Can The Acrylic Storage Box Be Printed With Patterns Or Logo?

As a manufacturer and supplier specializing in the customization of acrylic storage boxes in China for 20 years, we know that when customers choose acrylic storage boxes, the need for printing patterns, text, and company Logo is a very common problem. In this article, we will introduce you to the printing techniques of acrylic storage boxes and how to choose an acrylic storage box suitable for printing.

Printing Technology of Acrylic Storage Box

Acrylic storage boxes are a high-quality material with high clarity and strength but require special cleaning methods to avoid scratching or damage to the surface of the acrylic. Here are some ways to clean acrylic storage boxes:

1. Screen Printing

Screen printing is a common printing technique that allows the use of different colors of ink on the surface of acrylic storage boxes.

2. Digital Printing

Digital printing is a high-precision printing technology, which can achieve high-resolution image, text, and Logo printing, suitable for some acrylic storage boxes requiring high precision and complex pattern printing.

3. Heat Transfer Brush

Thermal transfer brush is a printing technology that can print patterns, text, and Logo on thermal transfer film, and then attach the thermal transfer film to the surface of the acrylic storage box, so as to achieve the printing of patterns, text, and Logo.

How to Choose an Acrylic Storage Box Suitable for Printing?

1. Select The Acrylic Material Suitable for Printing

When selecting an acrylic storage box, it is necessary to select acrylic material suitable for printing to ensure printing effect and printing quality.

2. Choose the Right Printing Technology

According to the needs of customers and the characteristics of the acrylic storage box, choosing the right printing technology can achieve the best printing effect.

3. Pay attention to Printing Quality and Detail

When printing acrylic storage boxes, it is necessary to pay attention to the printing quality and details to ensure that the printed pattern or text is clear, accurate, and beautiful.


Acrylic storage boxes can be printed using a variety of printing techniques, including screen printing, digital printing, and thermal transfer brush. In the selection of acrylic storage boxes suitable for printing, the characteristics of acrylic materials, the selection of printing technology and printing quality, and details need to be taken into account.

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Post time: May-19-2023