Custom Acrylic Box

Custom Acrylic Box

Jayi Acrylic is a manufacturer and supplier of custom clear acrylic boxes, we sell to a wide range of businesses. We sell wholesale worldwide directly from our factory and can supply you with the perfect large, small, or custom size clear acrylic box at absolutely competitive prices for your retail display needs. You can make acrylic boxes according to the size you want to display various products. We are free to add your logo, product name, or anything else your presentation needs.

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Best Acrylic Box Factory, Manufacturer and Supplier In China

JAYI is the best acrylic box manufacturers, factory, and supplier in China since 2004, we provide integrated machining solutions including cutting, bending, CNC Machining, surface finishing, thermoforming, printing, and gluing. Meantime, JAYI has experienced engineers, who will design acrylic box products according to clients' requirements by CAD and Solidworks. Therefore, JAYI is one of the companies, which can design and manufacture it with a cost-efficient machining solution.

OEM/ ODM available, making design free for lucite box.

No MOQ limits for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, or engineering companies.

Customization is available.

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Custom Acrylic Box Types

Our custom-made acrylic boxes are manufactured in our China factory by our experienced design team and a team of artisans. Our acrylic factory was established in 2004 and now has more than 20 years of production experience. We are one of the best wholesalers and suppliers of acrylic box custom-made products in China, we have a self-built workshop - 10,000 square meters and more than 150 employees.

Custom sizes, colors, printing, UV printing and engraving

Custom Colors: clear, black, white and special rainbow colors

Sizes: Acrylic display box dimensions are outside dimensions with a tolerance of +/- 1/8 inch. Length, width and height vary from 2 inches to 36 inches.

Thickness: Thickness is a nominal dimension and can vary by 10%.

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Custom Your Acrylic Boxs

As a custom plexiglass box manufacturer, we can make custom-made acrylic cases and custom-made better acrylic boxes according to your needs. The custom acrylic cubes we manufacture are very versatile, especially suitable for use as bins, trays, bases, risers, or lids, we have a wide range of 5-sided acrylic cases to choose from.

All of our customized clear display boxes with lids are made from brand-new acrylic (recycled materials are rejected in our factory), each acrylic box is carefully constructed by hand by experienced workers and comes in the most popular colors on the market: clear, black, white and special rainbow colors. The clear acrylic box is our most popular choice because the transparent box can display the items inside very clearly.

We consider ourselves a professional manufacturer and supplier of your custom perspex box. We offer wholesale sales worldwide directly from our factories.

Acrylic Lipstick Storage Box

Custom Acrylic Money Box

Custom Acrylic Photo Boxes

Clear Acrylic Box for a Bird Feeder

Clear Acrylic Box for a Bird Feeder

Custom White Acrylic Box With Lid

Custom Coloured Acrylic Boxes

Custom Acrylic Long Box for Jewelry

Custom Acrylic Display Box

Perspex Wall Frame

Custom Clear Acrylic Shadow Box

Custom Clear Acrylic Tea Box

Clear Acrylic Lock Box
Acrylic Cigar Humidor Box

Acrylic Cigar Humidor Box

Acrylic Baptism Box

Custom Clear Acrylic Baptism Box

Custom Perspex Wall Frame

Custom Perspex Wall Frame

Acrylic Keepsake Box

Custom Clear Acrylic Keepsake Box

Can't Find The Acrylic Box You Want?

We are the largest manufacturer and seller of acrylic box custom made in China. We are committed to professionally making custom perspex boxes in the size you need. Our custom boxes are made from real acrylic, the generic name for Plexiglass, and each acrylic box is carefully constructed and in popular colors: clear, black, white, and iridescent. The transparent acrylic box is the most popular choice for our customers because the transparent acrylic box can show the different uses of the things inside.

We consider ourselves to be the manufacturer and supplier of your custom acrylic boxes. We supply goods for wholesale sale worldwide directly from our factories. For personalized help and to place an order, please feel free to contact us, or use the link below to send us your specific requirements.

