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Acrylic sign holder is a commonly used desktop display card in the market. Due to the different needs of different types of acrylic sign holder on the market, various types of acrylic sign holder appear. Let's introduce a kind of more common acrylic sign holder to Guangdong professional acrylic product customization factory.

The overall shape of this kind of acrylic strong magnetic desk sign is inverted T shape, mainly made with a kind of magnet with strong attraction force as auxiliary production. The upper part of the desk sign is composed of two pieces of acrylic, and the four corners of each acrylic display panel are embedded with a strong attraction force. One piece of magnet is glued to the base to fix it, and the other piece can be taken off. It is very convenient to use, just put the paper you want to display in the middle of two acrylic panels.

The materials for this acrylic desk sign are all acrylic materials and work well;

Applicable places: banks, airports, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, communities, restaurants and other public places!

And it is made of PMMA imported acrylic material, which has strong transparency, and the edges are polished, which is bright and clean, beautiful in color and crystal clear.

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