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Custom Jewelry Display Stands

As the best wholesale acrylic jewelry display manufacturer in China, Jayi Acrylic has cooperated with many famous jewelry brands in the world for many years, providing them with high-quality custom jewelry displays. At the same time, we also work with each small store to support their business with the best price. We offer custom design services to better display your products. For over 20 years Jayi Acrylic has been the trusted manufacturer for companies that need to carefully build and design beautifully crafted custom made jewelry displays and we will be delighted to develop custom acrylic display stands for your business.

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China Custom Acrylic Jewelry Display Solutions Supplier

At Jayi Acrylic, we are proud to offer our customers custom lucite jewelry displays solutions, which means you can count on receiving a jewelry acrylic display that meets your exact specifications. Whether you need a small portable acrylic jewellery display stands, or a large and delicate acrylic jewelry stands, we can achieve it.

Support ODM/OEM to meet customer's individual needs

Adopt green environmental protection import material. Health and safety

We have our factory with many years of sales and production experience

We provide high quality customer service, please consult Jayi Acrylic

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acrylic gift box
acrylic gift box
Acrylic Jewelry Display Stand - Jayi Acrylic

Jewelry Display Stand Custom

Whether you're displaying jewelry at a department store, boutique, or festival, the right display is key to visibility and sales. Jayi Acrylic offers a variety of jewelry display stand and brackets, making it ideal for displaying anything: watches, earrings, necklaces, and rings.

Free Design & Sample

MOQ of 100 Pieces

Custom Printing Logo

Excellent Quality & Reasonable Price

The logo can be Color Printing, Gold Stamping, Silver Stamping, Embossing, Debossing.

Lead Time: 3-7 days for sample, 15-35 days for bulk

The Importance of Custom Jewelry Displays

Custom jewelry displays are of great significance as they can provide unique and personalized display solutions for jewelry brands. Jewelry is a high-value and high-grade commodity whose display needs to match its unique appeal and exquisite craftsmanship. The special needs and style requirements of jewelry brands can be met through custom jewelry displays.


Custom jewelry display racks can firstly be designed according to the type and form of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and so on. It can provide suitable display space and support structure so that the jewelry can be elegantly displayed and attract consumers' attention.


Secondly, custom jewelry display stands can be personalized according to the image and style of the brand. By choosing suitable materials, colors, and decorations, it can match the positioning and design concept of the jewelry brand and show the uniqueness and professionalism of the brand. Such a display can strengthen brand recognition and enhance brand image and value.

Designing Your Own Custom Jewelry Display

Designing the best custom display for your jewelry is a complex operation: you have to consider many different elements, among which:

The color and shape of your logo

The personalization of your brand

The style of your jewelry

The target audience of your jewelry

Distinction from your competitors

And so on!

Our experienced business team and team of designers are always ready to provide you with professional customized solutions for your jewelry display. We can discuss personalized projects and work together to get it done!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Acrylic Jewelry Display

What is the process of customizing my jewelry display?

1. Specification & Logo Process, Special Finish Consultation
2. Quotation
3. Free Design & Prototyping
4. Payment & Production
5. Shipping & Delivery               

For more information, please get in touch with us.

Can you provide me with a free design for my jewelry display?

Of course! We have a team of professionals with extensive design and manufacturing experience. Please contact us for free design help.

What if my order is defective or has quality problems? Can I get a refund?

If defects or quality issues occur, we accept full responsibility and actively work with you to arrange a solution, which may result in a replacement, refund, or credit.

Can I order one piece for a sample to test the quality?

Yes. We recommend checking the sample before mass production. Please inquiry us the about the design, color, size, thickness and etc.

How long can I expect to get the sample?

After you pay the sample fee and send us the confirmed files, the samples will be ready for delivery in 3-7 days.

Could you do a design for us?

Yes, We have a professional team having rich experience in mock-ups. Please tell me your ideas and we will help to realize your designs perfectly. Just send us high-resolution images, your logo, and text, and tell me how you would like to arrange them. We will send you the finished design for confirmation.

How and when can I get the price?

Please send us the details of the item, such as dimensions, quantity, crafts finishing. We usually quote within 24 hours after w get your inquiry.If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or tell us your email,so that we will give priority to your inquiry.

Can you realize our Customized Design or put our Logo on the product?

Sure, we can do this in our factory. OEM or/and ODM are warmly welcomed.

