Acrylic box pasting process and precautions

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Acrylic boxes are translucent and beautiful, and are mostly used for packaging or displaying high-end items. According to different process requirements, the adhesive method of acrylic box is also very different. There are two common acrylic box pasting processes: direct bonding method and V-shaped bonding method.

1. Acrylic box pasting process-direct bonding method

The direct bonding method is suitable for acrylic boxes with a small thickness. Pay attention to the calculation of the size during the specific pasting process. The thickness of the acrylic plate will cause the actual size of the box to change after pasting. Carefully check the outer and inner diameter dimensions of the acrylic box before pasting. The adhesive part of the acrylic box made by the direct bonding method is more reliable, and the disadvantage is that it may affect the overall aesthetics of the acrylic box.

2. Acrylic box sticking process—V-shaped sticking method

For acrylic sheets with high thickness, V-shaped splicing process can be used for pasting. The V-shaped pasting method refers to cutting the cross section of the acrylic board to be pasted at a 45° oblique angle, and finally pasting the cut surface to form a complete acrylic box. The overall appearance of the acrylic box using the V-shaped adhesion method is round and beautiful, and it saves materials and reduces production costs.

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Precautions for Acrylic Adhesive Pasting Process:

1. All acrylic adhesives can corrode the surface of the acrylic board and leave traces that are difficult to eliminate. Therefore, you can use stickers to protect the parts that do not need to be bonded.

2. Grease, dust or pores will be difficult to coat evenly and leave bubbles, so it must be removed before bonding.

3. If the amount of adhesive is too small during bonding, air will be introduced when the adhesive shrinks.

4. Direct air blowing will make the edges of the bonding surface white due to the rapid volatilization of the adhesive.

5. Factors such as indoor temperature and temperature also have a certain influence on the adhesion of acrylic sheets.

6. The surface stress of the acrylic sheet and the surface stress and degradation products caused by the cutting tool will affect the bonding effect of the acrylic sheet.

7. Before the adhesive is completely cured, long-term direct exposure to sunlight will cause acrylic products to yellow to varying degrees, which will seriously affect the appearance of acrylic products.

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