How to Make Personalized Acrylic Coasters?

In the pursuit of personalization and creativity, personalized acrylic coasters have become popular in people's daily lives with their unique design and practicality.

Personalized acrylic coasters are not only highly transparent and aesthetically pleasing, but they can also be customized to suit individual preferences and needs, showcasing unique styles and tastes. Whether you choose your preferred pattern, text or colour, we can tailor make your coasters a distinctive presence.

As a leading acrylic coaster manufacturer in China, Jayi understands the appeal of personalised coasters, with 20 years of customisation experience in the industry. Today, we're going to take you through the process of making personalised acrylic coasters, so you can understand every moment from design to finished product. Next, let's explore how to make these personalized acrylic coasters! This article explains the process of making personalised acrylic coasters, Jayi will provide you with high quality customised service, come and learn more!

Understand the Properties of Acrylic Materials

Before making personalized acrylic coasters, it is particularly important to understand the characteristics of acrylic materials.

Acrylic, also known as PMMA or plexiglass, is loved for its outstanding properties.

It has a light transmittance of 92%, which results in soft light and clear vision, perfect for displaying beautiful patterns.

In addition, the hardness of acrylic material is high, and not easy to damage, even if the damage will not produce sharp fragments, greatly strengthening the safety of use.

At the same time, because of its good weather resistance and chemical stability, acrylic materials can keep bright colors for a long time, not easy to age.

More importantly, acrylic material is easy to process and can be shaped and decorated in a variety of ways, providing a rich creative space for the production of personalized coasters.

Therefore, mastering these characteristics of acrylic material is essential for producing high-quality personalized coasters.

UV Filtering Acrylic Panel

Design Personalized Patterns

Designing personalised patterns is the core aspect of making acrylic coasters, which directly determines the uniqueness and attractiveness of the coasters. During the design process, we first need to define the usage scenario and target audience of the coasters to ensure that the pattern fits with the overall style. Next, we can look for inspiration from multiple angles, such as popular cultural elements, natural scenery, abstract art, etc., or customise the design according to the customer's special needs.

When designing patterns, we should focus on colour matching and composition balance. The choice of colour should take into account the overall tone of the coaster and the environment in which it is used, in order to create a harmonious and comfortable visual effect. For the composition, we should follow the principle of simplicity and clarity and avoid overly complex or confusing layouts to ensure the clarity and readability of the pattern.

In addition, we can also enhance the personalised features of the pattern by adding text, symbols or special effects. For example, elements such as customer's name, motto or special date can be added to the pattern to make the coaster more memorable and unique.

In short, the design of personalised patterns need to give full play to creativity and imagination, combined with the actual needs of clever conception and careful production. Only in this way can we create personalised acrylic coasters that truly meet the needs of our customers.

Preparing Tools and Materials for Making

Prepare tools and materials

Making personalized acrylic coasters requires a number of specialized tools and materials, including:

• Acrylic sheet:

Choose an acrylic sheet with the thickness and color that suits your design needs.

• Cutting tools:

Such as laser cutters or hand cutters are used to cut the acrylic sheet into the desired shape.

• Sanding tool:

Used to sand the cut edge to make it smoother.

• Printing equipment:

If you need to print patterns on acrylic sheets, you need to prepare the corresponding printing equipment.

Cutting and Grinding

Cutting and sanding is the core step in the production of personalized plexiglass coasters, which requires exquisite skill and meticulous treatment.

In the cutting process, we use professional acrylic cutting tools: laser cutting machine, cut exactly according to the design pattern and the required size. Ensure smooth lines and neat edges to enhance the beauty and practicality of the coasters. After the cut, we carefully checked the edges to make sure there were no burrs or irregularities.

The polishing process is dedicated to making the edge of the acrylic coaster smoother and improving the overall texture. According to the thickness and hardness of the material, we choose the appropriate grinding tool (cloth wheel polishing machine) and method to ensure that the grinding effect is uniform and in line with the standard. During this process, we maintain a stable speed and strength to avoid damage to the material caused by excessive grinding.

These two steps require not only technical proficiency, but also patience and care. We always uphold the attitude of excellence, is committed to create a satisfactory personalized acrylic coaster for customers, show its unique charm and value.

Printing Pattern

The printing pattern is a key link in making personalized perspex coasters. According to the characteristics of the design pattern, we can flexibly choose different printing methods such as screen printing, thermal transfer printing or UV inkjet printing to fully show the charm and details of the pattern.

Screen printing with its bright colors, clear patterns, especially suitable for large quantities, rich color pattern production. Thermal transfer technology is excellent in small batch, high precision pattern printing, can present delicate and delicate visual effects. And UV inkjet is famous for its efficiency and flexibility, which can quickly respond to diverse pattern needs.