What kind of files do you accept for printing?

PDF, CDR, or Ai. Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.

Which kind of payment do you support?

We can accept PayPal, bank transfers, western union, etc.

Do you only make acrylic display stands?

We are a professional supplier of custom acrylic products. In addition to making our jewelry display stands from acrylic material, we can also use combination materials, such as acrylic + metal, acrylic + wood, and acrylic + leather. We can carry out professional design according to the needs of customers.

What's the shipping cost?

Usually, we ship the clear acrylic jewelry display by express, such as Dedex, TNT, DHL, UPS, or EMS. We will offer you the best package to protect your goods.

Large orders must use sea shipping, we can help you handle all kinds of shipping documents and procedures.

Please let us know the quantity of your order, as well as your destination, then we can calculate the shipping cost for you.

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Custom Your Common Acrylic Jewelry Display

All of our jewelry display designs are fully customized to enhance your brand image and increase your store sales rate!

Jewelry is the most can reflect the human love of beautiful nature. As a merchant, you must display your jewelry in the best and most creative way to attract your customers and increase sales. A clear jewelry display is undoubtedly the best choice.

These display devices include a watch, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and an organization of them all. They are mostly made of acrylic, a recyclable material that is very friendly to the environment and will also significantly enhance your brand image.

JAYI ACRYLIC provides exclusive designers for all of your acrylic jewelry displays. As a leading manufacturer of custom acrylic products in China, we are pleased to help you provide high-quality acrylic jewellery displays stand suitable for your business.

Acrylic Ring Display Stands

Acrylic earrings display stand can not only display your ring neatly and orderly but also can protect your ring from being damaged or lost. Its transparent material makes the color and texture of the ring clearly visible, making your ring more beautiful and eye-catching. The custom ring displays can be used in commercial situations such as jewelry stores, gift shops, exhibitions, etc., as well as for personal use such as displaying collections of rings and jewelry.

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Clear Acrylic Ring Display Stand - Jayi Acrylic

Clear Acrylic Ring Display Stand

9 Tier Clear Acrylic Ring Display - Jayi Acrylic

9 Tier Clear Acrylic Ring Display Stand

Cone Acrylic Ring Display - Jayi Acrylic

Cone Acrylic Ring Displays Stand

Acrylic Earring Display Stands

Acrylic earring display stand is a fashionable and practical earring display rack. Transparent acrylic material makes the display rack very beautiful, and can fully show the beautiful appearance of earrings. This display rack usually has a multi-layer design and can accommodate multiple pairs of earrings, making it easy for you to display different earrings in categories and make it easier to find the earrings you need. This display rack is not only suitable for a personal collection of earrings, but also can be used as a store or display counter display rack, display earrings for sale, improve the beauty of the product and sales effect.

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Rotating Acrylic Earring Display Stand - Jayi Acrylic

Rotating Acrylic Earring Display Stand

Clear Acrylic Earring Display Stand - Jayi Acrylic

Clear Acrylic Earring Display Stand

Custom Acrylic Earring Display Stand - Jayi Acrylic

Custom Acrylic Earring Display Stand

Acrylic Necklace Display Stands

This custom necklace stands is not only suitable for commercial use but also perfect for personal use. You can put it on the counter or window in your home to make your necklace display more outstanding, adding a sense of elegance and fashion to your space. It is designed in several layers to maximize the display of your necklace so that each necklace can be fully displayed and presented. In addition, it also has a stable base design to ensure that the display frame is not prone to tilt and collapse, making your necklace display more safe and more reliable.

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Acrylic Necklace Display Stand With Logo - Jayi Acrylic

Acrylic Necklace Display Stand With Logo

Acrylic Bust For Necklace Display - Jayi Acrylic

Acrylic Bust For Necklace Display

Tabletop Acrylic Necklace Display Holder - Jayi Acrylic

Tabletop Acrylic Necklace Display Holder

Acrylic Bracelet Display Stands

An acrylic bracelet display stand is a high-grade and beautiful display tool, which can put the bracelets in order, so as to enhance the attractiveness and sense of value of the product. The acrylic bracelet display stand is usually simple and generous in design, using transparent material to make the bracelet can be fully displayed so that customers can see the appearance and texture of the bracelet more clearly. In addition, the reasonable structure of the display stand can effectively prevent the bracelets from falling or misplacing, so as to effectively protect the safety of the display. 