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Customize Acrylic Box and Cases to Suit Your Needs

The variety of custom size acrylic display box and cases in our collection creates endless possibilities for your presentation. You can choose a clear acrylic box with or without a lid. We also have the ability to create a complete bespoke clear acrylic case for greater visibility while still providing some security - if you opt for an acrylic case with a lid, of course.

When you need high-quality custom acrylic box manufacturer, JAYI ACRYLIC is a good choice. You can truly rely on JAYI ACRYLIC for the latest acrylic boxes available in a variety of sizes, colors. Whether you are an acrylic box distributor, wholesaler or retailer, JAYI ACRYLIC is your excellent solution provider and always your perfect business partner. We have a lot of design experience to make your brand known.


Advantages of Acrylic Box

Are you looking for a trustworthy and long-term cooperative acrylic box wholesale supplier? We are one of the largest acrylic box sellers in China, we can offer you the best wholesale price; the best service; the highest quality products. We will do our best to make custom plexi boxes in the size you need professionally.

It can protect the contents inside from dust and damage

A perfect product to bring your important things to life

Provides full transparency with excellent dimensional stability

Easy to clean and durable

 Durable, stylish appearance and ideal impact strength

The custom acrylic box with lid is light in weight, easy to move and save on shipping costs

The customized clear acrylic square boxes is sturdy and durable

The custom printed acrylic boxes has strong weather resistance and UV resistance
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Acrylic Box Custom & OEM Process

Acrylic Box for Roses, Acrylic Shoe Box, Acrylic Gift Box, Acrylic Candy Box, Acrylic Tissue Box, Acrylic Storage Boxes, and other custom plexi boxes products from Jayi Acrylic are easy if you plan to reduce your purchasing costs by ordering from us. As we are an export-oriented manufacturer of acrylics and have been in the industry for over 19 years, we very much understand your concerns.

Below we explain the order and import process clearly. If you read carefully, you will see that the ordering procedures are well-designed to ensure that your interests are well protected. And the quality of the customized acrylic box fully meets your requirements.

Step 1: Your Acrylic Box Needs Detailed Confirmation Information

JAYI ACRYLIC is an Acrylic Ring Box, an Acrylic Money Box, an Acrylic Wedding Card Box, an Acrylic Jewelry Box, Acrylic Makeup Boxes and other manufacturers and suppliers of custom acrylic boxes. You can customize the size, color, shape, printing and design of the acrylic box you need.

Size: We will ask you about the size of Heart Acrylic Box, Mirror Acrylic Box, Acrylic Tea Box, Acrylic Lipstick Storage Box and other customized acrylic products. To ensure that the product size is the size you want. Usually you need to specify whether the size is internal or external.

Delivery Time: How soon would you like to receive the customized acrylic box? This is important if this is an urgent project for you. Then we'll see if we can put your production before ours.

Materials Used: We need to know exactly what materials you want to use for your product. It would be great if you could send us samples to examine the materials. That would be very helpful.

In addition, we need to confirm with you what kind of LOGO and pattern you want printed on the surface of the acrylic box.

Step 2: Quote

Based on the details you provided in Step 1, we will provide you with a quote.

We are a supplier of customized Acrylic products such as Round Acrylic Box, Acrylic Box with Lock, Acrylic Glove Box and Acrylic Hat Box in China.

Compared with small manufacturers and factories, we have huge price advantages.

Step 3: Sample Production Cost

Samples are very important.

If you get a perfect sample, then you have a 95% chance of getting a perfect product in the batch production process.

Usually we charge a fee for making samples.

After we confirm the order, we will use this money for your mass production cost.

Step 4: Sample Preparation And Confirmation

We need about one week to make the sample and send it to you for confirmation.

Step 5: Advance Payment

After you confirm the sample, things will go smoothly.

You pay 30-50% of the total production cost, and we start mass production.

After the mass production, we will take high-definition pictures for your confirmation, and then pay the balance.

