The reason why acrylic products represent ordinary glass

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1. Strong weather resistance

Acrylic is very resistant to weather, it will not turn yellow or broken due to exposure to the sun, freezing, etc., so it is very convenient for you to clean it.

2. Strong corrosion resistance

Acrylic has a very strong anti-corrosion ability: it is no exaggeration to tell everyone that if you put strong sulfuric acid directly on the acrylic material, there is no problem at all. Based on the above seven, it is enough to replace glass, which is why it has jumped up. Of course, this is only part of its advantages, otherwise the acrylic products industry will not be applied to various fields.

acrylic flower vases

3. Strong plasticity

Acrylic has a very high freedom of shaping, and it can be processed at will to become the type you want very much: because it is lighter than ordinary glass and the cutting processing technology is not complicated, acrylic products can basically meet the needs of various industries for customized products. , Such as cosmetic display stands, photo frames, watch stands that are common in our daily lives, or as large as airplane windows, fighter window covers, tank viewing angle windows, etc. The size, shape, height and thickness can be made according to customer needs.

4. High light transmittance

The light transmittance of acrylic is very good, the light transmittance is more than 92%, and the light transmittance of ordinary glass is 85%, so the dyed and colored craft products will be crystal clear and very beautiful under the sun!

5.Enough environmental protection

Acrylic is very environmentally friendly and can be used repeatedly. At the same time, the acrylic material can be recycled, so that it can avoid environmental pollution.

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