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Jayi Custom Neon Acrylic Box to Enhance Your Brand and Influence

Custom neon acrylic boxes are a unique and striking way to decorate and display, adding a unique and modern charm to your space. The boxes use colored acrylic and can also be combined with neon lighting to create a stunning visual effect.

Our custom neon acrylic boxes can be designed and made according to your individual needs and preferences. You can choose different sizes, shapes, and colors to suit your space style and theme. We offer a variety of acrylic sheet thicknesses for your choice to meet your box requirements.

Custom neon acrylic boxes can be used not only for personal home decoration, but also for commercial venues such as shops, exhibitions and event sites. Whether you want to showcase your products, identify your brand, or decorate your space, these boxes will catch the eye and leave a lasting impression.

The Jayi team will work with you to ensure that your custom neon acrylic box exactly meets your requirements and expectations. We will provide professional design advice and ensure the high quality and accuracy of the production process. We are committed to providing you with unique and satisfying products.

Whether you want to display art, treasures, or other special items, custom neon acrylic boxes are a compelling option. With their modern look and excellent lighting effects, they will bring a unique and memorable atmosphere to your space.

Acrylic Neon Box

Acrylic Neon Box

Acrylic neon box, with its unique charm, brings a bright color for modern home. Made of high quality acrylic material, high transparency and strong durability, to ensure the high quality of the box. Whether it is used as a decoration to decorate the home, or for storing small objects, acrylic neon boxes can be easily integrated into a variety of environments, showing a distinctive aesthetic sense. Choose neon box acrylic, let your life more colorful!

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5 Sided Neon Acrylic Box

5 Sided Neon Acrylic Box

The 5-sided neon acrylic box is an exquisite and diverse display box with eye-striking visual effects. This box is made of colored acrylic and has five visible faces, providing multiple angles for your display items. Whether it's jewelry, art, collectibles or product displays, the 5-sided neon acrylic box is able to catch the eye and hold the viewer's attention.

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Neon Acrylic Shadow Box

Neon Acrylic Shadow Box

The neon acrylic frame shadow box is a unique and stylish display not only for personal home decoration, but also for commercial venues, art exhibitions and special events. Whether you're presenting artwork, photos, awards, or products, shadow boxes can catch the eye of your audience and add a unique visual appeal to your items. Choose neon acrylic frame shadow boxes to bring a modern and artistic feel to your display items.

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Acrylic Neon Sign Box

Acrylic Neon Sign Box

The acrylic neon sign box is a striking and memorable display that combines acrylic and neon technology to create an amazing visual effect. With its unique appearance and bright neon lighting, this logo box provides a stylish and appealing display for your brand or message. Acrylic neon sign boxes are ideal not only for business but also for exhibitions, events and special occasions. The design of the neon sign box can be customized according to your brand needs and personal preferences.

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Neon Acrylic Podiums Box

Neon Acrylic Podiums Box

The neon acrylic podium box is a unique and noble way of presenting a podium, providing a compelling platform for a speaker or performer. This kind of podium box adds visual appeal to a speech or performance with its modern feel and refined appearance. The neon acrylic podium box is not only suitable for lectures, conferences and performances, but also for exhibitions, presentations and special events. Our team will work with you to provide professional design advice.

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Why Are Jayi Custom Neon Acrylic Box Best?

Jayiacrylic is your one-stop custom neon acrylic box manufacturer and wholesaler in China. We have been in the industry for 20 years and have considerable experience in manufacturing acrylic neon boxes and custom neon acrylic boxes. We operate in more than 100 countries around the world. We have earned the trust of our valuable customers by providing superior service with flexibility and versatility. So, you can rest assured to choose us.

One - Stop Production

China's 20 years of neon acrylic box custom manufacturer, Jayiacrylic continues to provide high-quality acrylic box products. Our fast delivery, one-stop production, to ensure customer satisfaction. Whatever we produce, we strive to satisfy our customers.

Affordable Price

Get personalized neon acrylic boxes directly from the manufacturer. Volume discounts on custom products purchased directly from the manufacturer. We will tailor the product to you at the best price. Since we are factory direct selling, we can offer lower prices to our customers.

Supply Capacity

Jayiacrylic has more than 150 production technicians, we can produce more than 500 acrylic neon boxes per day. Because we have more than 80 sets of advanced production equipment, we are able to undertake a large number of orders.


The materials and procedures Jayiacrylic uses to create custom designed neon acrylic boxes are numerous. This combination of materials and craftsmanship ensures that our custom acrylic neon boxes are strong, light, and easy to move around. As a result, they can survive in various weather conditions while still maintaining their attractive appearance.

Custom Designs

Do you have a great idea for a custom neon acrylic box? Our professional designers and engineers will work with you to create unique designs. Custom acrylic neon boxes of various shapes and sizes as well as various additional features can be done by us and we are happy to do so.

