Features of jenga game acrylic blocks stacking tumbling tower

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About this acrylic jenga game set:

1, Pull out a block, place it on top, but don't let the tower fall; This fun, acrylic challenging game is a great game for families and kids 6 and up.

2, THE ORIGINAL ACRYLIC BLOCK GAME: The Jenga game is the original acrylic block game that families have loved for generations.

Acrylic Jenga Game Set

3, GAME FOR 1 OR MORE PLAYERS: No friends around No problem. Play Jenga solo; Practice stacking skills, building the tower and trying not to let it come tumbling down.

4, TUBE SHAPED BOX: Includes 36, 48, 54 acrylic blocks and easy-to-use stacking sleeve to help players build the tower; Comes in an easy "put away" tube-shaped package with a handle for carrying and easy clean up.

Acrylic Tumbling Tower

5, GREAT PARTY GAME: Liven up a party by bringing out the Jenga game; This classic block stacking game is simple, easy to learn, and makes a great birthday or holiday gift for adults and kids.

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