Step 6: Mass Production

Even if you order more than tens of thousands of units, this usually takes about a month.

JAYI ACRYLIC is proud of its ability to produce Acrylic File boxes, Acrylic Cake boxes, Acrylic Photo boxes and other customised acrylic Box products.

Even the product requires a lot of manual work.

Step 7: Check

After the completion of mass production, you are welcome to visit our factory.

Usually our clients ask us to take high quality photos for them to confirm.

Some of our clients have an agency that inspects their goods for them. And the cost is often very high.

Step 8: Transport

With regard to shipping, all you need to do is find a good shipping agent to handle shipping acrylic boxes for you. If you don't want to worry about it, we can recommend you a freight forwarder for customers in your country/region. This will save you money.

Please inquire the freight: The freight will be charged by the shipping agency and calculated according to the actual volume and weight of the goods. After mass production, we will send the packing data to you, and you can inquire the shipping agency about the shipping.

We issue the manifest: After you confirm the freight, the freight forwarder will contact us and send the manifest to them, then they will book the ship and take care of the rest for us.

We send you the B/L: When everything is finished, the shipping agency will issue the B/L about a week after the ship leaves the port. Then we will send you the BILL of LADING and telex together with the packing list and commercial invoice for you to pick up the goods.

Still confused by the custom acrylic box ordering process? Please contact us immediately.

Custom Acrylic Boxs Video

Custom Clear Acrylic Box

Custom Glitter Acrylic Gift Box

Custom Acrylic Shoe Storage Box

Custom Acrylic Tissue Box

Custom Rectangular Acrylic Flower Box

Custom Acrylic Candy Box

Custom Iridescent Acrylic Box

Custom Heart Shape Acrylic Box

Certificates From Acrylic Box Manufacturer And Factory

We are the best wholesale custom acrylic box supplier in China, we provide quality assurance for our products. We test the quality of our products before final delivery to our customers, which also helps us maintain our customer base. All of our acrylic products can be tested according to customer requirements (eg: ROHS environmental protection index; food grade testing; California 65 testing, etc.). Meanwhile: We have ISO9001, SGS, TUV, BSCI, SEDEX, CTI, OMGA, and UL certifications for our acrylic storage box distributors and acrylic display box suppliers around the world.

Jayi ISO9001 Certification

Have a Special Requirement?

Generally, we have common acrylic box products and raw materials in stock. For your special demand, we offer you our customization service. We accept OEM/ODM. For an accurate quotation, you need to tell us the following information:


Please tell us the requirements for custom; and if you need to add extra functions such as length, width and height, colors, thickness, etc.


No MOQ limit. But for the maximum quantities, it will help you get the cheaper price. The more quantity ordered, the lower the price you could get.


Tell us your application or detailed information for your projects. We can offer you the best choice, meanwhile, our engineers can give you more suggestions under your budget.

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What We Can Offer You…

Best Quality

We have rich experience in the manufacture, design and application of acrylic boxs, and served more than 100 customers from worldwide.

Competitive Price

we have an absolute advantage in the cost of raw materials. Under the same quality, our price is generally 10%-30% lower than the market.


We provide 3-5 years guarantees policy. And all cost for fault acrylic boxs will be on our account if there is any quality issue caused by us within guarantee periods.

Fast Delivery time.

We have the best shipping forwarder, available to do Shipping by Air express, sea, and even door to door service.

Custom Acrylic Box

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Acrylic Box

Are Acrylic Boxes Scratch Resistant?

Naturally, acrylic boxes tend to be comparatively more susceptible to scratches than other materials such as glass.

It is because it has a softer surface.

However, you can always go for acrylic boxes made of a material that is coated with an anti-scratch coating.

Also, the ideal way of preventing this container from scratches is ensuring that you handle it with care all the time.

Additionally, when cleaning, you also need to make sure that you use a non-abrasive piece of cloth as well as specialty cleaning agents.

Is Acrylic Box Breakable?

