How to Choose the Right Podium?

As one of the important tools, the podium acts as a bridge between the speaker and the audience in today's fast-paced learning and speaking environment. However, there are many kinds of podiums on the market, which are different from materials, designs to functions, which brings some confusion to us to choose the appropriate platform. This article will show you how to choose the right lectern to help you make an informed decision among many options.

Consider the Purpose of the Podium

Before choosing a podium, it is first necessary to clarify the use scenario and purpose of the podium: whether it is used for informal or formal occasions.

Informal Occasion

In an informal setting, if you need a podium for a quick presentation, meeting, or school reading, etc., a podium with an acrylic and metal rod design may be the most economical and simple option.

Acrylic Lectern

Podium with an Acrylic Rod

Acrylic Pulpit

Podium with an Metal Rod

Such podiums are usually made of acrylic and metal rods and connectors that provide basic support and display functions. They are lightweight and easy to carry, making them suitable for temporary construction and quick use. The design of this podium is simple, easy to install, and does not require complex tools or techniques.

You can adjust the height and Angle of the podium as needed to suit different presentation needs. These podiums are great for simple presentations and explanations, providing a stable platform for the speaker and helping the audience better hear and watch the presentation.

Whether in a company meeting, school classroom, or other informal situation, the podium with acrylic and metal rod design is an economical and practical choice.

Formal Occasion

Choosing a full-body acrylic podium is an ideal choice for formal occasions such as church sermons or hall lectures. Such podiums offer more options and features to meet different needs. They are usually made of high quality transparent acrylic and project an image of elegance, professionalism, and dignity.

Acrylic Podium

Acrylic Podium

The full-body acrylic podium has a spacious ledge that can hold a variety of reading materials, such as scriptures, lecture notes or other important documents. At the same time, internal shelves can easily place drinking water or other necessities, ensuring that the speaker can stay comfortable and focused during the presentation.

The podium is beautifully designed, modern and high quality, providing a compelling platform for speakers. Their transparent appearance also allows the audience to clearly see the movements and gestures of the speaker, enhancing the visual effect of the speech.

At formal events, a full-body acrylic podium not only provides practicality and functionality but also brings a lofty and professional image to the speaker. They are suitable for church sermons, hall speeches, or other formal occasions to add grace and style to a speech.

Consider the Material of the Podium

The material of the lectern is a key consideration when choosing a suitable lectern. Different materials will bring different appearance, texture, and functionality to the podium. The following are some common podium materials and their characteristics:

Wooden Podium

The wooden podium gives a natural, warm and upscale feel. The texture and color of wood can add to the aesthetics of the podium and harmonize it with the traditional or elegant environment. Wooden podium is usually more stable and durable, suitable for long-term use, but also can be customized and designed according to demand.

Metal Podium

Metal podiums are favored for their sturdiness and durability. The metal material can withstand greater weight and pressure and is suitable for occasions that need to be moved and used frequently, such as meeting rooms or multi-function halls. The appearance of the metal podium can be surface treated, such as spraying or chrome plating, to increase its modern feel and aesthetics.

Acrylic Podium

The acrylic podium is a popular choice that is especially suitable for modern and stylish environments. The acrylic podium has high transparency and gloss, which can provide a clear visual effect for the interaction between the speaker and the audience. Its modern feel and minimalist design make it an ideal choice for many schools, meeting rooms, and lecture halls.

Bonded acrylic podium

Clear Acrylic Podium

The acrylic podium has some other advantages. First of all, acrylic material is very strong and durable, and is not easy to scratch and damage. Its surface is smooth and easy to clean, which can keep the platform clean and sanitary. Secondly, the acrylic podium can be customized according to individual needs, including personalized design in terms of size, shape and color to meet specific needs and decoration requirements.

However, there are some factors to consider when choosing an acrylic podium. Acrylic material is relatively light, so it is necessary to ensure its stability and safety during use. In addition, the price of the acrylic podium may be relatively high, so make a reasonable choice within the scope of the budget.

No matter what kind of material you choose, it is important to ensure its quality and durability to meet the requirements of long-term use. At the same time, according to the purpose and design requirements of the podium, choosing the right material will provide a stable, comfortable and attractive platform for your speech, teaching or conference activities.

Pay Attention to the Design and Function of the Podium

The design and functionality of the podium is a key factor in determining its practicality and attractiveness. A good podium design should consider the following aspects:


The podium should have functions that meet the needs of the speaker. It should provide enough space for lecture notes, lecture equipment, and other necessary items. The podium should be equipped with a suitable tray or shelf for the speaker to place his laptop, microphone, or other necessary equipment. In addition, the podium should have appropriate power and connection interfaces to meet the needs of modern technological devices.

Height and Tilt Angle

The height and tilt Angle of the podium should be appropriate for the height and posture of the speaker. Too low or too high a height will cause inconvenience to the speaker and affect the effect and comfort of the speech. The tilt Angle should enable the speaker to easily see the audience and maintain a comfortable posture.

Emphasize the Visibility of the Speaker

The podium should be designed to ensure that the audience can see the speaker. The podium should provide sufficient height and width so that the speaker is not occluded while standing. In addition, the podium can be considered to add suitable lighting equipment to ensure that the speaker is still visible in low light conditions.

Overall Beauty and Style

The design of the podium should be coordinated with the style of the whole speech venue. It can be in modern, minimalist, traditional, or other styles to match the atmosphere and decoration of a particular place. The appearance of the podium can be enhanced by using appropriate materials, colors, and decorations to increase the aesthetic, thus enhancing the overall visual effect.

Custom Podium

If you are planning to purchase a custom acrylic podium for an institution, Jayi offers a large selection of customization options to meet your professional needs. We have an advanced acrylic manufacturing process and technology, that can be designed and manufactured according to your requirements, to ensure that the customized podium is perfectly in line with your institutional image and actual needs.

Our custom podium can be adjusted to your size requirements, ensuring a perfect match to your space and place of use. You can choose from transparent, translucent, or colored acrylics for a unique and striking look tailored to your preferences and the needs of the occasion.

Custom Acrylic Podium - Jayi Acrylic
Acrylic Podium Stand - Jayi Acrylic
Frosted Acrylic Podium with  Logo - Jayi Acrylic

In addition to the appearance, we can also customize it according to your functional requirements. You can choose from different shelves, drawers, or storage Spaces to meet your needs for storing documents, equipment, or other necessities. We can also integrate features such as power outlets, audio devices, or lighting systems to further enhance the practicality and professionalism of the podium.

Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and provide professional advice and design solutions. We will ensure the quality and durability of custom podiums, making them a long-term investment for your institution.

Whether you are in an educational institution, corporate conference room, or another professional venue, our customized acrylic podium will provide you with a unique, high-quality speaking platform that will project the professional image of your institution and provide a comfortable and convenient use experience for the speakers.


Choosing the right podium is the key to ensuring the success of the speech. By considering the purpose, material, design, and function of the platform, you can find the most suitable platform for your needs, and you can also customize the acrylic platform you want. Make your presentation better and interact better with your audience.

Hopefully, the suggestions in this article will help you make an informed choice and guide your podium customization journey.

Jayi is committed to providing customized acrylic podium solutions to meet customer needs through exquisite processing and molding technology.

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Post time: Jan-30-2024