In the printing process, we strictly control the quality to ensure that the color, clarity and precision of the pattern achieve the best results. At the same time, considering the characteristics of acrylic material, we will choose appropriate printing process and ink to ensure that the pattern is firmly attached to the coasters and not easy to fall off or fade.

Through careful design and printing, we can create a variety of styles and personality of acrylic coasters for you to meet your different needs and preferences. Whether given as a gift or for personal use, these personalized coasters add a unique touch of color and interest to your life.

Lucite Coaster

Assembly and Packaging

Assembly and packaging is the final work of acrylic coaster production, which is directly related to the final display effect and transportation safety of the product.

In the assembly phase, we precisely splice the individual parts of the coasters, using special adhesives or connectors to ensure a stable connection. At the same time, keep your hands clean to prevent fingerprints or stains from affecting the appearance.

Packaging is also important. We select bubble wrap or pearl cotton and other packaging materials to wrap coasters in all directions to avoid scratching and collision during transportation. The outer layer adopts strong cardboard boxes to ensure stable transportation of products. In addition, we will attach clear labels and instructions for customers to identify and use.

Through careful assembly and packaging, we ensure that acrylic coasters are presented to customers in optimal condition and are safe and undamaged during transportation.


When making personalized acrylic coasters, you should also pay attention to the following points:

• Safety first:

In the production process, it is necessary to observe the safe operation procedures, wear protective equipment, and avoid accidents.

• Quality Control:

Ensure that the process of each link conforms to the standard, and dispose the unqualified products in time to ensure the quality of the final product.

• Environmental protection concept:

In the production process, we should try to choose environmentally friendly materials and processes to reduce the impact on the environment.

Personalisation Case Sharing

In order to better demonstrate the process and effect of personalised acrylic coasters, we share some actual cases:

Case 1: Custom Corporate Logo Coasters

Famous enterprises entrust us to customize exclusive acrylic coasters to strengthen their brand image. According to the corporate LOGO design draft, we carefully planned and successfully created this distinctive coasters.

In terms of materials, we choose high transparency acrylic to ensure that the appearance of the coasters is crystal clear and the texture is excellent. In printing, the use of advanced technology, so that the LOGO pattern bright color, high definition, fully show the corporate brand image.

This custom coaster is not only beautiful and practical, but also an ideal medium for enterprises to show their own image and culture. Placed on the desk or conference room, can attract attention, add color to the corporate image.

The custom service let us deeply appreciate the value and charm of personalized customization. We will continue to uphold the professional and meticulous service concept, to provide customers with more quality customized services, help enterprises to enhance brand image and market competitiveness.

Engraved Acrylic Coasters

Case 2: Customised Wedding Anniversary Coasters

A loving couple is approaching their wedding anniversary and they wanted a unique keepsake to celebrate this special day. So, they chose to have customized wedding anniversary coasters to make every moment of sweet time a wonderful memory.

We carefully designed an acrylic coaster according to the couple's request. The background of the coaster is the happy wedding photo of the couple, in which they are smiling brightly and full of love. Underneath the photo, we have carefully engraved a blessing to signify their long and happy love.

This customised wedding anniversary coaster is not only beautiful and generous, but also carries the couple's deep emotions. Whenever they use this coaster, they can recall the happy moments of their wedding and feel the strong love between them. This coaster has become a unique landscape in their home, adding more romance and warmth to life.

Through the custom wedding anniversary coasters, we witnessed the sweet love of a couple, but also felt the unique charm brought by personalized customization.

Acrylic Coasters Wedding

Case 3: Custom Holiday Themed Coasters

Christmas is coming and the streets are full of festive atmosphere. We designed Christmas-themed acrylic coasters for a famous coffee shop, incorporating classic elements such as Christmas trees and snowflakes in bright and harmonious colors, showing a strong festive atmosphere.

This customized coaster is designed to be the highlight of the shop, enhancing the decorative effect and bringing a pleasant experience to customers. This successful launch demonstrates our understanding of festive culture and the professional standard of our customized service. We will continue to innovate and improve our service quality to provide more quality and personalized products for our customers.


Through the detailed introduction of this article, we understand the whole process of how to make personalized acrylic coasters. From understanding the characteristics of acrylic materials, to designing personalized patterns, preparing production tools and materials, cutting and grinding, printing patterns and final assembly packaging, each link embodies the ingenuity of manufacturers. At the same time, by sharing personalized customization cases such as corporate LOGO, wedding anniversary and holiday theme, we more intuitively feel the unique charm and market prospects of personalized acrylic coasters. With the continuous growth of consumer demand for personalized, personalized acrylic coasters will become a hot product on the market.

As an acrylic coasters manufacturer, we will continue to innovate technology and materials, provide better service, and promote the development of personalized acrylic coasters market.

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Post time: May-21-2024