How to maintain acrylic cosmetic display stand?

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Acrylic cosmetic display stand, because it needs to be exposed to the air for a long time, it often sticks to some dust particles. To keep it clean as new, regular maintenance and cleaning are very necessary.

Usually in shopping malls, we can see that many shop assistants clean some dusty acrylic cosmetic display racks when they go to work once a day, clean and maintain them to keep them bright, what should the acrylic cosmetic display racks do when they are cleaned and maintained?

First of all, you should choose a mild detergent. When cleaning and maintaining, you can choose to use a soft detergent to wipe the acrylic products, especially avoid the use of alkaline detergents, so as not to damage the surface of the acrylic cosmetic display rack and make the surface lose its luster.

When cleaning, the selected cloth should be clean. When cleaning and maintaining the acrylic cosmetic display stand, first make sure that the cloth is clean. When cleaning dust, you must turn over or replace with a clean cloth and reuse it. Don't be lazy and reuse it again and again. This will only cause dust to be repeatedly generated on the surface of the acrylic cosmetic display stand. The shiny surface of the acrylic surface will be damaged by friction.

Regular maintenance. To make the acrylic cosmetic display stand as bright as new, it also needs frequent maintenance. If there are some slight scratches, polishing and waxing can be used to restore the original brightness of the acrylic surface.

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