Why Choose Custom Acrylic Coasters?

In today's catering and household market, coasters are increasingly favoured by consumers as a practical and decorative small item. Among the many materials of coasters, acrylic coasters stand out with their unique advantages. As China's leading acrylic coaster manufacturer, Jayi has 20 years of customization experience in the industry, and today we will explain in detail why you should choose to customize acrylic coasters.

Some of these are listed below:

1, Material

2, Quality

3, Optional Size

4, Optional Shape

5, Optional Colour

6, Printing Method

7, Delivery Time

Quality Material: Durable and Safe

Choose custom acrylic coasters, the primary consideration is the quality of its material. As a high performance plastic material, acrylic has excellent durability and safety. Its excellent impact resistance ensures that the coasters are not easily damaged in daily use, and can maintain integrity even in unexpected situations, effectively protecting the table top from damage.

At the same time, acrylic material also has excellent chemical stability, not easy to be eroded by acid, alkali and other chemicals, so even in the wet or oil environment, it can maintain its original performance and appearance. In addition, acrylic material non-toxic tasteless, will not release harmful substances, to ensure the health and safety of users.

Therefore, choosing acrylic as the material of coasters can not only ensure the durability of the product, but also ensure the safety of use, which is the ideal choice for customized coasters. We use high quality acrylic material, combined with advanced production technology, to create a durable, safe, beautiful acrylic coasters, to meet your pursuit of high quality life.

UV Filtering Acrylic Panel

Excellent Quality: Superb Details

Quality is the core competitiveness of our personalized acrylic coasters. We know that only excellent quality products can win the trust and love of customers.

In the selection of materials, we always adhere to the principle of high quality, the selection of high-quality acrylic materials to ensure durable and safe products. Each piece of material is strictly screened and tested to ensure no defects, no impurities.

In the production process, we pay attention to every detail. Whether cutting, grinding or assembly, we strive for excellence. With the experience and skill of our craftsmen, we ensure that each product meets the highest quality standards.

In addition, we have established a strict quality inspection system to conduct comprehensive inspection and testing of each batch of products to meet customer requirements and meet industry standards.

Therefore, by choosing our custom acrylic coasters, you will enjoy excellent quality and exquisite detail. We always adhere to the principle of quality as the core, details as the soul, to create the most perfect lucite coasters for you.

Various Sizes: To Meet Different Needs

When custom acrylic coasters, we know that each customer's needs are unique. Therefore, we offer a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different occasions and applications.

Whether it is small size coasters for daily use at home, or large size coasters for commercial places such as restaurants and cafes, we can provide them. In addition, we also provide customized services, which can be tailored to the specific needs of customers, tailored to the specific size of the coasters.

A variety of size options not only make our plexiglass coasters more flexible, but also better meet the individual needs of different customers. Whether it is to protect the table or add decorative effects, we can find the best size for you.

At the same time, we promise that no matter what size coasters you choose, we will guarantee their quality and durability with the same high standards. Let you in the use of both feel convenient, and can enjoy the comfort and peace of mind.

Therefore, by choosing our custom acrylic coasters, you can not only enjoy a variety of size choices, but also experience professional and thoughtful customization service.

Custom Acrylic Coaster

Various Shapes: Creativity Is Unlimited

Our acrylic coasters are unique in design, with different shapes and unlimited creativity. Whether it is a classic round or square shape, or a unique animal shape, plant shape, or even a special shape tailored to your needs, we can make it for you.

These different shapes of coasters are not only beautiful and generous, but also can add a bright color to your living space. They can be used both as a practical pad to protect your desk and as an ornament to bring a touch of fun and energy to your home or office.

In addition, we offer a rich selection of colors and patterns so that you can match them according to your preferences and style. Whether simple solid color, or colorful patterns, you can find your favorite options.

Therefore, choosing our perspex coasters, you can not only enjoy high quality and safety, but also experience the fun of infinite creativity and personalized design. Let's create your unique living space together!

Plexiglass Coaster

Rich Colours: Beautiful and Generous

Our acrylic coasters with its rich color, beautiful and generous characteristics, loved by consumers. We understand the importance of color in life, so we offer a variety of color options, whether it is bright tones or pastel colors, can be found here.

These colors not only add vitality to the desktop, but also reflect our creativity and taste. Each color is carefully blended to ensure fullness and durability. Whether used alone or in combination, it can bring a bright color to your living space.

At the same time, we pay attention to the combination of color and coasters design, and strive to achieve a perfect balance between color and shape and design. This balance makes our acrylic coasters not only practical, but also a piece of art, adding a sense of beauty to your life.

In short, choosing our acrylic coasters, you can not only enjoy the visual feast brought by color, but also feel our persistent pursuit of quality, creativity and beauty.

Lucite Coaster

Flexible Printing: Show Personality

Our acrylic coasters show high flexibility in the printing method, which can meet the diverse needs of customers. Whether it is screen printing, UV printing or laser engraving printing, we can master and apply freely.

Screen printing with its exquisite printing effect, let your coaster show a rich color and pattern, as an attractive work of art. This printing method is especially suitable for designs that require complex patterns and gradient colors, making your coasters more artistic and personal.

UV printing with its bright color, high gloss characteristics, for the coasters to bring a more fashionable and modern appearance. This printing method is suitable for the design that needs to show high definition images and text, so that your coasters are more perfect in detail.

And laser engraving printing with its fine carving effect and unique touch, add a unique charm for the coasters. Whether it is text, pattern or texture, can be accurately rendered by laser engraving technology, so that your coasters more personalized and three-dimensional sense.

We pay attention to every printing detail, from color matching to pattern design, and strive to perfectly present your personality and taste. At the same time, we also provide professional design advice and custom services to help you create unique acrylic coasters.

To choose us is to choose the perfect combination of personality and creativity. Let our acrylic coasters become a unique carrier for you to show your personality and add more color and fun to your life. Whether for personal use or as a gift, it can be a unique and precious gift.

Acrylic Coaster

Fast Delivery Time: Excellent Service

We know that time is of the essence to our customers, so we always strive to provide fast delivery service. Whether it is a large order or an urgent small demand, we can complete the production in the shortest time and deliver on time.

To achieve this goal, we are equipped with advanced production equipment and efficient processes to respond flexibly to customer needs. At the same time, we have established long-term cooperation with many logistics companies to ensure smooth logistics and further shorten the delivery cycle.

Besides fast delivery, we attach more importance to good service. From consultation to order confirmation, to product delivery and after-sales support, we have a professional team to provide full service. We take customer satisfaction as the primary goal and solve any problems in use.

Choose Jayi, you will enjoy fast delivery and professional service. Looking forward to working with you to create a better future!


Choose custom acrylic coasters, not only to meet your needs for quality, beauty and personality, but also to enjoy our professional and fast service.

As a leading acrylic coasters manufacturer in China, Jayi has 20 years of industry customization experience. Custom acrylic coasters mean you can create a unique style according to your needs and tastes. Whether it is color matching, shape design, or pattern customization, we can meet your individual requirements.

Acrylic coaster has excellent durability and easy cleaning, and its beautiful appearance can also add a bright color to the desktop. Customized acrylic coasters can not only make your table or desk more neat and beautiful, but also show your unique taste and personality style.

To choose Jayi is to choose professionalism, quality and creativity. Let us together to create your exclusive acrylic coasters, make your life more wonderful!

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Post time: May-18-2024