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This lucite acrylic backgammon set brings a modern twist to a classic game of backgammon. It’s magnetic closure(Metal buckle closure) and discreet hinges provide for a sleek and minimal design, perfect for any living room, game room, office or man cave – a sure conversation starter! Set includes two colors playing pieces, two sets of dice, two dice cups and a doubling dice. JAYI Acrylic was founded in 2004, is one of the leading acrylic board game manufacturers, factories & suppliers in China, accepting OEM, ODM, SKD orders. We have rich experiences in production & research development for different Acrylic Game types. We focus on advanced technology, strict manufacturing step, and a perfect QC system.

  • Item NO: JY-AG01
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Color: Custom
  • Closed Size: 18 1/2 x 12 3/4 x 2 1/2 (inches)
  • Open Size: 18 1/2 x 24 1/2 x 1 1/4 (inches)
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • MOQ: 100sets
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union, Trade Assurance, Paypal
  • Product Origin: Huizhou, China (Mainland)
  • Shipping Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen Port
  • Lead Time: 3-7 days for sample, 15-35 days for bulk
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    Acrylic Backgammon Set Custom

    It's game on with our super luxury lucite backgammon set. This centuries-old table game has been reimagined in luxe lucite and embellished with two colors points for a pop of color and contrast. It comes ready to play with five dice, two dice cups and two sets of sixteen checkers in custom two colors. So striking is our acrylic backgammon set, we think it deserves to be left on display even when not in use. Our acrylic backgammon set makes the perfect family or housewarming gift.

    Quick Quote, Best Prices, Made In China

    Manufacturer and supplier of the custom acrylic products

    We have an extensive Acrylic game products for you to chooseee from.

    Why is acrylic so expensive? Acrylic has vastly spread in the market place, however within the acrylic family there are many different types which are not all equal. There is a low quality acrylic which will be thinner and lighter which will be less clear and resistant. This backgammon set is made of highest quality acrylic which is better to most in comparison. This set weighs 8 pounds from that alone you are receiving a quality set made of thick, heavy acrylic.

    Product Feature

    Classic Board Game

    This classic backgammon game is the perfect set for beginners and advanced players alike and includes everything you need to play; Perfect for game night, parties or holiday gatherings.

    Full Sized Backgammon Game


    The Multiple Sizes to Choose From the set folds in half with all accessories inside, for a truly easy to store and carry set; Kept secure by metal clasps.


    Very Nice Gift Set


    Perfect for travel, indoor, outdoors, and family fun. Backgammon is One of Oldest and Most Popular Board Games for Kids or Adults; Great Gifts for Dad, Gifts for Child, Gifts for Men or Gifts for Women. Also makes a great Christmas present.


    Easy to Carry


    Our backgammon game usually comes in one design, one with and one without. There are often more people who choose to have a handle, because it is easy to carry anywhere and store, and it is a great design


    Modern Design


    Contemporary backgammon set made of clear and high quality acrylic with custom two colors triangle markers. Magnetic closure and sleak curves make our backgammon set the perfect piece to display and play!


    Support customization: we can customize the size, color, shape, style you need according to your requirements.

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    About JAYI

    Established in 2004, Huizhou Jayi Acrylic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional acrylic manufacturer specializing in the design, development, manufacture, sale, and service. In addition to over 6,000 square meters of manufacturing area and more than 100 professional technicians. We are equipped with more than 80 brand-new and advanced facilities, including CNC cutting, laser cutting, laser engraving, milling, polishing, seamless thermo-compression, hot curving, sandblasting, blowing and silk screen printing, etc.



    JAYI has passed the SGS, BSCI, and Sedex certification and the annual third-party audit of many major foreign customers(TUV, UL, OMGA, ITS).

    acrylic display case certification


    Our Customers

    Our well-known customers are the worldwide famous brands, including Estee Lauder, P&G, Sony, TCL, UPS, Dior, TJX, and so on.

    Our acrylic craft products are exported to North America, Europe, Oceania, South America, the Middle East, West Asia, and other more than 30 countries and regions.


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    Free Design

    Free design and we can keep a confidentiality agreement, and never share your designs with others;

    Personalized Demand

    Meet your personalized demand (six technician and skillful members made of our R&D team ) ;

    Strict Quality

    100% strict quality inspection and clean before delivery, Third party inspection is available;

    One Stop Service

    One stop, door to door service, you just need wait at home, then it would deliver to your hands.

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    Acrylic Board Game Set Catalogue

    How many pieces in backgammon?


    There are 15 white and 15 black pieces, often called stones. Opposing stones are moved from point to point in opposite directions around the board, the exact number of points shown on the dice. The two numbers may be applied separately to two different stones or, in turn, to one.

    What is backgammon?

    Backgammon is a two-player board game played with counters and dice on tables boards. It is the most widespread Western member of the large family of tables games, whose ancestors date back nearly 5,000 years to the regions of Mesopotamia and Persia. Wikipedia


    Backgammon how to play?

    The objective of the game is to move all of one’s own checkers to the home board and then remove (bear off) the pieces from the board entirely. The players move their checkers in opposing direction following a horseshoe path.

    When was backgammon invented?

    Believed to date back 5,000 years, archaeological discoveries in ancient Mesopotamia – modern-day Iraq – in the 1920s give us a tantalising glimpse of the game’s potential origins: six artifacts that look remarkably like today’s backgammon boards, one with dice and different coloured playing pieces still intact.

    How to set up backgammon game?

    Each player has fifteen checkers of his own color. The initial arrangement of checkers is: two on each player’s twenty-four point, five on each player’s thirteen point, three on each player’s eight point, and five on each player’s six point. Both players have their own pair of dice and a dice cup used for shaking.

    Which is more difficult chess or backgammon?

    Because backgammon is a dice game, anybody has a chance to win against anyone else. That’s certainly not true in chess. In terms of becoming excellent in either one, a lot of theory and principles are required for both, but there’s a lot more complexity in chess.

    How many possible games of backgammon are there?

    With the aid of a computer this game was solved by Hugh Sconyers around 1994, meaning that exact equities for all cube positions are available for all 32 million possible positions. Nard is a traditional tables game from Persia which may be an ancestor of backgammon.

    Is backgammon more skill or luck?

    Backgammon is a game of skill, and the more skill you have, the more likely you are to win. That is proven time and time again in tournaments and match results. But it is proven only in the long run. In the short run, just about anyone can beat anyone given enough luck, and when you have dice, you have luck.

    What is the secret to winning backgammon?

    Always make the 5-point

    Also known as “The Golden Point”. The golden point is your own 5-point, the golden anchor is the 20-point (the opponents 5-point). If you have the golden anchor it is much harder for your opponent to build an effective prime against these checkers, compared to the checkers on the 24-point.