The use of acrylic products

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Acrylic crafts are used in various industries and are closely related to your and my lives: acrylic crafts, stationery and gifts; office stationery, educational supplies, business cards/Memo holders (clip), pen holders, tape stands, general gifts, artworks, designer boutiques, photo frames , Medals, laser engraving, clocks, key rings.

Plexiglass processing factory talks about acrylic crafts, kitchenware, bathroom and housewares: kitchenware, tableware, bathroom, bathtub, shower door, SPA, household swimming pool, tray, candy biscuit box, wine rack, ice bucket, egg rack, cosmetic container, coaster, CD racks, tissue paper boxes, storage boxes, mirrors, designer boutiques.

acrylic Stationery

Acrylic arts and crafts advertising display: signs, light boxes, neon lights, mirrors, architectural models, displays, display stands (cabinet), signs, hangers, signs. Acrylic handicraft furniture lighting: tables and chairs, storage cabinets, lecture tables, furniture accessories, lighting, lighting accessories.

Acrylic crafts, transportation products, game products: airplane windows, yacht panels, plexiglass hard-top sunroofs, windshields, cabin covers, rain windows, car lights, transportation, signs, traffic lights, reflectors. Acrylic crafts, leisure and entertainment products: basketball boards, golf balls, home swimming pools, aquariums, gambling equipment, games, game consoles, vending machine panels, pet toys.

acrylic jenga game
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