the speaker to be seen clearly by the audience. This can help to establish a better connection between the speaker and the audience, as they can see the speaker's facial expressions and body language more clearly.

Acrylic lectern podiums are also available in a variety of designs and sizes and can be customized with logos or other branding elements to fit the specific needs of an organization or event. Overall, acrylic is a versatile and practical material for a lectern podium.

Is Acrylic Lectern Podium Strong?

Acrylic lectern podiums are generally strong and durable, as acrylic is a strong and tough material. While acrylic is not as strong as materials like metal or wood, it is still able to withstand normal wear and tear with proper care.

Acrylic is a type of plastic that is impact-resistant and does not shatter easily, which makes it a good choice for a lectern podium. However, it is important to note that acrylic can scratch easily if it comes into contact with abrasive surfaces, so it is important to handle and clean the lectern carefully to avoid any scratches.

When purchasing an acrylic lectern podium, it is important to choose a high-quality product that is made with thick and sturdy acrylic sheets. This will ensure that the lectern is strong and will be able to support the weight of presentation materials, laptops, or other objects placed on it during use.

Overall, acrylic lectern podiums are a strong and durable option for public speaking and presentations and can provide a modern and sleek look to any event or conference room.

Does Acrylic Lectern Podium Turn Yellow?

Acrylic lectern podiums can turn yellow over time, especially if they are exposed to direct sunlight or other sources of ultraviolet (UV) light. This process is known as "yellowing," and it occurs when the UV light causes a chemical reaction in the acrylic material, which results in yellow discoloration.

However, not all acrylic materials are created equal, and some acrylic lectern podiums are specifically designed to resist yellowing. These lecterns may be made with a special type of acrylic that is formulated to be more resistant to UV light and other environmental factors that can cause yellowing.

To minimize yellowing in an acrylic lectern podium, it is important to avoid placing it in direct sunlight or under UV lights for extended periods of time. It is also important to clean the lectern regularly with a soft, non-abrasive cloth and mild soap or cleaner to remove any dirt or dust that may contribute to yellowing.

Overall, while acrylic lectern podiums can turn yellow over time, this can be prevented or minimized with proper care and maintenance, and by choosing a high-quality product that is designed to resist yellowing.

Can You Use Windex On Acrylic Lectern Podium?

It is generally not recommended to use Windex or any other ammonia-based cleaners on an acrylic lectern podium, as these types of cleaners can cause the acrylic to become cloudy or discolored over time.

Instead, it is recommended to clean acrylic lectern podiums with a mild soap or cleaner and a soft, non-abrasive cloth or sponge. You can also use a solution of mild dish soap and water or a specialized acrylic cleaner that is formulated for use on acrylic surfaces.

When cleaning an acrylic lectern podium, it is important to avoid using abrasive materials, such as paper towels or scrub brushes, as these can scratch the surface of the acrylic. It is also important to avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents, as these can damage the acrylic material.

Overall, while Windex may be effective for cleaning some surfaces, it is not recommended for use on acrylic lectern podiums. Instead, use a mild soap or specialized acrylic cleaner to ensure that your lectern stays looking great for years to come.

Does Acrylic Lectern Podium Scratch Easily?

Acrylic lectern podiums can scratch easily if they come into contact with abrasive surfaces or materials. While acrylic is a durable material, it is not as hard as some other materials like glass, metal or stone, and it can scratch more easily.

To minimize the risk of scratching, it is important to handle acrylic lectern podiums with care and to avoid placing or dragging abrasive materials on the surface. This includes items like pens, paper clips, or other sharp or rough-edged objects. It is also important to avoid using abrasive cleaners or rough cleaning cloths that can scratch the surface of the acrylic.

If a scratch does occur on an acrylic lectern podium, it may be possible to repair it with a specialized acrylic scratch remover or polish. These products can be used to buff out light scratches and restore the surface of the acrylic to its original condition. However, deeper scratches may be more difficult to repair and may require professional assistance.

Overall, while acrylic lectern podiums can scratch more easily than some other materials, they are still a durable and practical choice for public speaking and presentations. With proper care and maintenance, an acrylic lectern podium can provide years of use and look great in any setting.

To clean an acrylic lectern podium, follow these steps:

1. Remove any loose dust or debris from the surface of the lectern using a soft, dry cloth or a soft-bristled brush.

2. Mix a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water in a bucket or sink.

3. Dip a soft, non-abrasive cloth or sponge into the soapy water, and wring out any excess moisture.

4. Gently wipe the surface of the lectern with a damp cloth, taking care not to apply too much pressure or scrub too vigorously. Be sure to clean all areas of the lectern, including any corners or crevices.

5. Rinse the cloth or sponge thoroughly in clean water, and then use it to wipe down the lectern again to remove any soap residue.

6. Dry the lectern with a clean, dry cloth or allow it to air dry.

It is important to avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals when cleaning an acrylic lectern podium, as these can scratch or damage the surface of the material. Additionally, avoid using ammonia-based cleaners, such as Windex, as these can cause the acrylic to become cloudy or discolored over time.

With regular cleaning and proper care, an acrylic lectern podium can provide years of use and look great in any setting.

How To Pack Acrylic Lectern Podium?

When packing an acrylic lectern podium for storage or transportation, it is important to take care to protect the podium from damage. Here are some steps to follow when packing an acrylic lectern podium:

1. Clean the podium thoroughly using a soft, non-abrasive cloth and mild soap and water. Allow it to dry completely before packing.

2. Disassemble any parts of the podium that can be easily removed, such as the base or any accessories.

3. Wrap each component of the podium separately in bubble wrap or foam padding. Be sure to cover all edges and corners to prevent damage during transit.

4. Place each wrapped component of the podium into a sturdy box that is slightly larger than the component. Add additional paddings, such as foam peanuts or air pillows, to fill any empty space in the box and prevent movement.

5. Seal the box securely with packing tape.

6. Label the box clearly with the contents and any handling instructions, such as "fragile" or "this end up."

7. If shipping or transporting the podium, choose a reputable carrier and consider purchasing insurance to cover any potential damage or loss during transit.

Overall, when packing an acrylic lectern podium, it is important to take care to protect the podium from damage and ensure that it is securely packaged to prevent movement or shifting during transit. With proper packing and handling, an acrylic lectern podium can be safely transported or stored for future use.

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