How about acrylic tissue box?

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How about an acrylic tissue box?

Acrylic tissue box is a box for holding tissues made of acrylic (plexiglass). Acrylic tissue boxes are mainly used in homes and hotels.

The most common one on the market is the transparent drawer box. The advantage is that it can be clear at a glance, high-definition and transparent, but the disadvantage is that compared with colored acrylic boxes, such as black acrylic, transparent fine dust and scratches will be more obvious.

Need frequent cleaning and maintenance, you can choose to wipe with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol or toothpaste. In terms of cost performance, this is the most affordable.

acrylic tissue box

Black acrylic display boxes are generally exported, and foreign customers prefer black acrylic tissue boxes. On the one hand, the black plexiglass looks more high-end atmosphere, and the black acrylic texture is black and shiny.

This box with strong magnetic bonding has a lower thickness of 4mm, with magnets at the four corners and a separate lid at the bottom.

Acrylic tissue boxes with drawers are generally used in households. The purpose is to combine the storage and organization of the dressing table to make the tabletop more tidy and clean.

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