How to prevent scratches on acrylic products

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Colorless transparent acrylic sheet, light transmittance is above 92%.

Compared with other plastic products, acrylic is more high-definition and transparent, which can better set off the beauty of the exhibits.

The service life is also longer than other materials, which is easy to clean and maintain. The high-definition appearance can be maintained for a longer time, which reduces the frequency of updates and reduces labor costs.

Makes people's preference for acrylic products more and more obvious.

But the advantages of acrylic products are high-definition transparency and excellent permeability. The disadvantage is also due to the high transparency, a little scratch will be obvious.

Acrylic product display stands, acrylic table cards, etc., are the most commonly used in life, and contact with the human body is more frequent, although you will be careful to avoid some sharp objects from being scratched or falling. But what if you accidentally scratch it?

First of all, for small and deep scratches, you can use a soft cotton cloth dipped in alcohol or toothpaste to wipe the scratched part. Through repeated wiping, you can remove the scratches and restore the original color and luster of the acrylic display stand. brightness.

Secondly, if the scratch area is relatively large, you may not be able to solve it easily. Special acrylic processing factory can use polishing machines to polish and polish.

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