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Acrylic Bracelet Round Bar Display - Jayi Acrylic

Acrylic Bracelet Round Bar Display

Custom Acrylic Bracelet Display Stand - Jayi Acrylic

Custom Acrylic Bracelet Display Stand

Clear Acrylic Bracelet Display Stand - Jayi Acrylic

Clear Acrylic Bracelet Display Stand

Advantages of Our Custom Acrylic Jewelry Display

The jewelry is carefully crafted to exude unique and rare beauty. When selling these priceless treasures, it is vital that buyers see how their coveted jewels will look when worn. Nothing will help you achieve this more than Jayi Acrylic Custom Jewelry Display. In addition, with our attractive custom acrylic jewelry display stands, you can capture the attention of window shoppers and convert them into buyers.

Are you looking for a trustworthy and long-term cooperative acrylic display manufacturer? We are one of the largest custom acrylic manufacturers in China, we can offer you the best wholesale price; the best service; the highest quality products. We will do our best to professionally make a custom acrylic jewelry display stand in the size you need.

To start working with Jayi Acrylic, contact us today. We would be happy to discuss the acrylic jewelry display you need and how we can help. We provide the most professional service to jewelry retailers, wholesalers, and marketers around the world.

How to Custom Acrylic Jewelry Display Stand?

Just 8 Easy Steps to Start Your Project

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Step 1: Your Acrylic Display Needs Detailed Confirmation Information

Size:  We will ask you about the size of the acrylic jewelry display stand. To ensure that the product size is the size you want. Usually, you need to specify whether the size is internal or external.

Delivery Time: How soon would you like to receive the customized acrylic jewelry display stand? This is important if this is an urgent project for you. Then we'll see if we can put your production before ours.

Materials Used: We need to know exactly what materials you want to use for your product. It would be great if you could send us samples to examine the materials. That would be very helpful.

In addition, we need to confirm with you what kind of LOGO and pattern you want to be printed on the surface of the acrylic jewelry display stand.

Step 2: Quote

Based on the details you provided in Step 1, we will provide you with a quote.

We are a supplier of customized Acrylic products such as acrylic jewelry display stands in China.

Compared with small manufacturers and factories, we have huge price advantages.

Step 3: Sample Production Cost

Samples are very important.

If you get a perfect sample, then you have a 95% chance of getting a perfect product in the batch production process.

Usually, we charge a fee for making samples.

After we confirm the order, we will use this money for your mass production cost.

Step 4: Sample Preparation And Confirmation

We need about one week to make the sample and send it to you for confirmation.

Step 5: Advance Payment

After you confirm the sample, things will go smoothly.

You pay 30-50% of the total production cost, and we start mass production.

After the mass production, we will take high-definition pictures for your confirmation, and then pay the balance.

Step 6: Mass Production

Even if you order more than tens of thousands of units, this usually takes about a month.

JAYI ACRYLIC is proud of its ability to produce acrylic jewelry display stand and other customized acrylic jewelry display products.

Even the product requires a lot of manual work.

Step 7: Check

After the completion of mass production, you are welcome to visit our factory.

Usually our clients ask us to take high-quality photos for them to confirm.

Our factory supports third-party inspection

Step 8: Transport

With regard to shipping, all you need to do is find a good shipping agent to handle shipping the acrylic jewelry display stands for you. If you don't want to worry about it, we can recommend you a freight forwarder for customers in your country/region. This will save you money.

Please inquire about the freight: The freight will be charged by the shipping agency and calculated according to the actual volume and weight of the goods. After mass production, we will send the packing data to you, and you can inquire with the shipping agency about the shipping.

We issue the manifest: After you confirm the freight, the freight forwarder will contact us and send the manifest to them, then they will book the ship and take care of the rest for us.

We send you the B/L: When everything is finished, the shipping agency will issue the B/L about a week after the ship leaves the port. Then we will send you the BILL of LADING and telex together with the packing list and commercial invoice for you to pick up the goods.

  Still confused by the custom retail jewelry displays ordering process? Please contact us immediately.

Don’t You Find What You Are Looking For?

Just tell us your detailed requirements. The best offer will be provided.

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Professional Custom Acrylic Products Manufacturer

 Jayi Acrylic was founded in 2004, as a leading manufacturer of custom acrylic display stands in China, we have always been committed to acrylic products with unique design, advanced technology, and perfect processing.

