How Is the Small Acrylic Box with Lid Made?

As China's leading small acrylic box with lid manufacturer, Jayi has 20 years of industry customization experience, accumulated a large number of production skills, and rich practical experience. Today, let's explore how those small and delicate acrylic boxes are transformed from ordinary acrylic sheets into acrylic products with practical value and artistic beauty.

First of all, we need to be clear that the production of acrylic boxes is a multi-step, refined process, each step requires rigorous operation and precise control. From material selection, cutting, polishing, bonding, assembly, each link embodies the painstaking efforts and wisdom of the craftsmen.

Step 1: Carefully Select Materials

In the process of making a small clear acrylic box, the material selection is the first and key step. We prefer high-quality acrylic sheets, this high-quality plexiglass material is known for its excellent light transmittance, stability, and processing performance. We ensure that the selected plates have a uniform texture, pure color, and no bubbles, cracks, or other defects.

In the selection process, we will consider the thickness and transparency of the plate according to the specific needs of customers and the use of products. Thicker sheets provide better load-bearing capacity and stability, while high transparency sheets allow the contents of the box to be clearly visible. In addition, in order to meet the design requirements, we will also choose different colors and textures of acrylic sheets to create more personalized and creative box products.

After strict screening and selection, we ensure that each piece of acrylic sheet meets the standards of making high-quality boxes, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent production process. At the same time, we continue to optimize the material selection process, improve the accuracy and efficiency of material selection, to ensure that each small clear acrylic box with lid can meet customer expectations and requirements.

Clear Perspex Sheet

Step 2: Cutting

Cutting is the key link in the production of small acrylic boxes with lids, which directly determines the precision of the box's shape and overall aesthetics. In this step, we use advanced CNC cutting equipment or laser cutting machine, according to the pre-designed drawings, and the acrylic sheet for accurate cutting.

During the cutting process, we strictly control the cutting speed and depth to ensure a smooth, burr-free cut, while avoiding overheating and deformation of the sheet. Experienced operators will always monitor the cutting process and adjust the parameters in time to ensure the cutting quality.

In addition, we also focus on safety protection during the cutting process to ensure the safety of operators and equipment. After the cutting is completed, we will also carefully inspect the cuts of the plates to ensure that there are no defects or damages, so as to lay a solid foundation for the subsequent processing and assembly.

Through the fine operation of this link, we can ensure that the shape of the acrylic small box is precise and beautiful, providing a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of the subsequent steps.

2. Cutting Material

Step 3: Polishing

Polishing is a crucial and indispensable step in making acrylic boxes with lids. In this step, we use professional polishing equipment and tools, such as cloth wheel polishing or flame polishing, to carefully treat the surface of the acrylic sheet to enhance its gloss and transparency, so as to give the box a more beautiful and high-grade appearance.

When polishing, we strictly control the strength and speed to ensure that the surface of the sheet is subjected to uniform force to prevent localized excessive wear or uneven polishing. At the same time, we pay attention to controlling the polishing temperature to prevent the acrylic sheet from being deformed or damaged due to high temperature.

After careful polishing, the surface of the acrylic sheet is smooth and delicate, and the gloss and transparency are greatly improved, which greatly enhances the aesthetics and overall quality of the box, and improves the user experience.

In addition, we also choose suitable polishing methods and tools according to customer needs and product characteristics to ensure that the final product fully meets customer expectations and requirements.

Therefore, polishing is not only an important part of the process of making small acrylic boxes but also an important guarantee for our pursuit of excellent quality and the creation of high-quality acrylic boxes.

8. Polishing

Step 4: Bonding

Bonding is a crucial part in the production of small acrylic boxes with lids. In this step, we need to accurately splice the cut and polish acrylic sheets according to the design requirements.

First, we will choose the appropriate adhesive and bonding method according to the structural characteristics of the box. Commonly used adhesives include special acrylic glue, which has good transparency and adhesive force, and can ensure that the box is firmly spliced and beautiful.

Next, we will carefully clean the bonding surface of the sheet to ensure that there is no dust, oil and other impurities to ensure the firmness and transparency of the bonding. Then, the glue will be evenly applied to the parts to be bonded, and the plates will be gently docked to ensure that the position is accurate and free of deviation.

In the bonding process, we need to pay attention to controlling the amount of glue and the uniformity of application, to avoid overflow of glue or uneven application affecting the aesthetics. At the same time, according to the curing time of the glue, we also need to reasonably arrange the order of bonding and waiting time to ensure that each piece of plate can be firmly bonded together.

Through fine bonding operations, we can produce acrylic boxes with solid structure and exquisite appearance, providing quality container options for subsequent packaging and display.

acrylic gift box

Step 5: Quality Check

When all the sheets are bonded, we get a complete acrylic box. However, this does not mean the end of the production process. We still need to do a comprehensive quality check on the acrylic box. Quality check is an integral part of the acrylic small box making process. In this step, we will carry out a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the plexiglass boxes that have been bonded to ensure that their quality meets the standards and customers' expectations.

First of all, we will check the appearance of the box and observe whether its surface is smooth and flat, without bubbles, cracks, and other defects. At the same time, we will also check whether the size and shape of the box meet the design requirements to ensure that each box is accurate.

Next, we will check the structure and functionality of the box. This includes checking whether the lid of the box can be closed tightly, whether the various components are firmly installed, and the weight-bearing capacity and durability of the box.

Finally, we will also clean the box to remove any stains and dust that may have been left behind during the production process, so that the box is in the best possible condition.

Through this part of the quality check, we are able to ensure that the quality of each small acrylic box with lid is up to standard, providing our customers with quality products and services.


Customized Design and Processing Services

In addition to following the basic production process, we are more than adept at providing customized design and fabrication services based on the unique needs of our customers. This personalized customization makes each small acrylic box with lid a unique piece of art, which is not only practical but also full of individual charm.

In order to satisfy customers' pursuit of practicality, we can add various functional components to acrylic boxes. For example, the cleverly designed flap structure not only facilitates the user to open and close, but also protects the items inside the box from dust and damage. At the same time, fixing devices such as clasps ensures that the box remains stable and does not easily fall apart during transportation or display.

When it comes to personalization, we also spare no effort. Through engraving technology, we can engrave customers' brand logos, company names or personalized blessings on the boxes, making them a powerful vehicle for brand communication. In addition, printing technology allows us to present colorful patterns and colors, making small perspex boxes even more eye-catching.

These customized services not only enhance the practicality and aesthetics of acrylic boxes, but also strengthen their market competitiveness. In this era of pursuing individuality and differentiation, our customized design and processing services provide our customers with more choices and possibilities so that their products can stand out in the fierce market competition.

In short, we are committed to providing our customers with a full range of acrylic box making services, from the basic production process to personalized custom design. We hope that through our efforts, every customer who uses our products can feel our professionalism and attentiveness.


Through this article, we believe you have a better understanding of the process of making a small acrylic box with lid. We hope that by sharing our experience and skills, we can provide you with some useful insights and help. At the same time, we also look forward to communicating and cooperating with more friends in the future to jointly promote the continuous development and progress of acrylic box making technology.

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Post time: May-30-2024