What determines the carrying capacity of the acrylic display stand?

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In recent years, acrylic display racks have gradually heated up in domestic and foreign markets. Acrylic display stands play a subtle role in the process of brand effect promotion. On the counters of large-scale shopping malls in the city, various acrylic display stands are oriented towards consumers everywhere through brand image and product prices.

So what is the carrying capacity of the acrylic display stand? Acrylic custom manufacturers give you an answer: when customizing an acrylic display stand, we must consider its thickness, which depends on the product it carries.

acrylic cosmetic display stand

There is no clear standard for the thickness of acrylic display stands. Acrylic manufacturers depend on the load-bearing needs of customers' products. Generally, the decoration can be 2-3 mm. If the bearing capacity is at least 3mm, it should be determined according to the structure. For example, shoes, mobile phones, watches, jewelry, electronic cigarettes, etc., whose thickness is between 3 mm and 5 mm can bear the weight of the product.

The thickness of the acrylic sheet can be customized from 0.8 to 100 mm. The thicker the load-bearing acrylic sheet, the thicker the thickness. Structural design should also be considered.

Customized display stands for acrylic products also need to consider the cost, so if the load is not very high, you can choose a sheet of less than 10 mm for custom processing, which can also save a lot of material costs.

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