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As acrylic display cases are used more and more widely, people know that acrylic display cases are the best choice for countertop displays. You can utilize display cases to display various products such as souvenirs, collectibles, toy models, jewelry, trophies, food, and more. But if you want to choose a safe and high-quality acrylic display case from the market, what aspects do you need to know if this is a good acrylic display case?

In fact, if you are not particularly familiar with acrylic materials, it is very easy to choose the wrong one. Because there are so many acrylic materials on the market, sometimes you can get confused about which material is best. Then some of the following tips can help you choose a high-quality acrylic display case.

1. The transparency of acrylic

How to identify which acrylic material is better is a very important factor in our selection of high-quality acrylic display cases. Because there are two kinds of acrylic materials on the market, acrylic casting board and acrylic extrusion board. Usually, acrylic cast board is more transparent than acrylic extruded board, and the transparency is as high as 95%. A high-quality acrylic display case is undoubtedly high transparency. Only with high transparency can people clearly see the souvenirs or commodities displayed inside.

2, The thickness of acrylic

If you want to choose a high-quality acrylic display case, it is particularly important to be able to identify the thickness of a standard acrylic display case. Acrylic raw materials are produced by different brands, so the standard size (allowable error) will be different. Then the allowable error percentage of high-quality acrylic display cases is very small, but the error of those poor-quality acrylic materials on the market will be very large. So you only need to compare the thickness of these acrylic products, and you can easily choose a high-quality acrylic display case.


3, The color of acrylic

If you have carefully observed those high-quality acrylic display cases on the market, you will find one feature: the colors presented by most high-quality acrylic display cases are very uniform and look very beautiful. Observing the color will help you easily choose the high quality acrylic display cases on the market that will satisfy you.

4. The touch of acrylic

A high-quality acrylic display case you can recognize by touch. Like those high-quality acrylic display cases, the details are in place. The surface of the plate will be treated by a polishing process, and the treated surface is very smooth and shiny. However, the surface of those inferior acrylic display cases is usually not polished, so although labor costs can be saved, the surface is very rough and uneven, and it is very easy to scratch hands, which is not safe. So by touching the surface of the acrylic, you can easily judge whether this is a high-quality acrylic display case.

5. Acrylic connection point

The various parts of the acrylic display case are bonded together by glue, and it is difficult for you to see air bubbles in the bonded part of the acrylic panel in high-quality acrylic display cases. Because this requires experienced workers to operate, they will avoid air bubbles when bonding each part. Those poor-quality acrylic display cases will appear to have a lot of air bubbles, and such display cases will end up looking unsightly and unattractive.

In Conclusion

The 5 considerations mentioned above can help you choose a high-quality custom size acrylic display case. If you are looking for a quality acrylic display case manufacturer, please consult us. JAYI Acrylic is the most professional acrylic custom product production factory in China. We have 19 years of experience in the acrylic display industry. We provide the most professional customer services. Please click About Us to learn more about JAYI Acrylic. JAYI ACRYLIC is a professional acrylic products manufacturer in China, we can customize it according to your needs, and design it for free.

Post time: Jun-09-2022