What are the correct maintenance methods for acrylic boxes?

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Many people don’t know how to maintain acrylic boxes. Today, the editor of Jiayi will show you the normal maintenance methods for acrylic boxes:

First, acrylic polishing. If it is a small scratch, you can directly wipe it with toilet paper or a rag with a little toothpaste. If it is a large scratch, I personally do not recommend using sandpaper to polish the acrylic. If you use sandpaper to polish the product, the product will be scrapped. The whole surface is scratched, it will be worse.

     Second, acrylic is easy to crack, so care should be taken to protect the surface when picking and placing it.

    Third, the acrylic box should be scrubbed with soft cloth, never use any cleaning agent containing granular objects, and do not use various chemical bath agents to scrub.

acrylic box with lid

Fourth, the acrylic temperature will be deformed when heated at about 70 degrees, and it will soften when heated to more than 100 degrees, so avoid applying the acrylic box to places above 100 degrees.

     Fifth, if you want the acrylic box to be bright and beautiful, you can use liquid polishing wax and wipe it with a soft cloth.

     Sixth, if the acrylic box is not too damaged, you can use IPS adhesive glue adhesive methylene chloride type adhesive or quick-drying agent to bond it.

     Seventh, the thermal expansion coefficient of acrylic is relatively large. When installing or fixing the acrylic box, the temperature change should be considered to leave room for expansion and contraction.

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