Acrylic Tray with Gold Handles – Custom Size

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Introducing Jayi Acrylic Tray with Gold Handles, a perfect blend of sophistication and functionality.

 This stunning tray features a transparent acrylic body that beautifully showcases your items, while the elegant gold handles add a touch of luxury.

 Ideal for serving drinks or displaying decorative items, this tray is a versatile addition to any setting.

 With its sturdy construction and easy-to-grip handles, carrying and serving becomes effortless.

• Elevate your hosting experience with our Acrylic Tray with Gold Handles and make a statement in style.

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Acrylic Tray with Gold Handles Product Description

Name Acrylic Tray with Gold Handles
Material 100% New Acrylic
Surface Process Bonding Process
Brand Jayi
Size Custom Size
Color Clear or Custom Color
Thickness Custom Thickness
Shape Rectangular
Tray Type Bathroom Tray, Cheese Tray, Breakfast Tray
Special Feature Handle
Finish Type Glossy
Logo Screen Printing, UV Printing
Occasion Graduation, Baby Shower, Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day

Clear Lucite Tray with Gold Handles Product Feature

Clear Acrylic Serving Tray with Handles

Corner Finish Smooth / No Scraping

New meticulous technology, the production of layers of control, smooth edge without rough edge.

Plexiglass Tray with Gold Handles

Tight Seam / Impact Resistance

Thickened acrylic made, durable, strong sealing.

Perspex Tray with Gold Handles

Selected Raw Materials

Made of high-quality acrylic material, tasteless, non-toxic, green environmental protection.

Plexiglass Tray

Anti-slip Feet

Four rubber non-slip pads are included as accessories in the product package. Choosing a do-it-yourself method, the rubber "foot" is secured under the tray, ensuring that it stays in place on the counter without any sliding. This method also protects the trays and countertops from potential scratches.

Clear Acrylic Tray with Gold Handles

High-light Transmittance / No Yellowing

The new upgraded acrylic light transmittance is more than 92%, and the material is not yellow.

Acrylic Tray

Spill-proof Design

These serving trays are all turned up at the corners. The sealed corners effectively prevent overflow and prevent any liquid from seeping out from the edges. Be confident holding cups, mugs, and bottled liquids without worrying about them accidentally falling to the floor.

Other relevant names for our tray product series:

Ottoman tray, vanity tray, tray table, serving tray, serving tray with handles, small serving tray, large tray, tray decor, tray with handles, acrylic serving tray, bathroom tray, coffee table tray, decorative tray, food serving tray, food tray, kitchen tray, perfume tray, personalized serving tray, personalized tray, acrylic food tray, acrylic trays for serving, acrylic trays with inserts, acrylic tray with changeable inserts, acrylic tray with insert, acrylic tray with insert bottom, blank acrylic tray, clear acrylic tray, clear acrylic tray with handles, personalized serving tray, acrylic chip tray.

This acrylic tray with handles is ideal for:

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and any small or large event. Perfect for dressing up a vanity desk or coffee table.

Customize Your Acrylic Trays Item! Choose from custom size, shape, color, printing & engraving options.

Contact us today about your next wholesale acrylic tray project and experience for yourself how Jayi exceeds our customers' expectations.

Acrylic Trays Wholesale

Custom Acrylic Trays

Make the Acrylic Trays Different!

Clear Acrylic Tray with Handles

Size and Shape

Depending on the actual use and available space, Jayi chooses the most appropriate size and shape for your custom plexiglass tray.

Clear Acrylic Trays with Lid

Clear Tray with Lid

You can customize clear acrylic trays with lids that are waterproof and dustproof to protect the items inside.

Custom Acrylic Tray

Color Selection

You can choose from a range of colors from clear and transparent to thick and opaque. We support custom full-color design services.

Print Acrylic Tray with Gold Handles

Add Printing/Engraving

Add custom carvings, printed patterns, or logos to personalize your clear lucite tray and make it truly unique.

Acrylic Trays with Handles Options

Acrylic Custom Tray

Cutting Handles

Handle 2

Metal Handles

Acrylic Table Tray


Handle 1

Metal + leather Handles

Handle 4

Gold Handles

Acrylic tray metal +wooden handle

Metal + wood Handles

Handle 3

Silver Handles

Acrylic Tray

Custom Handles

Lucite Tray with Gold Handles Maintenance Manual


Avoid Sharp Items


Avoid Alcohol Swabbing


Avoid Heavy Impact


Direct Water Rinse


Avoid Heat Exposure

Clear Acrylic Tray with Gold Handles Use Cases

When it comes to the use case of clear lucite tray with handles, here are a few common aspects:

Jewelry Displays

Acrylic trays are ideal for displaying jewelry and jewelry. They often have a transparent appearance that highlights the beauty and detail of the jewelry. The clear acrylic display tray can also be organized and displayed through different layers and areas to make it more attractive.


Clear lucite tray gold handles can be used as decorative objects to add aesthetic flair to a room or office. They can be placed on a table, nightstand, or cupboard to display knacks, photos, or other decorations. Because small clear acrylic trays have a clear, modern appearance, they can be paired with a variety of decorative styles.

Retail Displays

In the retail environment, a clear perspex tray with gold handles is often used to display goods and attract the attention of customers. They can be used to display various products such as cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, etc. The transparency and modernity of the acrylic tray bring a high quality and fashionable way of display.

