Acrylic Box

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Welcome to the Jayi acrylic boxes wholesale area! As an experienced OEM&ODM factory, we are able to wholesale manufacture acrylic box according to customers' design preferences. With years of experience and we are one of the largest custom acrylic box manufacturer in China, we support our customers in determining the right perspex boxes for them by sending samples. We can customized and change the shape, size and color of existing box. We are a well-recognized perspex box manufacturers in China!


We support a variety of custom acrylic boxes: flower boxes custom, storage boxes custom, rose box custom, ballot box custom, shoe boxes custom, tissue boxes custom, gift boxes custom, cosmetic storage boxes custom, jewelry storage boxes custom, candy boxes custom, file boxes custom, glove storage boxes custom, custom printed acrylic boxes, and more. We offer the best wholesale prices online. We custom design and manufacture according to each customer's specific requirements to produce wholesale quality acrylic boxes. Each Jayi Acrylic client is assigned a product manager who oversees the specific design concept, case design sampling, case design production and delivery of their product.


Use Custom Lucite Boxes To Suit Your Needs


The variety of our range of clear plexi box creates endless possibilities for your presentation. You can choose a clear acrylic box with or without a lid. We also have the ability to create a complete plexiglass custom box to display items clearly while still providing some security - if you opt for an clear perspex boxes, of course.


Our custom perspex box is made of clear high quality acrylic material, acrylic is also the common name for plexiglass (you also sometimes hear the word plexiglass when people talk about plexiglass or acrylic). These are similar to Lucit, it doesn't matter if terms like plexiglass, acrylic or lucite are used. Because these are all plastic types, our customer service team brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding in determining the best material, thickness and composition for any application.


Order clear acrylic box with lid wholesale or 5 sided acrylic boxes and let us customize clear acrylic boxes for your retail space. We can also help you design unique spaces using clear acrylic enclosures, boxes, or a combination of the two. You can stack boxes and boxes to create different heights for products and use cases of various sizes and locations to help you build the right transparent display scene that best showcases your product line.


We consider ourselves to be your manufacturer and supplier of acrylic custom sized boxes. We offer items for sale wholesale worldwide directly from our factory. Feel free to contact us for personalised help and order arrangements, or use online messages and mail.