Acrylic product cleaning tips

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1. The dirt on the acrylic products can be wiped clean and bright with a cloth or silk thread dipped in toothpaste.

2. Put some water in the basin, pour a little shampoo and mix it, and use it to rub the acrylic product, it will look extra clean and bright.

3. When acrylic products have old marks and oil stains, you can use a cloth or cotton to drip a little kerosene or white wine, and gently wipe it, it will be bright and clean.

4. Use a soft cloth or soft paper, soak the acrylic product in water with alcohol or liquor, and then wipe it again with a clean cloth dipped in chalk powder, and it will be very clean.

Acrylic box

5. If the acrylic product with gold rim is dirty, you can wipe it with a towel dipped in beer or white wine to remove the dirt and make it clean and bright.


6. The acrylic display box is stained with paint and dirt, which can be easily wiped off with vinegar.


7. There is a large area of oil stains on acrylic products, first scrub with waste gasoline, then scrub with washing powder or decontamination powder, and then rinse with water.


8. First wipe off the dust with a damp cloth, then rub the waste newspaper into a ball and rub it on the acrylic product. The ink of the newspaper can quickly wipe the acrylic product.


9. Use onion slices to wipe acrylic products, not only can remove dirt, but also very bright. Or use residual tea to scrub acrylic products for good stain removal.

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