3 characteristics that need to be understood in the production of acrylic display boxes

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Acrylic display boxes are very common in the market, such as acrylic shoe boxes, acrylic cosmetic boxes, acrylic pen boxes, card boxes, and so on. There are so many, why is it so widely used? Here are three features that you need to know in the production of acrylic boxes:

Acrylic boxes have very high transparency, which can be used to display shoes and cosmetics that can clearly and truly reflect the characteristics of the product, and can also bring customers a saturated visual experience, thereby increasing customers' attention to the product. In order to achieve this goal, the designer will silk-print or engrave some bright LOGO or patterns on the acrylic box.

acrylic cosmetic storage box

Acrylic boxes have strong plasticity. For some products, its shape is not necessarily square, but it also wants to be exquisitely displayed. Acrylic can be formed into various shapes through hot bending, and it can also be completed through bonding to achieve diversification. Features.

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