How to design an acrylic display stand for mobile phones?

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The role of mobile phones in our lives is becoming more and more important, transportation, shopping, but many people don’t know much about the acrylic display stands used to display mobile phones. Although we may often get in touch with them in our lives, they don’t know. People don’t feel too much when they see it, maybe they just think it’s just an ordinary plastic display stand, but in fact, the mobile phone acrylic display stand is currently one of the very popular display cabinets on the market. Acrylic display racks are made of acrylic panels, combined with unique craftsmanship and different processing methods, so that the display effect is much better than glass display racks. But when many businesses want to customize by themselves, they will always encounter problems such as not knowing how to select suppliers. So what are the characteristics of the mobile phone acrylic display stand that can be so attractive? How to help businesses customize and design industry solutions?

First, because acrylic has better transparency, it will have a better effect when used as a display stand. Compared with ordinary glass, it is more transparent, with a light transmittance of more than 92%, transparent and glossy. Acrylic display stands are matched with UV printing or silk screen printing. , Can make the color more colorful, such as acrylic display cabinets, acrylic transparent boxes, digital product display stands, handicrafts, acrylic aquariums and so on.

The second point is that the material is safe and environmentally friendly. Acrylic is a relatively anti-fall product. First of all, it is safe. It is not as fragile as ordinary glass, which may cause injury. Acrylic can also be regarded as a kind of plastic, which is light and fast. The effect of display stands made of acrylic display stands is very outstanding. More importantly, although acrylic is a kind of plastic, its material is very environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

The third point is that the acrylic display stand is very durable, resistant to high temperature and abrasion, and has very good transparency and gloss. Under normal use, the acrylic display stand can still maintain its gloss after 10 years of use. Permeability.

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