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Food safety is a topic of great concern to everyone. In addition to the hygiene of the food itself, the carrier used to hold the food is also very important. Acrylic box are often used in supermarkets to hold bulk food and as food packaging. People who know a little about using acrylic products may ask: Can acrylic box be used as food packaging boxes?

Many people may think that acrylic products are industrial materials, and their understanding of acrylic products still lies in the processing of acrylic products such as acrylic cosmetic display stands, acrylic handicrafts, and home decoration. In fact, this is relatively one-sided. For different purposes, acrylic materials are also graded. There are industrial grade materials for industrial manufacturing; fire retardant materials for building decoration; of course, there are also food grade materials for food packaging. 

acrylic boxes

In fact, acrylic boxes are becoming more and more popular nowadays, because of the excellent quality of acrylic materials, it has been widely accepted by people. Therefore, nowadays, you can often see acrylic food boxes and acrylic candy boxes in shopping malls and supermarkets. Acrylic dried fruit box. Our company has also recently launched many types of acrylic food boxes and acrylic candy boxes. All we use are first-grade acrylic materials, which are processed by hot bending technology, with strong light transmission and simple design. Fashionable and generous, resistant to abrasion, heat resistance, easy to scrub, environmentally friendly, and most importantly, high in bending strength, suitable for food storage and display, suitable for bakery and shopping mall food display.

The company's main acrylic products: specializing in the production of custom acrylic board game set, acrylic photo frame, acrylic cosmetic display stands, acrylic jewelry display stands, acrylic watch display stands, acrylic electronic display stands, acrylic stationery storage, acrylic furniture, acrylic vase, acrylic tray, acrylic coaster, acrylic display boxes, acrylic hotel supplies, etc., and a complete product range , Has been exported to all parts of the world.

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