Yes, it is! It happens that the acrylic box is sturdy and can take some substantial impacts without essentially breaking.

This, however, is not an indication that the box is not breakable.

In most instances, you’ll find that the acrylic box is not laminated or tempered.

This, therefore, makes it breakable even though not necessarily in a more natural way.

Is Acrylic Box Flammable?


It is highly flammable, which apparently makes it unsuitable when it comes from a safety perspective.

The acrylic material used for making this box is rated in class B2, which is quite flammable.

Will Acrylic Box for Display Yellow on Sun?

The truth is that there are different grades of acrylic sheets, which are used for manufacturing acrylic boxes.

As you can tell, acrylic material comes from completely an inert natural gas, especially when in solid-state.

Of course, ultraviolet radiation causes a disastrous effect on plastics.

However, the American made acrylic material never yellows in the sun irrespective of how long it’s exposed to sunlight.

But some types of acrylic materials would yellow in the sun but might take several years.

Can you Include Decorative Features on Acrylic Box?


In fact, the acrylic material is one of the most suitable types of plastic that you can easily decorate.

So you can include decorative features on acrylic boxes as long as such features do not compromise the clarity of the container.

How much does Acrylic Box Cost?

There is no standard cost for an acrylic box.

The price is dependent on a wide range of factors such as size, design, manufacturer, and the type of actual acrylic material that is used for making the box, among others.

Also, the level of customization that you’d desire your acrylic display case to have is another factor that determines the cost.

For that reason, you’ll find that the price for a particular type of an acrylic box would range from one store to another since several elements determine the cost.

Can you Print on Acrylic Box?


In fact, this is one of the suitable ways of adding visual interests to your acrylic box.

It is even easier to print photographic imagery onto your Lucite box at home.

The process is easier, and all you need to do is selecting a particular image or print on your acrylic box.

If you have a laser printer, the better.

The printing on the acrylic box is a chemical process.

Therefore, it would be vital always to ensure that you have enough ventilation, especially when working with blender pens.

Moreover, you also need to be an expert in this to reduce the chances of destroying the appearance of the acrylic box.

Are Your Acrylic Boxes Waterproof?

Our acrylic boxes are waterproof but not waterproof. Waterproof means that it can resist water penetration to a certain extent, but not completely. Waterproof means it's impervious to water, no matter how long it's been in the water and what the pressure is.

What's The Use Of An Acrylic Box?

Acrylic boxes have many uses. Some uses are:

Display Case - To protect and display valuable objects such as flags, collectibles, and artwork

Ballot box - raffles and donations at trade shows, schools and places of worship

Acrylic Box with lock - Display items securely at retail checkout counters

Dumpster - Organize small items while maintaining visibility

Display pedestal - brings attention to the display of sculpture and works of art

Display risers - increase visual interest by adding height and dimension to product displays

Acrylic Box : The Ultimate Guide

You’ve probably seen those clear plastic boxes in museums, jewelry stores, or showrooms. But what about those plastics? And more importantly, why are we talking about these boxes here?

Well, you’re going to find out everything about these acrylic boxes and the types and applications.

With that, it’s time to talk about:

Advantages Of Acrylic Box

Careful observation, acrylic in every aspect is far better than glass. Acrylic materials or acrylic sheets are popular because of their many advantages. It has the following advantages:

Acrylic Is a Stronger Material Than Glass

Acrylic is unbreakable and has a greater carrying capacity than glass panels. Glass panels break easily, but acrylic panels are more durable than glass panels.

Acrylic Is Lighter Than Glass

This is one of the main attractions of acrylics. Relatively speaking, acrylic products are lighter in weight than glass products, although they have higher durability and carrying capacity.

Acrylic Is More Cost Effective Than Glass

Any acrylic will cost less than glass for the same purpose. When used on a large scale, you can get an idea of the price difference between these materials.

In addition to these benefits, there are more benefits that increase the demand for acrylics. These advantages make acrylic in the modern industry occupies a more important position. You can even believe that some vehicles are protected with the industry's new acrylic bulletproof technology.

