Production process of acrylic display stand

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With the development of society, more and more acrylic crafts are used in life, and the craftsmanship of acrylic is becoming more and more mature. Today, I will introduce you to the craftsmanship needed for general acrylic display stands:

1. Laser cutting: Laser cutting is a contact-free cutting method, which can produce a variety of patterns, words, shapes, etc., laser cutting is to use a laser beam to irradiate the surface of the acrylic sheet, and then the laser releases energy to make the acrylic Melting; using laser cutting can cut out a variety of complex patterns, text or LOGO, etc.;

2. Drilling: Acrylic can be used directly on the drilling machine to make holes. Acrylic has very good machinability. You can directly fix the holes on the drilling machine according to the requirements on the processing drawings of the acrylic display stand; acrylic can also be punched by CNC , The precision of the acrylic holes processed in this way is very high;

acrylic wine display stand

3. Polishing: Acrylic itself has high transparency. After processing, the thickness section needs to be polished. First, diamond polishing can be used, and then cloth wheel polishing or flame polishing can be used to eliminate corner burrs, so that the acrylic product is smooth and transparent as a whole;

4. Hot bending: Acrylic sheets can be bent into display stands of various shapes after heating. There are two common ones: local hot bending and overall hot bending. The acrylic sheet after hot bending is placed on the mold and then cooled. Can be formed into various shapes;

5. Seamless hot pressing: a processing method that many souvenirs will choose. The popular saying for custom acrylic products is to press two acrylic sheets and souvenirs together after high temperature heating, and then press the acrylic crafts. No gaps can be seen from the side. After being polished and polished, it is integrated, and there is no trace of hot pressing.

6. Bonding: Some acrylic display racks need to be bonded with various sizes and acrylic sheets. This is a manual bonding link, but it is also very important. If the technology is not good, it will use overflow glue, air bubbles, and weak bonding. Wait, so it depends on the experience and skills of the personnel, which is also a crucial process for the appearance of a bonded acrylic display stand.

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