As an acrylic display stand manufacturer, what should be done to prevent yellowing of the display stand?

As an acrylic product manufacturer, how to make the acrylic display stand beautiful and transparent and not easy to turn yellow, and to ensure that the advantages of the acrylic display stand such as light weight, weather resistance, impact resistance, and easy molding can be fully reflected. It is the task of each of our acrylic product manufacturers.

The first is our selection. Choose the products of well-known domestic manufacturers with good quality. The purity is 20% higher than that of general manufacturers, and the transparency is 15% higher, which can guarantee that it will not change color and yellow for 10 years.

The second is our mold making. Acrylic panels need vacuum positioning and vacuum pressing. Even if it is the same word, different sizes require different molds. The mold-making itself requires very high precision and good quality. Because the precision and quality of the mold itself is directly related to the quality of the plexiglass product, the mold manufacturing technology is high, and technical personnel with many years of acrylic product production experience are required.

The third is our post-production. As mentioned earlier, the production of acrylic display stands is basically manual. The production of some new products not only affects the production efficiency, but also greatly increases the labor intensity of the workers. After the acrylic plastic material is basically formed, it has to go through several processes such as milling, engraving, and grinding. Finally, the acrylic display stand is laid with a light source, and the acrylic display stand is completed after baking.

The fourth is our image processing. According to the different needs of customers, we can print on the acrylic display stand with UV or silk screen, and then perform vacuum forming. There are images of people, animals or commodities on the screen, which can be formed by blister to create a physical effect, so as to obtain a better publicity effect.

JAYI Acrylic display stand manufacturer, high-quality materials, professional team, mature technology, 18 years of rich solutions, make you more worry-free! You can also customize the acrylic display stand according to your own needs. Regardless of style, color, specification, logo, packaging, we can customize it for you according to your actual requirements.

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