Home Uses

Clear plexiglass tray with gold handles has a variety of uses in the home environment. They can be used to organize and display bathroom items such as soap, cosmetics, and scented candles. In the living room or living room, the extra large Clear Tray with Gold Handles can be used to place remote controls, magazines, books, and other items to make the space more tidy and orderly.

Food Serving Trays

A clear Acrylic Serving Tray with Gold Handles can also be used for food service. They can be used for food presentation and distribution at banquets, parties, or restaurants. The clear acrylic serving tray with handles is durable and easy to clean, suitable for placing snacks, fruits, beverages, and other food.

Organizer Uses

Clear acrylic organizer trays are a practical tool for organizing and organizing items. You can use it to organize cosmetics, accessories, office supplies, kitchen appliances, etc. The transparency of the clear acrylic storage trays allows you to easily find the items you need and keep your workspace or locker tidy.

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  • What Styles Are Available?

    Our clear trays are made of acrylic, commonly known as Plexiglas (also called Perspex), which is similar to Lucite in that it is plastic. Our most popular sizes of acrylic trays include small, large, and extra large (oversized). The most popular colors include clear, black, and white. Some styles have built-in handles for easy carrying of filled items. Jayi is a manufacturer and supplier of acrylic trays at wholesale prices to buyers around the world directly from our factory. We can also customize your acrylic trays to your unique specification size and print personalized designs if required.

    What Are Acrylic Trays Used For?

    Acrylic trays are commonly used for organizing loose items on a desk or a coffee table. Use one to organize staplers, pens, and other stationery. Another common use is to organize books, remote controls, and other trinkets on a coffee table tray. Our clear display trays are also versatile retail merchandising units that can transform how you showcase items. Our transparent options offer a clean and see-through design that will match any retail store’s style as well as showcase whatever you put on them. Small clear acrylic trays are perfect for holding trinkets, jewelry, and keys. Our clear acrylic display trays are commonly used as stylish letter trays or breakfast trays, while our extra large clear lucite trays are great as a sleek bar or serving trays.

    Do You Have Acrylic Trays with Handles?

    Jayi has a large selection of clear styles. We are suppliers of acrylic trays with and without handles and acrylic trays with lids at wholesale prices from our factory. Our acrylic tray with handles has two smooth cutouts that can be used as handles. It is available in clear, white, and black finishes. The black option adds a personalized flair that brings a clean, modern touch to any room.

    How Do I Clean My Acrylic Trays?

    There are several ways to maintain and clean acrylic trays. The general rule of thumb is to never use abrasive cleaners such as glass cleaners or detergents containing ammonia on acrylic trays. You can find Novus Cleaner in retail stores, which is a cleaner specifically designed to clean acrylic trays or other acrylic products. We recommend the Novus #1 cleaner, which leaves acrylic shiny and fog-free, repels dust, and eliminates static electricity. Novus #2 can be used to remove fine scratches, dust, and abrasions. For those looking to remove more severe scratches and abrasions from acrylic trays, we recommend Novus #3. These acrylic cleaners are suitable for any level of acrylic tray cleaning. Alternatively, if you simply want to remove fingerprints and light debris, you can use a neutral detergent, warm water, and a microfiber cloth on your acrylic tray.

    Can Acrylic Trays Be Used to Serve Food?

    In short, when food is placed on a plate or bowl, it can. Acrylic trays are made of high-quality, durable plastic and can be used for a variety of occasions. From displaying fine perfume bottles and jewelry to serving hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail party, you can use lustrous acrylic trays in both functional and decorative ways. When serving food, it’s best to serve it in bowls, plates, etc., as the temperature and composition of food ingredients (such as fats and acids) may interact with, affect, and alter the acrylic.

    Can You Paint on Acrylic Trays?

    Yes, it is possible to paint on acrylic trays. Acrylic trays provide a smooth and non-porous surface, which makes them suitable for various painting techniques. However, it is important to use the appropriate type of paint that adheres well to acrylic surfaces, such as acrylic paint or specially formulated paints for plastics. Additionally, it is recommended to properly prepare the surface by cleaning it and lightly sanding it to enhance paint adhesion. Once the paint is dry, applying a clear acrylic sealant can help protect the painted design and ensure its longevity.

    Your One-Stop Custom Acrylic Products Manufacturer

    Founded in 2004, located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China. Jayi Acrylic Industry Limited is an custom acrylic product factory driven by quality and customer service. Our OEM/ODM products include acrylic box, display case, display stand, furnitue, podium, board game set, acrylic block, acrylic vase, photo frames, makeup organizer, stationery organizer, lucite tray, trophy, calendar, tabletop sign holders, brochure holder, laser cutting & engraving, and other bespoke acrylic fabrication.

    In the past 20 years, we have served customers from over 40+ countries and regions with 9,000+ custom projects. Our customers include retail companies, Jeweler, gift company, advertising agencies, printing companies, furniture industry, service industry, wholesalers, Onliner Sellers, Amazon big seller, etc.


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    Why Choose Jayi

    (1) Acrylic products manufacturing and trade team with 20+ years experience

    (2) All products have passed ISO9001, SEDEX Eco-friendly and Quality Certificates

    (3) All products use 100% new acrylic material, refuse to recycle materials

    (4) High-quality acrylic material, no-yellowing, easy to clean light transmittance of 95%

    (5) All products are 100% inspected and shipped on time

    (6) All products are 100% after-sales, maintenance and replacement, damage compensation


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    All acrylic products have passed ISO9001, SEDEX Eco-friendly and Quality Certificates

    Jayi Certificate of Quality


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    Acrylic Custom


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