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We make custom colorful acrylic chess game board set and custom pieces that are beautiful and unique gifts for chess lovers. Our handcrafted modern chess designs can be personalized with custom colors and custom engraved boards. The high-quality lucite chess we produce is loved by many customers all over the world. Contact us for a custom design acrylic chess game set order. JAYI Acrylic was founded in 2004, is one of the leading acrylic games manufacturers, factories & suppliers in China, accepting OEM, ODM, SKD orders. We have rich experiences in production & research development for different Acrylic Game types. We focus on advanced technology, strict manufacturing step, and a perfect QC system.

  • Item NO: JY-AG06
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size: 260*260*36mm
  • Color: Colorful (customizable)
  • MOQ: 100pieces
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union, Trade Assurance, Paypal
  • Product Origin: Huizhou, China (Mainland)
  • Shipping Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen Port
  • Lead Time: 3-7 days for sample, 15-35 days for bulk
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    Get JAYI High-Quality Acrylic Chess Game Board Set To Delight Your


    JIAYI ACRYLIC has a large collection of acrylic custom chess boards in China. You can rely on our quality gaming products and reliable service. We have a strong production capacity to process your bulk orders without the hassle of buying transactions.

    Wholesale Acrylic Chess Game Set

    If you are basically in need of an acrylic chess game board set and want to order in bulk, no problem! The acrylic chess game set we offer is made of 100% brand new acrylic.

    Heavy Standard Acrylic Chess Set

    JAYI ACRYLIC is not only a supplier but also the best manufacturer of the heavy standard functional acrylic chess set. It has high durability and quality, making it ideal for a variety of uses.

    acrylic chess game

    Personalized Acrylic Chess Game Set

    JAYI ACRYLIC has all the collection of acrylic chess you want to order. So, you don't have to bother to go elsewhere. We can provide you with the ultimate custom solution.

    acrylic chess game set

    Lucite Clear Acrylic Chess Game Set

    JAYI ACRYLIC specializes in the manufacture of lucite clear acrylic chess sets that can meet your various business needs. You can save costs when you choose to buy from JAYI ACRYLIC.

    Laser Cut Acrylic Chess Set

    JAYI ACRYLIC can meet all your custom acrylic chess set needs. We always manufacture high-quality acrylic chess sets like laser-cut acrylic chess sets to suit your every preference.

    lucite chess set

    China Acrylic Chess Set Manufacturer

    In China, JAYI ACRYLIC offers modern, flexible, and stylish acrylic chess game board sets for any occasion game. Attractive custom designs are available to keep costs down.

    JAYI ACRYLIC: Your Leading Acrylic Chess Game Set Manufacturer

    JAYI ACRYLIC is the best acrylic custom product manufacturer in China. We provide you with a one-stop solution for acrylic chess manufacturing.

    We have been in the acrylic board game manufacturing industry for over 19 years and we focus on providing solutions to keep our clients happy and complete their projects smoothly. We are more focused on providing accurate solutions for your order.

    All our acrylic chess sets are 100% guaranteed quality. It is impact-resistant and has an attractive texture that enables you to capture the interest of your beloved clients.

    Contact us for more details.

    Why Choos Us

    About JAYI
    Our Customers
    About JAYI

    Established in 2004, Huizhou Jayi Acrylic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional acrylic manufacturer specializing in the design, development, manufacture, sale, and service. In addition to over 6,000 square meters of manufacturing area and more than 100 professional technicians. We are equipped with more than 80 brand-new and advanced facilities, including CNC cutting, laser cutting, laser engraving, milling, polishing, seamless thermo-compression, hot curving, sandblasting, blowing and silk screen printing, etc.



    JAYI have passed the SGS, BSCI, Sedex certification and the annual third-party audit of many major foreign customers(TUV, UL, OMGA, ITS).

    acrylic display case certification


    Our Customers

    Our well-known customers are worldwide famous brands, including Estee Lauder, P&G, Sony, TCL, UPS, Dior, TJX, and so on.

    Our acrylic craft products are exported to North America, Europe, Oceania, South America, the Middle East, West Asia, and other more than 30 countries and regions.


    Excellent service you can get from us

    Free Design

    Free design and we can keep a confidentiality agreement, and never share your designs with others;

    Personalized Demand

    Meet your personalized demand (six technician and skillful members made of our R&D team ) ;

    Strict Quality

    100% strict quality inspection and clean before delivery, Third party inspection is available;

    One Stop Service

    One stop, door to door service, you just need wait at home, then it would deliver to your hands.

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    Acrylic Board Game Set Catalogue

    chess game board set up?

    How to set up a chessboard

    Orientate the board correctly. …

    Set up the pawns on the board. …

    Place your rooks (castles) on the board. …

    Place your knights (horses) on the board. …

    Place your bishops on the board. …

    Place your queen on the board. …

    Place your king on the board.

    What is the 20 40 40 rule in chess?

    Follow 20/40/40 Rule

    That’s where 20/40/40 rule comes handy. For an under 2000 rated player, it makes sense to spend 20% of the time on openings, 40% on Middlegame and 40% on Endgame. Besides that, you should play practice games, solve tactics and analyze.

    What are the 16 pieces in a chess set?

    Each side starts with 16 pieces: eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, one queen, and one king.

    What is the 3 check rule in chess?

    3-Check is a simple variant with one clear task in mind: Check the king as many times as you can! Normal rules apply, but you can also win (or lose!) a game by checking (or getting checked) 3 times in total. Games can still end in the traditional ways of checkmate, stalemate and time-out.

    What is in a full chess set?

    A standard chess set has 32 pieces, 16 per side. These pieces are sometimes called chessmen, but most experienced players refer to their pieces as “material.” The rules of chess govern how each piece is placed, how each piece moves across what number of squares, and whether there are any special moves permitted.