Low Maintenance Cost

Wholesalers prefer Jayiacrylic's custom neon acrylic boxes not only because of their low cost, but also because they are easy to maintain. The acrylic we use is incredibly long-lasting and durable, which greatly reduces the frequency and cost of replacement.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Custom Neon Acrylic Box

Acrylic is a very strong and durable plastic material.

It is increasingly being used as an alternative to glass due to its high impact strength and lightweight.

A neon acrylic box is a product made of acrylic sheets, and its lid will only increase the functionality of the box.

This final FAQ guide will answer all the questions you have about the neon lucite box.

What Are A Neon Acrylic Box?

Neon acrylic box is a box made of colored acrylic or transparent acrylic combined with neon effects. This acrylic box is popular for its high transparency, lightweight, and impact resistance.

What Are Neon Acrylic Box Used For?

Firstly, due to its high transparency and bright colors, neon acrylic boxes are often used as props for display and publicity. In stores, supermarkets or exhibitions, it can be used to display goods, trinkets or promotional materials, effectively attracting the attention of customers and enhancing the brand image.

Secondly, the strong durability and convenient storage characteristics of neon plexiglass boxes also make them ideal for storing items. Whether it is used to store stationery, gifts or limited edition products, it provides good protection while ensuring the aesthetics of the item display.

In addition, neon acrylic boxes are often used in exhibitions and shop decorations due to their reusable, easy maintenance and cleaning properties. Exhibitors can flexibly assemble according to their own needs to meet the requirements of differentiated display of goods while saving maintenance time and cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Custom Neon Acrylic Box?

The price of custom neon acrylic boxes varies based on a variety of factors, including box size, shape, complexity, material quality, manufacturing process, and order quantity. Therefore, a specific price cannot be given.

In general, customized products are usually more expensive than standard products because of the additional design, production, and processing costs involved. For neon acrylic boxes, if complex neon effects or special decorations need to be added to the box, the price may increase accordingly.

Are Neon Acrylic Boxes Eco-friendly?

Neon acrylic boxes are eco-friendly. Acrylic, as a new type of non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, is the best texture in the synthetic transparent material so far. It has many advantages such as high transparency, high hardness, corrosion resistance, easy processing, easy cleaning, and so on. At the same time, it is non-toxic, even if it is in long-term contact with people.

In addition, the acrylic box can be recycled and reused, which has the characteristics of pollution-free and green environmental protection. This is in line with the environmental awareness of modern society, which is why acrylic boxes are so widely used in the market.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Custom Neon Acrylic Box?

The time to make a custom neon acrylic box varies depending on a number of factors. Firstly, the complexity of the design directly affects the production cycle, and complex patterns and structures require more time to be finely crafted. Secondly, the selection of materials and processing process will also affect the time, and special materials or processes may take longer to prepare and complete. In addition, the production capacity and order volume of acrylic neon box manufacturers will also have an impact on the production time. Therefore, an exact time range cannot be given.

In general, it may take days to weeks from design confirmation to production completion. In order to ensure that the required neon acrylic box is obtained in time, it is recommended that you communicate with the manufacturer in advance to clarify the requirements and expected production time, so that they can give a reasonable estimate and arrange production according to the actual situation.

How Long Will A Neon Acrylic Box Last?

The service life of neon acrylic boxes is affected by many factors. First of all, the material is one of the key factors. High-quality acrylic ensures the box has a longer life. Secondly, the use environment and conditions will also have an impact on the life of the box. If the box is placed in a harsh environment, such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, rain, or high temperature, it may cause its fading, deformation, or aging. In addition, improper use methods, such as overloading or frequent collisions, may also shorten the service life of the box.

Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of the neon acrylic box, it is recommended to choose the acrylic material of good quality, avoid placing it in a harsh environment, and follow the correct way of use. In this way, the neon acrylic box can maintain its beauty and functionality, bringing long-term visual enjoyment and practical value to users.

Can Custom Neon Acrylic Boxes Be Printed With Textes?

Custom neon acrylic boxes can indeed be printed with text. This customized service usually involves printing specific words or patterns on acrylic boxes to meet the individual needs of customers. Manufacturers can use various printing techniques, such as screen printing, UV printing, etc., to accurately print the required text or pattern on the acrylic box. Therefore, if you want to print text on the neon acrylic box, you can do it in a custom way.

What are the Secure Payment Methods for Ordering Custom Neon Acrylic Box from China?

Neon acrylic box makers offer a variety of insecure payment options. Pay using only the methods listed here.

• Letter of Credit ( L/C)

• Telegraphic Transfer ( T/T)

• Alipay

• Paypal

• Apple Pay

• Payoneer

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