Benefits Of Acrylic Box


Acrylic boxes are suitable for any weather condition that is not extreme. Although acrylic or Plexiglass can be stored without environmental impact, various precautions should be followed in order to make the most of it without causing significant damage.

Do not store these acrylic boxes at extreme temperatures: acrylic plastic is a product that is not resistant to high temperatures. The factory uses high temperature to bend the acrylic. But you shouldn't worry about it. We are the best supplier of acrylic box in China, providing high quality acrylic box and a variety of other acrylic products that can resist high temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius.


The acrylic box cleaning process is not a difficult task. Like plastic, it can be easily cleaned at home. There is no need to purchase a specific cleaner for this purpose. You can use any common house cleaner to maintain our acrylic boxes.

The Types of Acrylic Boxe

When we talk about the types, the limit is endless. Because these plastics are extremely customizable materials. And manufacturers or DIY-ers make unique products and shapes with acrylic all the time.

However, today we’re going to see some common acrylic box types.

5 Sided Boxes

5 sided boxes are widely used for bins, pedestals for arts, cover, and display boxes for jewelry shops. You’ve seen this in jewelry shops, museums, and fashion houses as well. Another great example of this is fish aquariums.

You can find these boxes as colored or transparent as per your requirements and sizes as well.

6 Sided Boxes (With Base)

These boxes are particularly suitable for displaying arts and valuable jewelry on a stand. Unlike 5 sided boxes, these boxes don’t have an open side. Rather, they have a base at the bottom. Generally, three types of bases are used- white, black, and wooden.

Covered Boxes/ Boxes With Lids

Covered boxes are exactly like the traditional boxes. When we need to store things, these are the perfect boxes for you. Many of the covered boxes have locks and handles attached to them, that will give you the feel of using a traditional box while being extremely stylish.

Square Display Cases

These boxes are often used for displaying jewelry or antique pieces in museums or showrooms where all the walls are transparent and of similar thickness.

Ballot Boxes

These boxes are very similar to covered boxes and allow you to use them for voting ballots, suggestion boxes, or charity money collections. Especially, the demand for transparent voting ballots is very high and this can be the perfect solution for this.

Cleaning Tips of Acrylic Box

1 The first and most important step you should note when cleaning the large acrylic box is that you should use a brush or hair dryer to remove dust particles from above it, otherwise the particles may become messy when the acrylic is wet.

2 If you do not find any specific chemical glass cleaner to clean your acrylic box, you can use water and a microfiber cloth or a clean cloth to clean your acrylic.

3. There are many polishes available to make your acrylic box look shiny and fresh. By considering reviews and opinions, try to use the best for you for a better experience.

4 You should be very careful to ensure that your cleaning materials do not contain ammonia or harmful chemicals that can dull acrylics.

Static Charges

This is a natural physical phenomenon that exists on every acrylic product from the perspex box. This fee is mainly responsible for attracting dust items to your acrylic. After a few touches, you can also feel the hair gravitating toward acrylic products like plastic.

There are many sprays or chemicals available for acrylic that release static electricity and keep your acrylic box clean. You can purchase these antistatic sprays online at affordable prices.

These are the various maintenance and maintenance techniques we can use on acrylic boxes to maximize their durability.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Acrylic Display Boxes?

There are many benefits to keeping your collection in clear, custom acrylic display cases and boxes.

They offer protection while also providing a chic look and clear presentation. Your product can be easily viewed by your customers from all angles.

Our plexiglass boxes help keep the contents free of dust.

The acrylic box is also very helpful in keeping items safe in a high-traffic environment because it is transparent.

A custom transparent acrylic display case or box can also be incorporated into any decorative style and space.

Let's Conclude

In addition to the usual acrylic boxes, Jayi produces various types of acrylic in China, of excellent quality. The maintenance of each acrylic product of our brand is very simple because our team provides you with healthy support. We hope you can use our acrylic products for your convenience and make your life easier.

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