How to make a qualified acrylic transparent box to meet the requirements?

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Acrylic transparent boxes are widely used in stores and large supermarkets because of their easy processing, low cost, and good light transmittance. As a manufacturer of acrylic transparent boxes, Jiayi will talk to you about the production process and process of acrylic transparent boxes!

The acrylic transparent box is made of transparent acrylic sheet with high purity and relatively high, generally about 3-5mm thick sheet. If the plate is too thin, it is easy to bend and deform. If it is too thick, the material cost and labor cost will be higher. The most commonly used acrylic box in the factory requires three processes.

Laser cutting: Cut the acrylic sheet into a set suitable size, then place it on the laser cutting machine, and wait for the machine to run and automatically cut. Therefore, when setting the product parameters in the early stage, it is necessary to communicate with the customer to avoid errors.

Polished products: When the acrylic sheet is just cut, the section is generally incomplete and slightly pasted. It is not very good-looking, so it must be polished. Polishing can make the acrylic product look more transparent, neat and shiny. Commonly used polishing machines are cloth wheel polishing machines or diamond polishing machines.

Finished product bonding: If you want to have a good-looking finished product, you must splice the multiple panels of the acrylic transparent box with glue, apply glue on the area where the surface is in contact with the surface, and wait for a period of time after the glue is dry, the acrylic The plates can be bonded together very well, which is very firm and practical. Another advantage of bonding with glue is that it is both beautiful and practical.

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