Precautions for making acrylic light box

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1. Acrylic light box mould making

Acrylic panels are vacuum-positioned and formed by suction and pressure. Even if it is the same word, different sizes require different molds, and mold making itself requires high accuracy and high quality. Because the accuracy and quality of mold making itself are directly related to the quality of acrylic products, and mold making has a high level of craftsmanship and requires experienced technicians.

2. Material selection

At present, the custom acrylic products seen in China are basically imported or produced by Sino-foreign joint ventures. The quality of the plates can be said to be good. The high market price of acrylic blister light boxes is one of the main factors. After the material is decided, the appropriate light box size needs to be determined immediately. It needs to be clear: the length of the acrylic casting plate is limited, which is as large as 3-3.5 meters; the acrylic extruded plate can be supplied in the form of coil. Theoretically, the length of the acrylic extruded sheet is not limited, and the long-length seamless light box signboard can be made; if the acrylic cast sheet is used, it is generally necessary to splice the light box signboard with too large size, which may be affected by wind pressure. Normally deformed acrylic sheet manufacturers will provide corresponding product specifications.

Three. Production

At present, the production of acrylic blister light boxes is basically mechanized. The application of some new equipment has improved production efficiency and greatly reduced the labor intensity of workers. After the acrylic blister material is basically formed, it has to go through several processes such as milling, milling, and polishing. Finally, the light box is laid with a light source and painted after it is finished.

Four. Picture processing

According to the different needs of customers, the screen is directly transferred to the acrylic sheet by screen printing, and then formed by vacuum suction. Among them, there are figures of people, animals or commodities in the screen, and the effect can be formed by blister. Get a better publicity effect.

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