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Our display cases are designed to help you display and protect your precious keepsakes and collectibles. This means protecting them from possible damage from dust, fingerprints, spills, or ultraviolet (UV) light. DO Customers ask us from time to time why acrylic is the best material for display boxes? Do acrylic display cases offer UV protection? Therefore, I thought that articles on these two topics might be helpful to you.

Why Acrylic Is The Best Material For Display Cases?

Although glass used to be the standard material for display boxes, as acrylic became more and more widely used and loved by people, acrylic eventually became a very popular material for display boxes. Because acrylic has many excellent properties, it is the best choice for displaying collectibles and other items.

Why Choose Acrylic Display Cases?

Acrylic display cases are an important consideration when planning the layout of a retail space or collectible. These simple acrylic cases can offer a ton of utility, helping to showcase products while protecting them from potentially damaging outside forces. Because the acrylic display case has the following characteristics.

High Transparency

Acrylic is clearer than glass with up to 92% clarity. Acrylic also doesn't have the green tint that glass has. Shadows and reflections will also be reduced when using an custom size acrylic display case, providing a clearer viewing experience. If a spotlight is used on the display case, it will help provide a clearer viewing experience.

Strong and Sturdy

While acrylic can crack and break on impact, it will never shatter like glass. This not only protects the contents of the display case but also protects the people next to it and prevents time-consuming clean-up. Acrylic display cases are also more impact resistant than glass display cases of the same thickness, protecting them from damage in the first place.

Light Weight

The Acrylic display case is 50% lighter than the glass display case. This makes it far less dangerous to hang or fasten them to the wall than glass. The lightweight nature of acrylic display cases also makes setting up, moving, and dismantling the display case simpler than using glass.


Making clear acrylic display cases is simpler and more expensive in terms of labor and materials than making glass. Also, due to their lightweight, acrylic display cases will cost less to ship than glass.


For specific storage conditions, the insulating properties of acrylic display cases cannot be ignored. It will make the objects inside less susceptible to cold and heat.

Do Acrylic Display Cases Offer UV Protection?

Our acrylic display cases are designed to help you display and protect your precious keepsakes. This means they are effectively protected from possible damage from dust, fingerprints, spills or ultraviolet (UV) light.

I am sure you have come across many sellers of acrylic display cases claiming that their acrylic blocks a certain percentage of ultraviolet (UV) rays. You'll see numbers like 95% or 98%. But we don't give a percentage figure because we don't think that's the most accurate way to interpret it.

Our acrylic display cases are designed for indoor use and general indoor lighting. The acrylic we used is very bright and clear. Acrylic is a great material for display and protection from dust, spills, handling, and more. But it can't completely block outdoor UV rays or direct sunlight through windows. Even indoors, it can't block all UV rays.

So be aware that if you find another company that claims to offer acrylic display cases with extensive UV protection (98% etc.) then their price should be at least double our price. If their price is similar to our price then Their acrylic is not as good UV protection as they say.


Acrylic provides an excellent way to display products and objects while protecting them from damage and influence from external forces. Ultimately, an acrylic display case may be the best material for a display case. At the same time, it can protect collectibles from UV light, and it is more transparent than glass. JAYI ACRYLIC is a professional acrylic display suppliers in China, we can customize it according to your needs, and design it for free.

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Post time: Aug-13-2022