In large supermarkets, what are the advantages of acrylic display stands to display products?

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At present, as a variety of display props with excellent display performance, acrylic display stands have been widely recognized and applied by many enterprises in the retail industry. Acrylic display stands can be seen everywhere in major, medium and small cities in China. Its applications include cosmetic display stands, jewelry display stands, digital product display stands, mobile phone display stands, high-end wine display stands, high-end watch display stands, etc.

Acrylic crafts manufacturers with design and manufacturing experience believe that with the increasing application of acrylic display stands, the design and manufacture of acrylic display stands must follow the corresponding selection principles to achieve the best cost performance and maximum value. Cause unnecessary waste to guests.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify the product features that the company needs to display. When manufacturing and selecting materials, it is necessary to determine the basic elements such as the weight, size, and color of the displayed products, and avoid selecting plates that are too different from the product characteristics or form visual conflict or fatigue.

Secondly, it is necessary to integrate the visual system of the corporate culture. Choose colors that are consistent with the corporate culture visual system, so that the acrylic display stand can be effectively unified with the corporate culture and integrated into the corporate visual system.

Third, materials should be selected according to design and style. Choosing panels that are more in line with the design and shape can effectively save panels and avoid material waste. It is a corporate behavior that is responsible for the environment and customers. Acrylic display rack manufacturers believe that material selection is a key link in the design and manufacture of acrylic display racks. Therefore, while ensuring quality, in the design process, we must consider how to select materials; in the manufacturing process, we must consider how to save more materials to achieve the best results. Only experienced design and manufacture can provide customers with high-quality acrylic display stands.

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