What are the silk-screening methods for acrylic display stands?

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At present, the pattern of an acrylic display rack product must be exquisite and attractive in order to stand out in the display. If a pattern is not printed well, it will affect the sales of the product, but how to print a product to be attractive, the following blog Yiyi will explain the silk screen printing process for you!

1. One of the basic requirements for perfect image reproduction is that the quality of the transparent positive film is better, that is, the edges of the dots should be neat and opaque. The color separator and the ink used use the same color scale.

2. Put the positive film of the acrylic display stand on the glass plate, and then expose it. Place the stretched screen on the positive film parallel to the image axis. If moiré appears, rotate the screen to the left or right until the moiré disappears, usually 7. The area where ripples are easy to form is located at the intersection of the direction of the screen and the screen. Main colors and darker colors cause many problems with moiré patterns.

3. For four-color printing, use aluminum frames of the same size and stability, and all frames used are stretched with the same type and model of screen. The use of dyed screens helps to eliminate the tortoise shells. The tension of each part of the screen should be even, and the tension of the four screens of the four-color printing should be the same.

4. The polished squeegee is very important for high-quality printing, and the Shore hardness of the squeegee bar is about 70. The scraper should be set at an angle of 75 degrees. If the blade angle is too flat, the printed image may be blurred. If the angle is too steep, the risk of distortion of the screen-printed image will be great.

5. The ink-returning knife should not be installed too low. If so, the film will be filled with too much ink, and the printed matter will be easily blurred and smudged.

6. Using UV ink, the hue range of the screen adjustment picture should be 5%~80%, and the Shore hardness of the squeegee should be 75. In order to control the smearing of UV ink during color overprinting, it is recommended to print in the order of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. When using UV ink, the screen thickness should not exceed 5um.

The above method is the silk printing method of acrylic display stand.


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