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The custom acrylic product manufacturer tells you about the transparent acrylic box:

Acrylic is a safe and environmentally friendly material. Can be recycled and reused.

Some brand new acrylics are food-grade materials. Acrylic sheet is non-toxic and harmless at room temperature. It is safe and harmless whether it is in the production process of acrylic products or in the process of use.

acrylic box

Therefore, acrylic products are often used to make a variety of food boxes, display boxes, food display cabinets, and so on. Many supermarkets are using environmentally friendly acrylic food boxes.

On the one hand, it is because of the environmental protection and safety characteristics of acrylic, and the acrylic food box has good sealing performance and clear at a glance. Good airtightness can ensure the oxidation of food, which is not affected by moisture and moisture, and can better store food.

On the other hand, the high-definition transparent food box can be used as a food display box, which is convenient for customers to choose and watch.

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