How to distinguish the pros and cons of plexiglass signs?

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Plexiglass is also called acrylic. It has the advantages of high transparency, chemical stability, and easy mechanical processing, so it is becoming more and more popular, and it has become a commonly used material for signs. However, plexiglass signs are also good or bad. Good plexiglass can create high-quality plexiglass signs, which are beautiful and practical, while inferior signs can be reversed.

So how to distinguish the quality of plexiglass signs?

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1. The plexiglass plate of poor quality is very brittle, you can hear a crisp sound by knocking the plate with your hand. The color of the board will turn yellow after being exposed to the sun, wind and rain. If the ink used is also inferior, the color of the sign will also fade. The original luster is gone. Such a sign made of plexiglass panels will look very old.

2. Different methods of materials. Fire can be used to burn the materials. Good plexiglass materials will not burn easily, while bad materials will burn up quickly.


3. In the production of plexiglass signboards, some customers have very precise thickness requirements, and the tolerances of high-quality materials will be relatively small. On the contrary, inferior materials often have relatively large tolerances and will be much thinner.

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