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I believe that everyone has a souvenir or collection of their own. Seeing these precious items will remind you of a certain story or a certain memory. There is no doubt that these important items need a high-quality acrylic display case to preserve them, the display case can keep them safe from damage while being water-proof and dust-proof so that your items can be kept brand new. If you're in the business of displaying items for the public, you need the item to be the star of the show.

But at this time, customers may have such questions: What should I pay attention to when buying an acrylic display case? Where can I buy a good quality acrylic display case? In response to these questions, we have created this buying guide to give you a better understanding.

Precautions For Buying Acrylic Display Case:

Acrylic Material Transparency

It is very important to consider the transparent material of the acrylic display case. As a buyer, you need to know if the acrylic material is of high quality. There are two types of acrylic materials, extruded sheets, and cast sheets. Acrylic extrusions are not as transparent as acrylic castings. A high-quality acrylic display case is one that is very transparent because it can better display your items clearly.


To determine exactly the size of your acrylic display case, you need to consider a few key factors. Always start by measuring the item to be displayed. For items 16 inches or smaller, we recommend adding 1 to 2 inches of height and width from the item you wish to display to achieve the perfect size for your acrylic case. Be careful with items larger than 16 inches; you may need to add 3 to 4 inches on each side to achieve the ideal size box.


The color of the acrylic display case should not be ignored when purchasing. Indeed, some of the best replacement cases on the market are beautiful and uniform in color. So be sure to check out the various display case colors.

Sense Of Material

It is very important to understand how matter feels. Feel free to touch the display case to feel its texture when purchasing. A good custom acrylic display case is one that has a smooth and silky finish. A good display case usually has a smooth and rounded surface that feels good to the touch. It also leaves no marks or fingerprints when touched.


Acrylic display cases are usually assembled by humans or machines using glue. You should buy an acrylic display case that has no air bubbles and is very hard. Air bubbles are often introduced when a display case is not assembled properly.


It is recommended to determine how stable and strong the display case is. If the display case is unstable, it means it can easily crack or deform while carrying your items.

Reasons To Buy Acrylic Display Case

Any business should consider purchasing an acrylic display case. It's the perfect tool to showcase a project or product to potential products. The right product showcase can give your business a huge boost, allowing you to showcase your products for your best benefit.

Since there are so many acrylic display cases, it is difficult for most people to identify a high-quality display case. JAYI Acrylic is a professional customized wholesale manufacturer in China. It has 19 years of OEM&ODM experience in the acrylic industry. The acrylic display case we produce has the following advantages:

Brand New Acrylic

Made of brand new, environmentally friendly acrylic raw materials (reject the use of recycled materials), the product can be used for a long time and remains as bright as new.

High Transparency

The transparency is as high as 95%, which can clearly display the products built in the case, and display the products you sell at 360° without dead ends. It is not easy to yellow after using it for a long time.

Customized Size And Color

We can customize the size and color required by customers according to customer needs, and we can design drawings for customers free of charge.

Water-proof And Dust-proof Design

Dust-proof, don't worry about dust and bacteria falling into the case. At the same time, it can protect your precious items from damage.


Every product we produce will be carefully inspected, and the edges of each product will be polished so that it will feel very smooth and not easy to scratch.

Hope the above information will help you. If you still have questions about purchasing a custom acrylic display box, please feel free to consult JAYI Acrylic, we will help you solve the problem and give you the best and most professional advice.

Post time: Apr-15-2022