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Acrylic Wall Display Case

Jayi as a leading acrylic wall display case manufacturer in China, focuses on the perfect integration of display and protection and provides customers with unique and professional solutions through customized plexiglass wall display cases. Whether you are a retail store, exhibition hall, or commercial exhibition venue, we can meet your individual needs, highlight products, attract customers, and protect valuable display items. Please contact us, and let us tailor-made for you to create an impressive plexiglass wall display case, to help you enhance your brand image and achieve business success!

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Custom Your Plexiglass Wall Display Case

Our custom perspex wall display cases are suitable for a variety of locations and industries, including retail stores, shopping malls, exhibition halls, museums, art galleries, and corporate display areas. Whether you want to display jewelry, watches, cosmetics, art, collectibles, artifacts, models, trophies, or any other type of products and exhibits, we can provide you with the most suitable display solution. Whether your purpose is to enhance the image of your product, attract customers, display your collection, or hold a special exhibition, we can tailor a display case to meet your professional display needs.

Acrylic Wall Display Case  for Sneakers

Acrylic Wall Display Case for Sneakers

Wall Mount Collectibles Acrylic Display Case

Acrylic Wall Display Case for Collectibles

Acrylic Wall Display Case with Shelve

Acrylic Wall Display Case with Shelve

Acrylic Wall Display Case for Guitar

Acrylic Wall Display Case for Guitar

Wall Mounted Toys Acrylic Display Case

Acrylic Wall Display Case for Toys

Acrylic Wall Display Case  for Jewelry

Acrylic Wall Display Case for Jewelry

Acrylic Wall Display Case for Jersey

Acrylic Wall Display Case for Jersey

Lockable Wall mounted Acrylic Display Case

Acrylic Wall Display Case with Lock

Acrylic Wall Display Case  for Model Cars

Acrylic Wall Display Case for Model Cars

Jayiacrylic: Your Leading Wall mounted Acrylic Display Case Manufacturer and Supplier

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom acrylic wall display cases in China, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality and personalized display solutions.

We have rich experience in customization, high-quality acrylic materials, diverse display methods, and comprehensive safety protection measures.

We will always adhere to the best manufacturing standards and work closely with our customers to ensure that each display case can perfectly display and protect your products and exhibits.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to customize the acrylic wall display case, please contact us, we look forward to providing you with the best quality products and services.

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Customize Your Acrylic Wall Display Case Item! Choose from custom size, shape, color, printing & engraving, packaging options.

At Jayiacrylic you will find the perfect solution for your custom acrylic needs.

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Ultimate FAQ Guide To Acrylic Wall Display Case

Wall-mounted acrylic display cases are ideal for those who want to display their business or collections. Made of high-quality transparent acrylic, this display case is not only more transparent than glass but also more lightweight and durable.

If you have questions about acrylic wall display cases, read on for this ultimate FAQ guide that will tell you everything you need to know.

What Is A Wall Mounted Acrylic Display Case Commonly Used For?

You can use wall-mounted acrylic display cases to display a variety of items and collectibles.

These well-installed acrylic display cases are ideal for museums, small collectors and large private collections.

Here are some examples:

Sports Memorabilia

Wall-mounted acrylic display cases are ideal for displaying sports memorabilia such as signed jerseys, signed footballs, trophies, medals, and more. They provide transparent and secure display Spaces where sports fans and fans can enjoy and protect their treasured memorabilia.

Model Cars and Toys

These small items can be carefully displayed through acrylic wall display cases. A collection of model cars, toys, or dolls can be displayed through transparent display cases while being less susceptible to dust and damage.

Musical Instrument

Musical instrument lovers can use wall-mounted plexiglass display cases to display their collection of Musical Instruments such as guitars, violins, saxophones, and more. Display cases provide a safe way to display instruments while protecting them from moisture, dust, and touch.


Wall-mounted perspex display cases are ideal for displaying a variety of collectibles such as stamps, coins, souvenirs, artwork, and more. Display cases provide a transparent and secure display space, allowing the collection to be clearly visible and protected at the same time.

Sports Shoes

Sneaker collectors can make use of wall-mounted acrylic display cases to display their shoe collection. This display not only shows the design and details of the shoes, but also prevents the shoes from being dusty, deformed or damaged.

What Is the Most Common Acrylic Wall Display Case Size?

The most common wall-mounted acrylic display case sizes are usually the following:

Width is about 24 inches (60 cm), 36 inches (90 cm), or 48 inches (120 cm)

Height is about 12 inches (30 cm) to 24 inches (60 cm)

Depth is about 6 inches (15 cm) to 12 inches (30 cm)

These sizes can meet the display needs of most common items and provide enough space to display and protect exhibits. However, the actual size can vary according to individual needs and customization requirements.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Wall Mounted Acrylic Display Case?

