What should I do if the acrylic display stand is scratched?

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Acrylic display stand scratches will affect the overall aesthetics of the display stand, and will have a negative effect on the display of the product, especially those that are transparent, which will look very obvious and it is difficult to hide the scratches, so how to solve the pressure What is the scratch of the acrylic display stand? Because it's a pity to throw away a little scratch, and it's not good to ignore it.

1. For small and deep scratches, the usual method is to moisten toothpaste with a cotton cloth and wipe the scratched parts of professional acrylic products. Through repeated wiping, the scratches can be removed and the acrylic display can be restored. The original color and brightness of the frame.

2. If the scratch area is relatively large, you can use a cloth wheel polishing machine to polish it. You only need to wax the cloth wheel and then polish the scratched surface to recover. This method is relatively fast.

acrylic lipstick display stand

If it is a relatively deep scratch, it is necessary to use the finest water sandpaper and water, and then smooth the scratch and the surrounding area, and then polish and polish with a cloth wheel polishing machine. It is important to note that because The scratches are too deep. In order to cover the scratches, it needs to be polished and polished many times, so the polished surface will have a little pit.

In fact, not only acrylic display stands will be scratched, almost all acrylic products have scratches, if you want acrylic crafts to have no scratches, you can use acrylic processing with strong scratch resistance. In addition to paying attention to the transportation and use of ordinary acrylic products, it is also very important to learn the maintenance knowledge and scratch treatment methods of acrylic products.

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