5 Sided Clear Acrylic Box – Custom Size

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The 5 sided clear acrylic box is favored by customers for its unique design and excellent display effect.


Its 5 sided design makes the product can be observed from all angles, providing consumers with a full range of visual enjoyment.


The 5 sided plexiglass box has excellent durability and damage resistance, which can effectively protect the internal items from the influence of external factors.


Whether it is collectibles, souvenirs, jewelry, cosmetics, watches or other high-end products, 5 sided acrylic box can add luxury and delicacy. It is not only an excellent packaging option, but also an ideal tool for brand promotion and product display.


We offer flexible customization options to personalize the size, shape and print design according to the customer’s needs.

  • Material: Acrylic (PMMA)
  • Thickness: 3mm-5mm/ thicker
  • Purpose: Waterproof, dustproof, Storage, and display
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    5 Sided Acrylic Box Product Feature

    5 sided acrylic box

    The use of new, high-quality acrylic material,

    high transparency, not easy to yellow

    5 sided acrylic box

    Support custom size and color

    Customized to your needs and preferences

    5 sided acrylic box

    Sturdy and durable, strong load-bearing capacity,

    not easy to deform

    5 sided acrylic box

    Not easy to open the glue, sealing and durable,

    can be filled with water

    5 sided acrylic box

    Edge polishing

    Neat, smooth, non-scratchy

    5 sided acrylic box

    Fine workmanship,

    wide range of uses

    5 Sided Acrylic Box Manufacturer and Supplier

    Jayi is a manufacturer and supplier of clear 5 sided acrylic box, and our products are widely sold in various industries. We sell wholesale directly from our factories all over the world and can provide you with the perfect large, small, or customized-sized clear 5 sided acrylic display box for your product usage needs at absolutely favorable prices. Our clear 5 sided acrylic cube has one side open and is perfect for use as a garbage can, tray, base, riser, or lid. We can add your logo, product name, or anything else needed for your display to the surface of the acrylic box.

    Customized Acrylic Boxes for Your Needs

    Our wide range of acrylic boxes creates endless possibilities for your displays. You can choose clear acrylic boxes with or without lids. Of course, if you choose an acrylic 5 sided box with hinged lid, we can also customize the entire clear acrylic box to provide some security while displaying your items. It's worth noting that our custom plexiglass boxes are made to order by skilled craftsmen, and they are also available at wholesale prices!

    If you don't see a 5 sided clear box size on our website that fits your needs, please contact us. We can manufacture 5 sided display box of any size; in addition, we also have a wide variety of colors and options for bases and lids.

    How to Choose Your Custom 5 Sided Acrylic Box?

    Customization Steps:

    Step 1: Measure the length, width and height of the exhibit first Dimensions.

    Step 2: The owner suggests you add more than 3-5CM to the exhibit size.

    According to the following size order:

    Length: The front side of the product from left to right is -Length.

    Width: The side of the product from the front to the back is -Width.

    Height: The front of the product from the top to the bottom is -Height.

    5 sided acrylic box

    As shown in the picture

    Custom 5 Sided Perspex Box Order Lead Time

    Sample production time for these 5 sided clear acrylic box custom size is 3-7 days, large quantity orders are produced in 20-35 days!

    If you require faster delivery, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request (additional expediting fees may apply)

    As with all custom acrylic boxes, once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled, modified or returned (unless there is a quality issue).

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    Founded in 2004, located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China. Jayi Acrylic Industry Limited is an custom acrylic product factory driven by quality and customer service. Our OEM/ODM products include acrylic box, display case, display stand, furniture, podium, board game set, acrylic block, acrylic vase, photo frames, makeup organizer, stationery organizer, lucite tray, trophy, calendar, tabletop sign holders, brochure holder, laser cutting & engraving, and other bespoke acrylic fabrication.

    In the past 20 years, we have served customers from over 40+ countries and regions with 9,000+ custom projects. Our customers include retail companies, Jeweler, gift company, advertising agencies, printing companies, furniture industry, service industry, wholesalers, Onliner Sellers, Amazon big seller, etc.


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    (4) High-quality acrylic material, no-yellowing, easy to clean light transmittance of 95%

    (5) All products are 100% inspected and shipped on time

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