An acrylic wall display case offers an array of advantages.

Some of these are listed below:


The acrylic material has a high degree of transparency, similar to glass, making the items in the display case clearly visible. This allows the viewer or customer to better appreciate the details and features of the items on display.


Compared with glass display cases, acrylic display cases are lighter and easier to install and hang on the wall. This allows them to flexibly adapt to different display needs and to perform effective displays even when space is limited.

Strength and Durability

Acrylic material has high strength and durability, and is not easy to break or deformation. They can effectively protect the display items from outside impact, dust and scratches, and have a certain anti-ultraviolet function, which can reduce the possibility of light damage to the display items.


Acrylic is safer than glass because it is less likely to break into sharp pieces when impacted. Even if it breaks, the acrylic will form relatively safe fragments, reducing the risk of injury to personnel.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The surface of the acrylic display case is smooth and flat, easy to clean and maintain. Keep your display case clean and bright by simply wiping it down with a soft fabric and the right detergent.


Acrylic wall display cases can not only display items but also provide additional functions. For example, lighting can be added to highlight items, or locking systems can be integrated to increase security and protect higher-value items.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Wall-Mounted Acrylic Display Case?

There are also some potential downsides to using a wall-mounted acrylic display case, including:

Limited Space

Acrylic wall display cases usually have a fixed size and display space, so they may not be able to accommodate large items or a large number of items that need to be displayed. For larger or diverse presentation needs, other presentation solutions may need to be considered.

Weight Limit

Acrylic wall display cases have limited load-bearing capacity because they need to be mounted on walls. Heavier items may exceed their load-bearing limits, resulting in safety risks or damage to display cases. When selecting items for display, it is necessary to pay attention to their weight to ensure safe use.

Limit Mobility

Once wall-mounted display cases are installed on walls, they are usually not easy to move or rearrange. This may not work well in situations where you need to change your display layout or location frequently.

Wall Installation

Installing an acrylic wall display case requires nails, screws, or other fixtures that may create holes or marks in the wall. This may be a consideration if used in a rental property or in an environment where wall integrity needs to be maintained.

Price Factor

Wall-mounted plexiglass display cases may have a higher price tag compared to other display options. High quality acrylics and custom sizes can result in higher costs.

Does A Plexiglass Wall Display Case Offer UV Protection?

Yes, wall-mounted acrylic display cases can often provide a degree of UV protection. Acrylic (PMMA) material itself has good UV blocking ability, which can effectively reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays on display items.

However, it is important to note that different acrylic display cases may have different UV protection capabilities. Some display cases may use special anti-UV coatings or additives to provide higher protection performance and better block the entry of UV rays.

If the UV protection of the display item is very important, it is recommended to choose a display case with special UV protection. These display cases usually clearly state their UV-blocking ability and provide a higher level of protection, reducing the effect of UV on the photochemical reaction and fading of the item.

Does A Perspex Wall Display Case Carry Compartments And Drawers?

Yes, wall-mounted perspex display cases can usually be designed with compartments and drawers. These compartments and drawers provide better organization and storage options for easy display and protection of various items.

Compartments are usually mobile and can be adjusted to the size and shape of the items on display. They can divide the space in the display case into multiple parts, so that each part can accommodate a specific item, thus providing a better display effect.

Drawers offer the convenience of storing small items. They are usually located on the bottom or side of the display case and can be easily opened and closed. Drawers can be used to store items such as jewelry, stationery, small ornaments, etc., making them easier to organize and access.

Can You Store Reptiles In A Acrylic Wall Display Case?

It is not recommended to store reptiles directly in acrylic display cases that hang on the wall.

Reptiles need a proper living environment, including temperature, humidity, and air circulation requirements. Wall-mounted display cases often fail to provide these necessary conditions.

To ensure the health and welfare of reptiles, it is recommended to choose a dedicated reptile feeding box or display case that is suitable for them, providing appropriate temperature control, light, ventilation and safety features.

Can You Install LED Lights In A Wall Mounted Acrylic Display Case?

Yes, you can mount LED lights on an acrylic display case on the wall to provide better lighting.

LED lamps have low energy consumption, long life, and low heat output, which is very suitable for lighting display cases.

You can choose to install LED lights on the top, bottom or side of the display case to provide the appropriate lighting Angle and intensity according to the display needs.

When installing LED lights, ensure that the appropriate installation method is selected according to the design and structure of the display case, and use adapters or controllers to adjust the brightness and color of the light to achieve the best display effect.

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