We have a factory of 10,000 square meters, with 150 skilled technicians, and 90 sets of advanced production equipment, all the processes are completed by our acrylic factory. We have a professional design engineering research and development department, and a proofing department, that can design free of charge, with fast samples, to meet the needs of customers. We have a variety of exquisite modeling of acrylic boxes, acrylic display stands, acrylic games, acrylic home storage, acrylic office storage, and acrylic pet products for your choice.

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Why Choose JAYI Acrylic?

From designing to manufacturing and finishing, we combine expertise and advanced equipment to deliver high-quality products. Every custom acrylic product from JAYI Acrylic stands out in appearance, durability, and cost. 

Short Lead Time

Our experience complements a large manufacturing capacity and a strong supply chain to ensure fast and on-time delivery.

Design Service

Our specialists will guide you through the design stage to give your advice on modifications and offer the best custom design.

On-Demand Manufacturing

We are dedicated to working with you and delivering products based on unique requirements, not just another acrylic fabricator. 

Quality Guaranteed

We provide a 100% guarantee of all our products. Our certifications show that we use the best materials and machinery to offer only quality products. 

One-Stop Solution

Our design and manufacturing team is highly effective, successfully completing large and small scale deals. Our keen project management puts us ahead of the competition. 

Reasonable Price

Our prices are fair and competitive, involving no surprise bills or unexpected expenses. 

Certificates From Acrylic Display Manufacturer And Factory

We are the best wholesale custom acrylic jewelry stands factory in China, we provide quality assurance for our products. We test the quality of our products before final delivery to our customers, which also helps us maintain our customer base. All of our acrylic products can be tested according to customer requirements (eg: ROHS environmental protection index; food grade testing; California 65 testing, etc.). Meanwhile: We have SGS, TUV, BSCI, SEDEX, CTI, OMGA, and UL certifications for our acrylic jewelry display stand distributors and acrylic jewelry display supplier around the world.

Dior Power of Attorney

Partners From Acrylic Jewelry Stand Supplier

  Jayi Acrylic is one of the most professional Plexiglass Products Suppliers & Acrylic Custom Solution Service Manufacturers in China. We are associated with many organizations and units due to our top-quality products and advanced management system. Jayi Acrylic was started with a single purpose: to make premium acrylic products accessible and affordable for brands at any stage of their business. Partner with the world-class acrylic display stands factory to inspire brand loyalty across all your fulfillment channels. We are being loved and supported by many world top companies.


Custom Acrylic Jewelry Stands: The Ultimate Guide

What is an acrylic jewelry display?

Acrylic jewelry display is a jewelry display product made of acrylic materials. Acrylic is a kind of high strength, high transparency of plastic material, often used to make a variety of display products, such as display boxes, display racks, etc.

Acrylic jewelry display is usually made of transparent acrylic material, which can make the displayed jewelry more eye-catching, but also can protect the jewelry from dust, moisture and other effects. This display product can have a variety of shapes and designs, such as jewelry display box, display rack, display table, etc., to meet different jewelry display needs.

Will the acrylic jewelry display stand cause damage to my products?

Generally speaking, an acrylic jewelry display stand is a safer choice, and will not cause damage to your products. Here are some reasons why:

1. Acrylic is a high-strength plastic material that is stronger than glass. It has impact resistance and elasticity, so even if there is a collision, it is less likely to break.

2. Acrylics have good transparency that displays your products well while also protecting them from dust, dirt, and other environmental factors.

3. Acrylic is not susceptible to UV rays, so it is less prone to fading or yellowing even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

However, if your product has sharp edges or corners, then they may scratch the acrylic jewelry display stand. Therefore, if your product is likely to come into direct contact with the display stand, you may consider adding a protective film or shims to the surface of the display stand to reduce the possibility of scratching.

What's the best color to display jewelry in?

Display stands displaying jewelry should preferably be transparent, black, gray, or white so that the product does not have a color difference due to light reflection. Our acrylic jewelry display racks can be customized in a variety of colors to suit your needs.

Can acrylic jewelry display stands be used at home?

Acrylic jewelry display stands can be used at home, especially if you have some particularly precious or beautiful jewelry that you want to display or store in your home, this display stand can provide a safe and attractive way to display your jewelry. They are generally lighter and more durable than glass display stands, as well as easier to clean. However, it is important to ensure that the display stands are placed in a safe, non-collision place to prevent them from being knocked over or broken.

