Can You Paint On Acrylic Boxes With Lids?

As a common packaging and display tool, acrylic boxes with lids have an elegant appearance and transparency.

The plexiglass box with lid provides a better choice for the protection and display of products.

However, many people may wonder whether it is possible to paint and decorate the lid part of the acrylic box. Here are a few common printing techniques we explored:

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Printing Method of Acrylic Box with Lid

The following will tell you about the main printing and decoration methods of acrylic boxes with lids so that you can have a deeper understanding of them.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a commonly used printing technology, suitable for acrylic boxes with lid part of the decoration.

Through screen printing technology, patterns, words and logos can be printed to the surface of the acrylic box.

Screen printing has durability and bright color effects, can achieve a variety of complex designs, and in different colors and materials on the acrylic box can be applied.

The process of screen printing is to print the ink of the pattern or text through the mesh part of the screen to the acrylic box, forming a uniform and lasting printing effect.

Screen printing technology can achieve high quality printing effect, maintain the clarity of the pattern and the brightness of the color.

Whether it is personalized customization or brand promotion, screen printing technology can bring unique decorative effects to acrylic boxes and enhance the value and attractiveness of products.

UV Printing

Acrylic UV printing refers to the use of ultraviolet (UV) curing ink printing technology, the pattern, logo, text, or image directly printed on the surface of acrylic process. It combines UV curing technology and digital printing technology to achieve high-resolution, high-quality printing effects on the ark box.

Acrylic UV printing technology through the use of specially designed UV ink and UV printer, can directly print the pattern or design on the lid of the acrylic box, without the use of traditional stickers or screen printing.

UV printing technology can achieve delicate patterns, rich colors and high-quality printing effects in the decoration of acrylic boxes.

Whether it is personalized customization or commercial publicity, UV printing brings more creativity and possibilities to the acrylic box with lid, making the product more visually compelling.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a kind of non-contact engraving technology, suitable for the decoration of acrylic boxes with lids part.

The laser beam creates permanent nicks or depressions on the surface of the acrylic box by controlling the position and intensity of the focus.

Laser engraving technology can achieve high-precision, high-definition patterns and words, while having durability and anti-fading characteristics.

By adjusting the intensity and speed of the laser, the carving effect with different depth and fineness can be achieved. Laser engraving can be applied to the creation of personalized customization, brand logo and decorative effects, adding a unique personality and artistic atmosphere to the acrylic box with lid.

Whether it is a simple text, logo or complex pattern, laser engraving can be accurately realized on the acrylic box, adding a unique decorative effect to the product.

The flexibility and precision of laser engraving technology make it an ideal choice for acrylic box decoration, which can meet individual needs and high-end customization requirements.


Through techniques such as screen printing, UV printing, and laser engraving, acrylic boxes with lids can be painted and decorated. These techniques provide a wealth of options for the decoration of custom acrylic boxes, allowing you to add a unique personality and brand identity to your products.

Screen printing technology is suitable for a variety of colors and materials of acrylic box, with durability and bright color effect. UV printing technology provides high quality patterns and images with durability and scratch resistance. Laser engraving technology can achieve high precision and high definition of nicks and dents, providing more possibilities for personalized customization and decorative effects.

With these decorative techniques, you can add brand logos, patterns, text and other elements to the covered part of the acrylic box to make it unique. Whether used as gift packaging, product display or marketing promotion, painted and decorated acrylic boxes with lids can attract the attention of consumers and increase the value and attractiveness of products.

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Post time: Jan-05-2024