How will you pack the acrylic jewelry display stand?

In order to wrap the acrylic jewelry display, it is recommended to follow these steps:

1. Prepare packing materials: Foam or bubble wrap can be used to protect the display stand. Tape and cardboard boxes are also needed.

2. Clean the display stand: Before packaging, the display stand should be carefully cleaned to ensure that there is no dust or dirt.

3. Protect the surface of the display stand: Care should be taken not to scratch or damage the surface of the stand when placing it in foam or bubble film.

4. Wrap the stand: Use foam or bubble wrap to wrap the stand, making sure there is enough protection around the stand. Tape the packing material to ensure that the stand does not move during transit.

5. Place in a carton: Select a carton that fits the size of the stand and place the stand in the carton. Place stuffing on the inside of the case to ensure that the stand does not move during transit.

6. Close the box: Close the box with tape and label it "fragile" or "Handle with care".

The above steps will ensure that the display stand is adequately protected during transportation.

Acrylic Jwerlry Display - Jayi Acrylic

What are the different types of acrylic jewelry display stands available?

Acrylic jewelry display stands are a popular way to display jewelry, they are usually clear and shiny and can enhance the look of jewelry. Here are some common types of acrylic jewelry display racks:

Jewelry stands: This display stand is a basic style, usually square or rectangular, with a platform on which to place jewelry, such as rings, bracelets or necklaces. Some display stands are also equipped with small hooks or brackets to hold jewelry items in place.

Jewelry display stands: This display stand is usually a three-dimensional design that can display multiple jewelry items at different heights. Some display stands also come with a swivel function that allows consumers to view jewelry items more easily.

Jewelry Case Display Stand: This display stand is a compact design that holds jewelry cases. They are usually used to display fine jewelry, such as rings and earrings.

Jewelry wall display rack: This display rack allows jewelry items to be hung on a wall, usually at jewelry stores or fairs. They can provide more display space and make jewelry items easier to see.

Jewelry display case: This display stand is usually an enclosed design used to display jewelry items such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Display cases are usually equipped with locks to keep jewelry items safe.

How do I clean my acrylic jewelry display stand?

Method of cleaning acrylic jewelry display stand:

1. Use a soft cloth: Use a clean, soft cloth to clean the acrylic display stand. It is highly recommended not to use paper towels or rags, as they may leave scratches on the surface.

2. Cleaning agent: If desired, add a small amount of mild detergent to the water and use a soft cloth to clean the display stand. Avoid cleaners that contain alcohol, ammonia, or bleach, as they can cause acrylics to turn yellow.

3. Clean water: Rinse the acrylic display stand with clean water and dry it with a clean soft cloth.

4. Avoid scratching tools: Do not use scratching tools, wire balls, or chemical cleaners to clean acrylic display shelves, as they can scratch the surface or turn it yellow.

5. Storage: Keep the acrylic jewelry display rack in a dry and ventilated place, avoid exposure to sunlight or high-temperature environment. Avoid leaving jewelry or other items on acrylic display racks for extended periods of time, as they may leave marks on the surface.

The above is the method of cleaning acrylic jewelry display stands, I hope to help you.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when using acrylic jewelry display stands?

When using acrylic jewelry display stands, the following common mistakes need to be avoided:

1. No attention to cleanliness: The use of acrylic jewelry display racks requires regular cleaning to maintain the finish and transparency of their surfaces. If not cleaned regularly, dust and dirt will accumulate on the surface and affect the display.

2. Heavy load: The carrying capacity of an acrylic jewelry display rack is limited. Excessive jewelry or display objects will cause pressure on the display rack, leading to deformation or fracture. When selecting the display rack, the appropriate size and thickness should be selected according to the weight of the display object.

3. Incorrect storage position: The acrylic jewelry display rack should be placed on a flat surface to avoid unnecessary impact or tilt. At the same time, do not place the display rack in direct sunlight to avoid damage to the display rack surface.

4. Incorrect use: Acrylic jewelry display stands are suitable for displaying all kinds of jewelry and jewelry, but are not suitable for other purposes. Do not damage the display stand by using it for other appliances or storage purposes.

5. Incorrect cleaning method: Acrylic jewelry display racks need to be cleaned with a soft clean cloth, do not use corrosive cleaning agents or brush to clean, so as not to scratch the surface.

Other Types of Acrylic Display Stand